Saturday, December 11, 2010

Where is my blogger tool bar?!

I just logged in to write a post, and where the text box is, i can type, but all the "editing" tools are missing! I can't link, upload a pic, bold, italicize, all that kind of stuff...no centering or tools to align right or left!

I do use the "OLD" editor as I've never gotten the hang of the new one. I like in the old editor that I can move my pics from the top of the post to where I want them to be between the lines by copying and pasting. I have a hard time re-learning to do things another way when the new way seems so much more complicated!

I am of the school "If it ain't broken, don't fix it!"

Is anyone else experiencing this with their old editor vs the new one?

On the quilty front, tho I can't upload pics for you, Lisa and I are having a great time at the beach! You'll just have to imagine us without pictures to show you what a mess we've made with our sewing projects all over!


  1. You'll find your tool bar somewhere...I did the same thing in either Word or some other texting tool and eventually found a little mark or dot or something on my screen where I had closed it down accidently. I clicked it and my buttons came up again. Maybe it is something like that...good luck.

    anyway, my imagination is running wild on the beach right now....

  2. They are closing down the old one, aren't they? That is why I changed to the new one a few months ago.
    You will soon get the hang of it. I did moan a bit in the beginning, but now I am ok with it. I find that I can cut and paste in the new version, too - and move my photos - or text - that way. You seem to be a much more able blogger than me, so I am sure you will be fine. Good luck :o)

  3. Bonnie, you are probably in the html mode. Click Compose and you will get the tools back. I don't know how people sometimes get into the html mode without knowing it, but it seems to happen fairly frequently.

  4. Sorry, no luck dear. I only work in the HTML mode; webmaster here so it keeps me on top of my HTML skills...., but Katney may be right.. ???

  5. Anonymous2:12 PM EST

    I didn't even know there was a "new" editor. It is true about the html editor though. Funny, I took a class on web design a couple of years ago and no longer remember Page 1! Sometimes my brain is like a sieve. LOL :)

    Gail :)

  6. Sorry, hated to leave a post for what I need, but I am closing down my old e-mail and establishing a new one. I can't find your block to request your post updates be sent to my e-mail. Help! I can't live without my Bonnie boost! dmj53(at)hotmail(dot)com


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