Thursday, September 18, 2008

September in Old Salem...

Yesterday was SO gorgeous out, that when I dropped DS Jeff off at Forsyth Tech for class,I decided to take the two hours and go wander through the gardens and buildings in Old Salem!

I moved here in February, and have only done a "drive through"...so this time I bit the bullet and went in and bought myself a year pass. I'm so glad I did! There is so much to see, and they have events going on all the time, and when you are a member, you get invitations to different things. Consider me culturally happy!

In the two hours I only was able to visit just a bit. The gun smiths, and the single men's dormitory. I talked to some people in traditional dress out on the street. I can't wait to go back! Here is a slide show of nearly 50 pics. No time to write captions, but you can see how charming it is.

I regret that Jeff called me before I even made it to the bakery! That is a must do on my list. It's wonderful having this so close to where I live.

Glimpses of Old Salem, Sept 2008

I finished the binding/sleeve on the Atlanta Crumb Sampler, so named because I made it in a hotel room while teaching in Atlanta earlier this year!

I used really cute pink dinosaurs on the back! And what was left from the backing was used in a charity quilt top that I worked on at charity quilt bee this morning.

I was going to hand quilt this..but it was so printy and so busy that I really thought it would just be easier to machine quilt it. Heck, it was already in the machine for machine basting! So I just switched gears and quilted it simply with a tan gold thread.

And this news: We have been adopted by a 6 or 7 month old black lab puppy. He's been wandering the neighborhood for weeks, and we've even seen him up the road a couple miles...just running. No collar. Un-neutered. I think he is a "dumped" dog. Anyway..he is beautiful, albeit a bit skinny from being homeless, wonderful temperament. I told the family that if he stays on his own accord he can stay here. So far he has stayed. (Feed them once, and they won't leave?) If I see signs out looking for a lost black lab, I'll turn him over. But it makes me so mad if someone just left him un-collared, un-tagged, un-neutered and left him to impregnate the neighborhood. (He's been trying on Buddy, which is ridiculously funny, at least Jeff and Dave think so...sheesh....MEN!)

If after a month there is no one looking for him, He's getting fixed and shots. And he'll stay. Sadie loves him. Buddy can't do much of anything since he broke that leg and had the two surgeries to put plates in it. He still hobbles around.....poor old guy.

We're calling him Toby. He's curious about the cats, but they don't seem to mind him, and he hasn't been vicious with them, just wants to play. I'm rationalizing...I need another animal like I need a hole in the head, but I have an acre and a half with woods and a creek and love to spare. He fills the overwhelmed spaces in me.

Right now he's crashed out at my feet as I write this...huge floppy adolescent puppy, all legs, huge feet, way big fur coat to grow into, huge broad head. Full tummy after going a while without. Yep. I think he'll stay!


  1. You've done it again. Took me touring with you. I love Salem, it reminds me a little like 'Upper Canada Village' along the shores of the St. Lawrence river. Very Colonial, very much in period for the times they are depicting. Lots to see, and fun to imagine your way back in time.

    That dog is deffinately a keeper. He addopted you by the looks of it. Good idea to wait the month though, that way no one can say you stole him. He was homeless and you gave him a home. I love animals!!!!

    Unfortunately my DH says our next pet is going to be ceramic. LOL
    We've had the cat for 14 yrs. He was an abandoned rag doll kitty and we love him to pieces. He's our 'boy'. But it does cause problems if we want to travel. I just couldn't think of placing him in a kennel.

    ~~Fran ... :c)

  2. Bless you for taking in the pup!!! I'm sure he is thanking his lucky stars that he adopted you. Can't wait to follow posts as he grows up (can you tell I'm betting on no one claiming him???)

  3. Bonnie, I know what you mean about "dumped dogs". I have seen them dump at the local Wal Mart and the poor animals go from car to car looking for their owner. Makes me so mad!!! The lab is cute and they look so clumsy. I have black lab and chocolate lab neighbors and they are so funny to watch.

  4. It's never a dull moment at Quiltville!

    Thanks so much for telling us about Old Salem, I had never heard of it. Looks like Williamsburg but without the crowds.

    Toby is so sweet and let's face it, what's one more dog when you've already got two? Enjoyed your post!

  5. My lab was the smallest of the litter and about to be taken to the pound. Our cat was a sick kitty at my mom's that my dog fell in love with. They are the best buddies!You have a new friend for life!!! And as for Old Salem, you should have gone to the bakery first!!! The cookies are wonderful!!!! I lived in Winston for 2 years. I lived there when tornando and Hurricane Hugo came through Old Salem. It did a lot of damage however most things are back to normal except for the trees. Old Salem was my favorite place! I miss it.

  6. You might ask your vet if he has a scanner and ask him to scan Toby for a microchip on the off chance that he wasn't dumped.

  7. Bonnie, God bless you. You have such a good heart. I bet "Toby" is happy you adopted him. All our dogs are strays that people just dumped. We have a choc lab, a part chow dog and recently a pit bull came in our yard. My husband wants to keep her to but I am not sure about the pit bull. Anyways we love them all!

  8. I want to go back to Salem with you. We've never been there, but I loved what I saw. When you go back be sure and take some pictures of the blackmsith shop for us.

    I even noticed a timber frame building (our house is timber frame)

    I will put Salem on my list of places to go and see.

    And that Black Lab. Awe! He reminds me of ours who is now 3 years old. He is the best dog.

    Oh we better get back to quilting!

  9. I've had two dogs named Toby in my lifetime--a boxer mix and a cocker spaniel--and I love that name. Your Toby is already in the house--his paw in the door so to speak--and looks right at home. I do believe you've got yourself another dog.

  10. Do they still make the Moravian ginger cookies there? If they do, be sure to try them...yummy! Lab pup looks very sweet. Congrats on the new member of your family.

  11. Labs are SO sweet, Bonnie, you'll be so glad you kept him. He's gorgeous!!!

    Lori in VA

  12. Anonymous10:20 PM EDT

    You have such a nack for fantastic quilts, but also for photography...what a pleasure to visit and see your latest creations.

  13. DH and I went to Old Salem a couple of years ago. We loved it! The cemetery is amazing. I think it is so neat that there are residences mixed in among the live demonstrations.

    Also, you have got to try the Moravian Cookies. They are so thin and taste great! Spice flavor is my favorite. My cousin lives in NC and always brings me home a tin of cookies every Thanksgiving.

    Loved your pictures and I love your blog!


  14. I can't believe some people's mentality. This is probably a case of lovely black lab pup for the kids to play with and when he got too big and started chewing, he got dumped. I'd get him checked out for a microchip though.

    I "love" the Atlanta Crumb Sampler.

  15. So if I am reading your post right if we turn up in your backyard and look cute and underfed ( that might be a problem) at the very least you will give us a meal and invite us into your workroom????? Which airlines fly to north carolina?????

    You have a heart of gold and the world is a much better place because of it.

    Blessings and have a wonderful weekend.

    Angela from Australia

  16. Bless your heart for taking in Toby. Doesn't it just make you so mad when people treat defenceless creatures this way, heck, I'd like to "dump" a few of those folk myself, see how they like it.

  17. Aha, I knew you'd cave and keep the pup! Love that dino fabric, it's PERFECT! Old Salem is a treasure to explore time and time again... you'll see...

  18. Go to the bakery - they have the BEST rolls! Whenever I go there I always bring extra home to freeze - just wish they were closer to me - lucky you. Also try out the little sandwich shop above the bakery - Best Chichen salad ever. Darn - now I'm hungry.

  19. what a cutie pie, big sweetie puppy. sad to hear that buddy is having a hard time getting around though. Love the Atlanta Crumbs - so happy to see it again. fun dinosaurs on the back too!

  20. That's how my 6th cat Buster adopted Mom and I. When the renters that origionally owned him moved, they "forgot" to take Buster. I'd shake my finger at him and told him that IF he stayed he'd become fixed.

    The mounting thing dogs do is a sign of dominance. The top-dog is the one on top, of course. With my cats, they scream and swat at each other, with claws out. Not fun!

  21. Toby is adorable! I'm happy that you are able to give him a home.

  22. Hey Bonnie - I just awarded you the "Kreativ Blog" award. Go see my at quiltedsnail.blogspot.com .


  23. Hey neighbor Bonnie, Welcome to the country where you are never without a dog or cat. We ended up with three dogs and two cats, all "found" animals. We are down to two dogs and one cat but that is only because we moved off the acreage. Wish we could "dump" those people who do this so that they could experience what these poor animals go through. Good idea about checking for a microchip just in case the owners are looking for their pup. And ... definitely buy the Moravian cookies in all the flavors (bet you can't eat just one) and try all the other goodies from the bakery. Yummy!!!!! Still loving you quilts.

  24. Labs are such great dogs. How wonderful that you can add one more pup to your household!

  25. Wow Bonnie, your photography is great! Old Salem is wonderful, isn't it? You will LOVE the bakery!! My office used to be within walking distance but it's been a while since I wandered the grounds. Think I'll find some time to go next week. I didn't even know about the blue dyers shop...might not leave if I get in there!

    And your new buddy looks adorable...I'm glad he's found a perfect home

    And BTW, if you haven't been to Reynolda Gardens yet, add that to your must see list!

  26. you're so sweet to take in another animal. People who abandon animals make me ill. I have 3 cats that "found" us. I never knew Salem meant Peace- I wonder if MA knows that?


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