Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Monday's Star Struck Workshop!

We had a great time with the Brunswick Quilter's Guild at yesterday's Star Struck workshop!

starstruck workshop Shallotte NC 2008
I uploaded yesterday's pics to a slide show. I hope you enjoy seeing what fabrics and colors these ladies used. Everyone's blocks turned out SO different!

One of the fun things about traveling around and teaching is seeing the different venues that quilters use for classroom space. Yesterday's workshop (And today's) was held at the Shallotte Moose Lodge. It had wonderful floor space, lots of area and tables to spread out and even with all the irons, they were wired well enough that we didn't flip breakers or blow fuses! Believe me, this is a huge concern when sewing with many machines and ironing stations.

What FUN FUN FUN we had. I love meeting quilters of all ages and skill levels. It's exciting for me to see beginners being bitten by the bug. And it warms my heart to see the more experienced sharing their skills and knowledge so freely with those who want to learn. THIS IS WHAT IT IS ABOUT! This is the essence of quilting for me.

And even if you are an experienced quilter, taking a workshop gives you fellowshipping (Or would that be Quiltershipping??!) time with women that you might only see occasionally across the room at a guild meeting. You get to sit next to someone you haven't really gotten to know well before, new friendships are formed, old ones are strengthened. And if you are so inclined, you can always take an easy pattern and make it harder to challenge you by cutting the block size in half as one of our mini-lovers did! :cD

A couple of us went out to a Mexican place for dinner after the workshop was over, and then I came back to the hotel room and crashed for a 2 hour nap! That left me energized to get to work on putting these double T blocks together. I know they don't look like a T block...but if you used only two fabrics, a main fabric and a background, it WOULD be. That's what I love about playing with blocks and fabrics and switching values around.

Because I'm here in Shallotte, NC I'm calling this Stars Over Shallotte! I was originally going to set it with red...but I cut a few triangles and the fabric did NOTHING for the blocks. However, the bedspread here is a deep blue and I liked that....so I switched gears and away I went.

Borders are yet to be determined. :c)

Today's agenda is a trunkshow/lecture at 10am (need to be there at 9:30 to set up) and a guild luncheon after. Following the luncheon, we'll have a half day (3 hour) Crumbs Workshop. It's going to be a full day. Since it is a 5 hour drive home from here, I'll stay tonight and set back off towards Wallburg in the morning.


  1. What a lovely quilt. The zig zag setting makes it so vintage :-)

  2. The blue looks great! Lovely quilt!

  3. Love the blue - I use lots of blue with my scrappy quilts and feel like it's a neutral for me since it works so well.

    You're certainly staying busy with all your trunk shows and classes and I'm always amazed at seeing how much you STILL get done!

  4. Another gorgeous scrap quilt in the making. It always amazes me how fast you put these together. And, they always look so good!

  5. The Stars Over Shalotte is lovely, particularly when it's back-lit, too! ~safe travels~

  6. Wow! That is a beautiful quilt! I think I like it much better than just a basic two fabric double T block.
    And I loved seeing all the different blocks in the slideshow. I'm too new to quilting, but I think I could really enjoy attending a workshop! I'm a beginner that has been bitten by your bug. LOL And I cain't seem to get enough of it or learn fast enough!

  7. Wow, love the slide show of all the variety of colors and fabrics and the way different looks of same block.. looks like you had a wonderful time...happy stitching Lise

  8. when I first saw the pics before reading... I said to myself "That's not red...?" and wondered...

    then when I read that it didn't strike your fancy but the bedspread color did.. I couldn't help but wonder how long you considering snatching it up and cutting it to use it! :P LOL

    I love the lightening rod setting (I think that is what you called it) I've never made that setting beforre...

    Thanks too for the slide show to let us have a peak into your Star Struck Workshop ;) ~bonnie

  9. wow Bonnie those t blocks look amazing set with the blue well done. Obviously you found a cutter!! Have a great day and a safe drive home tomorrow (today here I think!!??)


  10. Love the Blue setting. Really pops with that.

  11. Oh gosh, another project I can't resist. THose stars, or T's, are too hard to resist. Thanks again for the eye candy and inspiration. I have my own boxes of old shirts! 8-)

  12. I love the last pic of the slideshow of someone's orange crush quilt! I'm at about the same spot and just waiting for a free afternoon to assemble it. Thanks Bonnie!

  13. That slide show is great...I love seeing the differnt fabric choices that people make. Your blue quilt is lovely!

  14. Hi Bonnie, Boy I sure liked that video of your Star Struck workshop. I think I would like to make this block for a Christmas quilt in the reds and greens on cream. Your Stars Over Shallotte is gorgeous!! Your blocks look like jewels and the blue sets them off like blue velvet sets off jewels and diamonds.

    Safe trip home...~~Fran :c)


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