Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Pears Pears Pears!

Aren't these lovely?! Look at the green we have here in Wallburg NC. It was LUSH after the rain the other day and I just had to take some pics of my lumpy bumpy pears.

Yes I am still enjoying them immensely! I'll take a crisp juicy sweet pear over an apple any day. I use an apple slicer thing to slice them and remove the core all in one fell swoop (or would that be PUSH-DOWN?) and YUM!!

I am going to miss the green when the colors start to change,but I am looking forward to seeing what colors my trees produce before it all falls to the ground.

This morning I logged on to MSN to video chat with Lucy, only to find that the base on my webcam had broken off in my laptop case! OH NO!! What's a quilter to do? Certainly NOT go out and buy a new webcam. I'd rather spend the money on something quilty!

So....I looked over to my mantle to find this tall vintage spool, and a box of matches and quickly improvised. You too can cover up your overly techie desktop by placing YOUR broken webcam on a fun decorative spool on top of a box of matches! :cD

Hey,it worked....and I kind of like how it looks sitting there!


  1. I, too, love pears over apples. We bought a box of pears on the way over to our daughters and enjoyed them there and brought some home again to enjoy along with some peaches.

    I think I am lucky my webcam is built into my iMac so I can't break it and I don't have to have another techie thing on my desk! You were very creative though!

  2. Very inventive Miss Bonnie!

  3. and I can tell it works! we had a nice chat! I hope to tatste your pears one day Bonnie :-)

  4. You are so inventive!!! That's why you can come up with such great designs....the wheels are constantly turning..right??

  5. I was going to say too bad you two don't have a Mac, but someone beat me to it. I iChat with my daughter in college every night :)

    I'll take a nice tart crisp apple anyday. Enjoy your pears!

  6. I don't have a webcam Bonnie but I love your ingenuity! And I'm dittoing Not Lucy - pears are much better than apples. blessings, marlene

  7. Oh, I love this time of year, one of the reasons PEARS!!!!!!!!!!!! I am awaiting the border desing for Tobacco Road. I have the center all done.

  8. I showed DH the pics of the Pears, and his comment was: "alright, ask her when we can expect our delivery??? heck, we'll even send her some Cheese for her Pears"
    (Wisconsinites here---the "Dairy" state) :0)

    and golly---I've never thought of iChatting!!! I also have a Mac; but creative (and inexpensive!) fix Bonnie!

    -Amy (NW WI)

  9. Bonnie,
    I am posting a Pear Bread recipe on my blog. It is really yummy.

  10. Anonymous3:32 AM EDT

    What a funny webcam ;)
    Your pears are beautiful !! This year we won't have any fruits !!! It's very strange.


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