Saturday, September 27, 2008

From Dining Room to Mail Room!

I'm sorry I haven't even done a heads up for a couple days. You should see what my dining room looks like...there are about 500 books ready to be mailed out on Monday. Or close to it anyway. I think I'm going to run out of stamp sheets from stamps.com and the rest will have to be hauled to the PO and figured out at the counter while the line behind me grumbles....*LOL* I've ordered more stamp sheets,but it could take 10 days to get here, and I leave on Thursday for PA...

SO..you are asking, can you send a check? Of COURSE you can! You just have to wait a few extra days for the check to clear. Money Orders and Cashier's Checks are also welcome.

Same prices as via the online shopping cart.

The books are $25.00

Within the USA, shipping is $3.99 for one, $5.00 for two, and free for three or more.

If you are not in the USA, it makes things a bit difficult to do things by mail because of having the funds converted, etc. I'm not sure how to handle that, I'm not set up to take anyone's visa # personally either...That has to go through the online shopping cart.

I have added international postage for single book orders to the order page. You choose your postage as an ITEM, and then fix the postage in the bottom of the shopping cart to say Zero. It's the only way I could get all the various over seas options on there.

Monday I'll figure out the over seas options for multiple book orders. All I could do today was figure out the gobal priority for one book to various countries. Tada. It's $14.00 You guys were right!

Anyway, feel free to order the "Old Fashioned Way!"

You can mail it to:
Bonnie Hunter
136 Teague Ct
Winston Salem, NC 27107

Thank you!


  1. Fantastic!! I can't wait to get mine!! Lots more inspiration. Looks like you need a little mail helper.

  2. Is this a book that you wrote. This is my first visit with you so I was not sure. If so, this is awesome. Congrats

  3. Anonymous8:01 AM EDT

    I could have been helping you since Liberty was out, DH at work and son #2 left with friends.

    Looks like your going to be a wee busy...and here I was thinking you were quilting on your latest Stars over Shallotte! AND....if you dare write and say it's quilted also I'm liable to just fall over with a coronary! LOL

  4. I'm hoping this a labor of love for you! I couldn't do it! Can't wait to get mine! I've got fabric waiting to attack that book!

  5. I'm in Canada but can't find the $8.00 shipping option - the only ones that show up are $3.99, $5.00 and free. I also tried to change the total in PayPal and it won't let me do that either. What am I doing wrong? Help please - I want one of your books!!

  6. That's a lot of books there, Bonnie!! I say you put those pups to work, hitch em up to carts and they can do a wagon train to the PO!! Buddy can supervise since his leg isn't 100%. Wagons ROLL!!!

    Lori in VA

  7. Woohoo, can't wait to get mine..lol looks like someone is going to be very busy, but not to busy to quilt...lol Lise

  8. You seem to be up to your ummph.... in alligators.(*LOL*) I've been waiting for this book for as long as you mentioned writing this it. I've 'hit' every 'Thrift Shop'(since just a wee time )after that. I'm sure there is not a 100% long sleeve cotton shirt left in Huron County. They are washed and taken apart and are residing in a special basket ear marked for just this book. I hope I can do you justice.:c)
    It seems there is a bit of a problem with shipping out of the country.
    Since I'm in Canada here is what I'm going to do. I will send you a cheque for the book....$25.00 plus the postage of $3.99 and give you my daughters address in Nevada. She can ship it to me as a gift, since my birthday is in October. Ta-Da!!!!!

    Now, as for the other poster Irene, if she wants to get your book from you instead of going through all the rig-gamarole she seems to be in, I would tell her to just add up the amounts. Put them on the cheque, and beside the amount on the cheque, she has to write "U.S.A.Funds". This is how I will send my cheque to you.
    Now I know this will work because my other daughter works for B.M.O. (a Canadian bank) and she told me to do this many years ago. I've ordered many things with a cheque doing this. Your bank will give you the proper amount in American money and when the cheques are cleared they will figure it all out at that days exchange.
    I wonder if this would work for other countries? Maybe ask Tonya to check it out. As for me I'm cheap I just don't want to bother with paying duty which I won't have to do if it's a gift:c)

    I love your quilts, and I agree that those quilting bee ladies are the best! Anytown anywhere. #1....


  9. WOW - you are indeed a busy lady! LOL

    I'll send a check after things slow down for you - by then I'll have found the faux napkins I was going to send you before I moved... I know they are up in my sewing room - but since I haven't been up there to set up - I haven't found them.
    Where in PA are you headed??

  10. I can hardly wait to get my books. I got one to give as a door prize at our quilt retreat next September. Just finished 4 days with 20 other crazy women quilters. We giggled and laughed and had a wonderful time. I just love your blog. Inspires me daily.



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