Thursday, September 11, 2008

Home Again, but just a quickie!

I made it home about dinner time last night. It's a 5 hour drive from Shallotte to Wallburg, but I did it in about..oh....9....*LOL* This is because I antiqued my way home! Oh, I found some great goodies. But those pics will have to wait for the next post. This morning I have a comfort quilts bee at Mrs Goodneedle's church. We meet Thursday mornings from 10 to noon, and I missed last week! They break for the summer, and last week was the first week back and I wasn't there. Today I will be!

I already cut out my strips for a little Streak of Sunshine quilt, my FW is packed and ready to go.

I've had so many questions from people asking why they can't find the cake takers on Walmart's website! *LOL* Do I look like the Walmart representative ? :cD I have no idea why you can't find it, or why it isn't in your Walmart. But to help you out, I took a pic of the end of one that I hadn't pulled the sticker off yet. Maybe this will help you. They are made by Mainstays, not rubbermade or sterlite. It says carrier holds up to 9"X13" baking dish. (Or a multitude of quilt projects!) I hope this helps those of you who are cake-taker deprived!

My last evening in Shallote was great! Several of us went to a sea food place on the intercoastal waterway. It was FUN watching tug boats push and pull boats through the water. I had BBQ shrimp over rice with steamed veggies. YUMM-O! Something's gotta give here. You guys gotta quit feeding me so well when I come to visit, or you'll soon be rolling me home :c)

After dinner we drive to Holden Beach. I love this time of the evening. Just past dusk, before dark, peaceful and restful. It was a glorious evening even with the clouds!

And that's it for now...more to come later..if I don't get going, I'll be late!


  1. Thanks for the pics of Holden Beach. You made my day!!

  2. I agree Bonnie, I just love that dusky time of day at the beach. That and very early morning. Thanks for the close-up of the cake taker tote.

  3. Glad you were able to get alittle bit of peace and quiet on Holden Beach, you are sooooo busy most of the time it makes my head spin!!

  4. Maybe you should make a "rule"* that on your way home from these lectures and shows you must walk at least four miles in antique malls and lug home 25 pounds of "stuff" for every over the top meal you ate while you were away.

    * "rule" small r and in inverted commas means that it is made to be bent, warped and fitted in to your current head space. Rules with a capital R are nearlya s much fun they are inflexible and meant to be obeyed - or so say my children who rib me mercilessly about my "rules"

    Have a fantastic day


  5. LOL Angela:cD
    Bonnie, "eating" out is all part of being on the road. Enjoy, and stop with the guilts. (I'm proof reading this and just noticed that guilts is just one letter different than quilts, UMMM... is there a connection there?) Everybody needs to re-fuel after a full day, I know I do. The BBQ Shrimp looks delicious..(did you get the recipe,lol:c)) I just LOVE traveling with you, the area of NC you traveled in looks like a little piece of heaven. That beach!! Don't ya just love walking barefeet in the sand? Just wiggling your toes? A walk like that is worth at least 3000 burned calories. So there! Where do 'we' visit next?

    Smiles to you...:c) ~~ Fran

  6. Thanks for the nice bunch of posts! Hate to be late to the party, but what's a cake taker for? (uhm, beside taking cakes..)

  7. I found 3 of the cake carriers at the Walmart here in WA. Thank you for the heads up they will be very handy.


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