Thursday, September 11, 2008


I made it to the charity quilt bee only about 15 minutes late! But I wasn't the last to arrive, and I was able to piece a child's quilt top while I was there.

Bertha is my 1945 Featherweight, and my good companion when going to charity bee. She just hums along happy to be there!

My little quilt top turned out so cute, and I know it will brighten someone's spirits and keep them warm. This quilt center takes 8 strips 4.5" wide cut selvage to selvage. A few extra strips for borders. Sometimes I mix them up, with 8 different, sometimes I just pick 4 fabrics and do 2 strips of each. This one was a combo. See that little sailor girl fabric! TOO CUTE! It was all that was left from a previous donation quilt, and I was able to get one 4.5" strip out of it. Same with the dark blue floral...just one strip and that puppy was gone. So I went to the stash to round out the others. One stripe with cherries, one blue check that also was used in the outside border, two strips of yellow with blue dots, and two strips of red bandana. Completely gone from the stash... Red bandana, sailor girl, yellow dot, blue floral. Not bad for fabric annihilation!

I pulled another dark blue from the stash to use as inner border. I've sewn so many of these that I can crank out a top plus borders in under 2 hours. And it's really great to finish the top, and leave it in the well capable hands of those who will do the layering, tying and binding! Hense the "leave it" part of the subject line.

I really enjoy the time with these ladies working for a good cause. All of the fabric, every bit of thread, every piece of batting....everything is donated. It just makes me feel good to be giving something back after having been blessed with SEW MUCH!

After the bee, I went and met DH at Applebee's for lunch, and then swung by Sam's Club to get the new lenses put in my glasses. I'm officially off contacts now. By the time you have to put reading glasses on top of your contacts to see to thread a needle or to read a menu, etc...it's time to ask yourself WHY BOTHER! Just get better glasses and be happy to SEE! (yep, a few more inches deeper into middle age!)

I still need to upload pics of my antique and junking goodies, but it's nearly dinner time and I've got stuff to do. Tomorrow is another day!


  1. Very cute! I like making my Quick Strippie for donation quilts because it's so fast to piece but looks really cute.

  2. I just hink that those colors are so bright and cheerful, lucky child that gets this quilt.
    I know what you mean about feeling good about giving back. I also go to a quilt bee once a month, 3rd Thursday of the month. We meet from 10am to 3pm and break 1/2 hr for lunch. What a great bunch of ladies who volunteer for this. Our lap quilts go to the sick and elderly in the parish and the surrounding area. As you say, all materials are donated. It makes me feel warm inside to be able to be a part of this.


  3. Cute little quilt and so quick and easy!

    When I started having to take off my glasses to thread a needle or do some really close work I had lasik surgery! Now I can see clearly without glasses except for handwork and reading in bed! After 40 years of glasses it was such a joy to go without! The best was going swimming and being able to recognize the people around me from their faces and not the color of their suit or hair!

  4. One day I hope to be able to make something, anything, in just two hours. Very nice, and even better to have someone else finish it off!


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