Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Mail Call!

This is a pic of the back of my car, full of orders ready to go out! The Post Mistress was NOT a happy camper that I showed up on Monday morning and swamped her! She said...."You need to have THIS post office's zip code on your stamps.com stamps so we get credit for processing all of these." I said, "I didn't know that, I just put in the info that stamps.com asked for, which was MY address." In my mind I was thinking, "Would you rather I didn't pre-stamp these at ALL and stood here while you processed them one by one?"

Okay....I swallowed that comment, and thought maybe this was a time to kill her with kindness because I am NOT going to drive to another post office when this one is only a mile up the road from me.

Today she was MUCH better,and SHE apologized! I was able to ship MOST of the international orders this morning, at least those who had replied to their paypal requests that I sent about the balance due on their shipping after having them weighed, etc.

I have sent out ALL I can. There are more orders to fill. There are more cases of books in transport to me from Kansas, so all is on hold until they get here. I'm hoping today or tomorrow because I'd like to get as much out as I can before Thursday morning.

On today's agenda, besides getting the trunkshow and everything ready for leaving, I get to go get new passport photos taken and submit new paperwork for that. Why? I haven't been able to find my passport anywhere since moving here. For all I know it could have gotten tossed in the packing paper. I'm planning a little trip in December, and I'll NEED it. So.....more standing in long lines to get that done today.

Has there been any progress on the Fungly Quilt? Nope. I have a few rows sewn together, but that's it. All this running around is cramping my quilting time!

But look what I found Friday! This is an EG Benford machine, which is a badged machine,meaning it was made by someone else, but this badge was put on it by the retailer. The badge also says 16 Castle Square, Brighton (UK) which must have been the address of the proprietor.(sorry about the blur on the photo!) I have no idea on the age, but I love the shape of the base. It is missing it's hand crank. Looks like there used to be a lot of gilded decal,but that has all worn off during the years. What amazes me most of all, is this thing STILL has a needle in it! How old is that needle? I have no clue...but there it is!

I also found an old dilapidated ladder that I am going to use for hanging quilts in the house after the painting is done. And I found a pair of beat up old green shutters that I am going to install INSIDE on either side of the dining room windows. I saw this done in a magazine and it really added rustic charm to the room.


  1. Hi Bonnie,
    Love your new machine. I just found a Sidel and Naumann hand crank machine at a shop in MD. I saw your question in Needle bar. Sid you ever locate the serial number? Mine was on the stitch regulator.
    Just ordered your book!

  2. I'm sorry was this her "don't work at my job" day...hello, you stand behind the counter and take mail!!?!

  3. Looks like maybe extra pressure was needed in your tires. You have been one busy girl. My check is in the mail for my book. Looking forward to receiving it. Can't wait.

  4. Hi Bonnie,
    If you want to avoid Ms. Snotty Postmaster and make your mail carrier happy... look into carrier pick-up. You go to USPS.com and let the PO know you have a package (or truckload) to go out and the mail person stops and picks them up! You get to stay home and the carrier gets a bonus and that other office gets nada... Win-win-win.

    (former postal slave)

  5. Hi Bonnie how very exciting for you I am glad you are going away you might have four minutes to sit and ponder how many people will be reading your book by the weekend. COngratualtions.!!

    Angela in Australia

    PS; will place my order later this week.

  6. ooh, I like that idea of Leslie's to have a postal employee come to your house and pick stuff up - much easier! Those shutters are great - I love the color. Those will look wonderful in your dining room.

  7. Yes,depending on how you're shipping, the post office will pick up your packages at your house. It's great, I use it and leave my package sit inside my back door. I think my mailman is the greatest,he will throw my mail in the back door and yell--"Mail Lori!!" And the machine, well, I will drool from here. Great find.


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