Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Book Update!

I have been informed that the books just hit the warehouse yesterday! I have placed my order and they will be shipped to me here "SOON". I asked for delivery before Oct 1st because I am leaving on the 2nd for Pennsylvania!

Here is where I am a bit worried...how to ship all the books to you when I am out of town on the road!

If the people I am staying with have computer and printer, I should be able to process the books just fine if I carry along my "mobile office" with me....mailing envelopes, packing tape,etc, and just drop ship to you from wherever I'm at. I can work on filling the orders in the evenings when I am not teaching a class or giving a trunkshow or lecture!

I don't know how else to get these to you in a timely manner. Believe me, there is no way my family is wanting to help with this :c( It's my baby. Still I'll do the best I can!

If I am flying somewhere, the book shipping may have to wait until I get back home. I'm thinking about my trip to Wisconsin and Illinois. Tho, I suppose if I have books shipped up there I could do the same mobile post office thing while I'm on the road? I don't know how other authors do this and travel and teach at the same time?

SO. The Shopping Cart is ready! Come on books!


  1. Can't wait Bonnie. I've been collecting and cutting shirts in anticipation!

  2. you might want to pre-package the books for mailing -- you should be able to even have the right postage pre-printed at the post office. That way you don't have much to do when an order arrives -- simply pull and envelope from the pile stick the invoice in with the book and seal it up... It'd mean a speedy send out when you got home from a trip, and save you hauling so much stuff....

  3. Where are you going in PA? Are you teaching somewhere that I could sneak in?

  4. Great! I am going to place my order now! Thanks!

  5. I have already pre-ordered my book and I can hardly wait.

    Having said that, I am sure your fans can wait a few days for you to be able to be home (or nearby home) to get a book mailed. The big warehouse etailers have delays of a few days between order date and ship date. If a customer has a time sensitive request they could state that in the "comments" section of the order.

    Congrats on the publication. ~ksp

  6. Like Kelli said, I am sure someone can wait, and if not, well, tough-o rough-o. One idea: leave pre-packaged books at home, just needing postage and addressing. Print postage at USPS.com using a credit card and the known postage amount ($1.98, etc.) and the address so all you travel with is printed paper. Slap those puppies on when you get home, then go back to Usps.com and schedule a pick up AT YOUR HOUSE!! (SO nice!) The postman/postwoman will pick up from your front porch the next mail day. I've done it, it's easy as pie! Email me if you have questions about this. --Colleen


  8. Oh, Bonnie, don't drag all those books and mailing supplies with you. We can wait till you get back. It'll be worth it for an autographed copy.

  9. I placed my order this morning. I can't wait to see it!!!

  10. I ordered my autographed copy today. When I printed the receipt from PayPal it said no shipping address. I hope you have all the info you need from the shopping cart on your site.
    XOXOXO Subee


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