Monday, September 08, 2008

Monday Morning, Pre-Workshop!

It's a Star-Struck Day today!

I'm up early....you know how it is the first night in a hotel..the window unit is noisy, and even if yours is off you can hear the hum of your neighbors next to you or the floor above you.

The bed is comfy, and I must have fallen asleep around 11...waking up at 6!

Shallotte NC is about as far away from Wallburg as you can get! I'm actually about 30 miles north of Myrtle Beach, NC, just across the SC/NC state line. It took me almost 5 hours to drive here yesterday afternoon, including potty stops. :c)

I got set up for sewing last night, only to find out that I didn't have my rotary cutter! The only place that MIGHT have had one is the local walmart, but they don't carry the kind I like...the blue dritz with the rubber handle? I like the weight of that one, and I like that I don't have to remember to shut a blade cover. I think I left it at the In-Town retreat!! I know there was nothing left, but maybe someone got it packed up in their stuff? Ms Bee Haven Gals? If you find a spare blue dritz cutter...it could be mine!

So...back to walmart, and they have this icky kind with a skinny handle that doesn't look comfortable to use at all.And it was 11 bucks! I asked if there was a Hobby Lobby or Joanns or a Michaels around here, but nope! Closest place like that would be Wilmington or Myrtle Beach. (I have a Hobby Lobby coupon in my purse so I was hoping for that!) By this time it was almost 9pm and I decided to give it up, wait and just do some hand work while watching HOUSE on USA.

But this morning...sewing is begging to commense! I don't have to leave for about an hour and a half....but I have no rotary cutter! I think this means I'm going to work on some string blocks that I can square up later.

Here is a pic of the second little starchy applqiue....Some of you might recognize your crumb blocks in the border! I trimmed blocks into 4.5" widths and added them side by side by side to get a border that was long enough. These were the crazy crumb blocks that were sent to me via Tonya's suggestion! It is always so much fun to incorporate someone else's fabrics into my quilts, and I thank you all again for these little gifties!

Perhaps this afternoon, after the workshop....the ladies will be able to guide me to the best place to replace that missing cutter and I can start putting the blocks from retreat TOGETHER! I brought a piece of red fabric that has little gold stars on it..very old looking, and I want to use that as the setting fabric.

Which makes me wonder....how many of these gals are going to WANT to double sew their bonus triangles, or would they be up to donating them to my cause?? *LOL*

Time for wandering out to the "contintental" bar to see what the Microtel offers for breakfast. The only other alternative close to me is a Huddle House, much akin to the Waffle House if you are familiar with either of them. I think I'm safer with a yogurt and a piece of fruit!


  1. Do American motels/hotels provide facilities for quilters in their rooms LOL?

    I sent my block to Tonya with a house and some really horrible ugly fabric - don't know if you ever received them?

  2. At least you have your scissors. You can work the old fashioned way - eeek, not the way I'd want to add a border. yogurt and fruit definitely sounds healthier. Enjoy yourself.

  3. Anonymous10:26 AM EDT

    Mental Note to Bonnie.....have a replacement in your glove box. It could be used in case of self defense right?

    Oh Bonnie girl your going to be proud of me....you won't be acquiring my bonus triangles because I've got a whopping pile of them for myself. I cannot believe the waste now that I sit looking at this lovely stack of 2" trimmed unfinished beauties!

  4. I had a similar problem with a rotary cutter when I went to a retreat once. I was the first there and got everything ready to go and realized I needed my rotary cutter which I couldn't find. Shortly after a couple of friends arrived and I was able to use one their cutters, etc. About two hours later as I went into another bin to get the next part of a project, there was my rotary cutter, taking a nap! My problem is I don't go anywhere to quilt but twice a year so things never get packed the same twice! My next one is in October - woohoo! 3 1/2 days of pure sewing pleasure!

    Love the little quilt!

  5. Shalotte may not have "quilty" stuff but it is only a few minutes from my favorite beach in the entire world - Holden Beach. I get misty eyed just thinking about it! Have a great time!!

  6. Only have my own Olfa cutter, sorry. I know you'll have a replacement soon, if you don't already! Have fun.

  7. Drat! I hate misplacing things like that. Then I end up with six of something, but none are in the same place at the same time. My heart with with you on this one.

  8. Hey Bonnie last time I saw your cuter it was in the box with the iron LOLLOL - sorry in one of those moods today it warm and the sun is shining.

    And yesterday i cut a zillion squares and ran them through the machine twice and now i too ahve half square trianlges!!!

    Have a great time today


  9. Gee, Bonnie-there's Island Quilts, but that's south of Myrtle Beach, near where Pawleys Island is. I hope you find something closer!

  10. Nice appliqué! I like the set up for hotel ironing.

  11. Wait, wait, wait! Do you bring your machine and sew in hotel rooms!?! I've always wanted to do that, but I was sure they wouldn't allow it because of the noise. Is there a trick to keeping things quiet? A bottom floor perhaps? I know that when I sew upstairs, my husband says it sounds like I'm coming through the floor. And a friend of mine who lived in an apartment building said that her downstairs neighbors complained when she sewed. Am I missing a way to sew quietly in a hotel or apartment? I'd love to know, because I travel A LOT and I'd love to bring my "stuff" with me.


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