Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Quiltville's Home for Wayward Machines....

I have spent some time corralling my vintage machine collection, taking pics, finding information on serial numbers, model numbers, and dates. I have learned SO MUCH! The internet holds so much information. Every page that helped me is also included in the links section of Quiltville's Home for Vintage Sewing Machines page! (Or, Old Machines Never Die, They Just Go To Quiltville!:cD)

Enjoy your browsing!

SO, by now you can guess that I did NOT get the pieced border section of Old Tobacco Road finished last night, because I was playing with my machines! I hope you'll forgive me...I'll to to that this week, I promise!


  1. Isn't it cool that the ISMACS convention is going to be in Charlotte! :-)

  2. What a lovely collection. I see you have a Singer 401 just like mine!

  3. How cool, you have your grandmother's machine. My mom had a New Home and I sure wish I had it. Love the Janome Hello Kitty. Wonder how it sews?!

  4. I love your collection Bonnie! What a nice variety of machines. Thanks for sharing them all in one space...

  5. I love your old machines. There's something so substantial about them what with all the metal parts. Who knows many of the electronic plastic machines will be around, let alone in working condition, in 100 years :)

    Forgive you???? What's to forgive? Your time is your own and we are grateful (or we all SHOULD be grateful) that you share your wonderful quilting ideas with us at all!!

  6. Bonnie How gorgeous are your machines? Now I have another page on your website I will have to check out from time to time to make sure I am not missing any new additions.
    I would also like to apologise for not checking my last few posts the typing is terrible (I really can spell)my life is very hectic and Quiltville is my escape better than going to a coffee shop (not so many calories in this eye candy), closer than the library (and the reading is still great), not quite as virtuous as going to the gym (but loads of upper arm work getting the stash cut!)!!!!LOL

    Angela in Aust

  7. There's such beauty in the old machines! blessings, marlene

  8. It is like a geneology of your babies - love it! Thank you for sharing!

  9. Thanks for your help and for the links on the site. I've contacted Guy Baker to see if he can help with spare parts.

    Now all I've got to do is rescue her!

  10. I've drooled all over my keyboard looking at your machines! If I had space I would collect sewing machines. I have a treadle from around 1920. Some day I will own my mother's 1955 Singer 301. She calls it Old Ironsides.


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