Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Beautiful Beautiful Western NC!

I had a wonderful time in Burnsville, NC!

On Sunday evening I met up with 3 other ladies in Weaverville for dinner at a very fun place called the North Star Diner. I had FRIED GREEN TOMATOES for the first time! They were amazingly good. This recipe had orange peel in the batter. Yummy. :c) I guess after being in the south for 8 years, I can finally say I had them.

I spent a wonderful evening visiting with Dorothy and Roma and Fran. Fran's quilting room is in her walk-out basement and is fully stocked! Not to mention she lives in the most beautiful setting in the rural western NC mountains. Just GORGEOUS. I started thinking that if we have to move ANYWHERE that I wouldn't mind if we had to move to the mountains....

The temps there were quite a bit cooler than here in Columbia! Yes, I know it is now october, but I didn't bring a jacket, sweater, or socks and shoes..I was still in sandals. Silly SC girl! ;c) Fran took good care of me though and loaned me her denim jacket because it was in the 40's in the morning! The leaves have not started turning yet, but I think they are getting close....

Fran has her house decorated so cute with quilty things everywhere! Here is a pic of the bedroom I was tucked into so cozily! I love her displays of antiques mixed with quilty items. TWO antique yellow and white quilts adorned the painted metal bedstead, and on dressers and chairs were fun stuffed bears and bunnies, and mini quilts with displays of her grandfather's reading glasses.

In the hallway was a recycled church pew full of dollies and special quilty animals...

I'll put the class info in another post since I don't want to overload this one with pictures...


  1. Ohh those bears !! Gorgeous.... Does she have a pigbear too ;-)

  2. Anonymous9:37 AM EDT

    Hi there! Your blog came up because you mentioned my hometown, Weaverville, NC. Thanks for visiting us and North Star Diner! As a quilter, you might be interested in checking out next year's Art in Autumn festival September 20, 2008 (sadly, you just missed this year's event). www.visitweaverville.com/artinautumn

    And it took me 20 years in the South before I tried Fried Green Tomatoes, so I think you're doing good to have only taken 8! :)


  3. I've never had Fried Green Tomatoes before but your photo makes them look delicious! I did love the movie - maybe I ought to actually eat some!!


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