Friday, October 26, 2007

Fine Finishes....

I've had a crazy day today, along with the rain! I made it to the office for my 11am appointment, which did not show up.......and the rain kept coming harder and harder. My next client called to reschedule....so I got the rest of the afternoon off!

I finally made it over to the bernina store to get two new bulbs for my 1080. BOTH were burnt out. I bought those, and finally a straight stitch plate (watch me break needles when I forget to switch back when I need a zig zag!!) and a clamp on table lamp to take with me to retreat next week in Georgia!

Well, do I have to mention that the bernina store is not far from the good will clearance center with the $1.00 a pound goodies? Aiiiiyyyeeee! I needed more light shirts. Light 100% cotton shirts are not as easy to find (and less variety) than the colored ones...so I started out just picking up light shirts (NEEDED) but then started throwing in dark shirts in wonderful colors (WANTED) and still find myself rationalizing that I got out of there for only $17.00! There was a dress for me in that bag, and a couple shirts as well for WEARING, not for taking apart and quilting....but still. This shirt fetish, it's got a hold of me BAAADDD!

And just to prove it, I finished the top that I made from the pockets, plackets, collars and cuffs! I finished the border tonight and really love how it turned out. Stars in the corners! 4 patch centers that carry out the checkerboard pattern...fun fun :cD Believe it or not, this quilt is 100% recycled SHIRTS!

I can't call this Rocky Road to Kansas. I just can't! I didn't make it in Kansas..or on the way to Kansas! I finished the blocks in Virginia! I've toyed with a few names:

*Rocky Road Through Richmond (lots of R's..I like how that sounds! Sewed blocks there one evening)

*Fall's Church Frolic (worked on the blocks there two evenings)

*Virginia Bound (Because I also worked on the blocks in Petersburg my last night when I only made it half way back to SC!)

I think I am leaning towards "Virginia Bound". It's short...and includes all the places that I worked on the blocks while in Virginia. What do you think?

I even found this cool "Virginia" fabric on the $1 a yd table at Hancocks! Is this perfect for a back or WHAT?! :cD

I also have some pics of the "true friends" quilt that I finished binding before I left for my trip...forgot I uploaded the pics, and certainly didn't remember to post them :c)


  1. Virginia Bound fits perfectly. Really like both quilts and the red-purple is simply vibrant! Great job.

  2. Another pieced triumph Bonnie, you're a superstar! The backing fabric is so much fun - I've never 'met' anyone else who is more of a fabric sleuth.
    Sending big hugs your way hon, thinking of you.

  3. that true friends quilt came out so fantastic - absolutely love it. that border IS incredible. I can understand why you love the plaid shirtings - can't buy that kind of fabric on the bolt AND it has history (even if you don't know the specifics of it). Love the border you did for Virginia Bound (that's the name I'm voting for) and great backing too.

  4. Wow! Your 100% recycled quilt really sings! Love the colors and contrasts. And the scraps of life quilt is super, too. The border message is really neat. You just go on from one Wow to another.

    By the way, congratulations on the rain! Hope this signals the end of eastern drought.

    Linda H

  5. Bonnie
    you just continue to amaze me....I love this new shirt quilt :)
    guess some day I am going to have to start going to goodwill for shirts too!
    wonder what the cost for the fabric for this quilt was....
    LOVE the fabric for the back...my middle name :)

  6. Bonnie - what a treasure from the bits that most others would only throw away - I love the checkerboard border a perfect foil for the intense business of all those fabrics in the stars. As for your previous posts I'm glad you are able to move on - you'll obviously not be able to alter anything by the sound of things - don't reduce your self to a lower level - the caring generous person you are is worth infinitely more than that (((hugs)))

  7. Bonnie - I only have one question. Do you sleep?!? I love "Virginia Bound"!

  8. You have the same thrift shop addiction that I have! Love both the quilts but especially the life one.

  9. it really is hard to fathom that the string quilt is all the 'left over' bits of the shirts you recycle with so much love, the backing was just meant to be.

    as for other things, well, we can only do so much, and then it is up to a greater power.

    and as for the "True Friends" quilt?? It and you are truly amazing

  10. That makes me just want to rush out to the thrift shops to see what I can find! Wonderful!

  11. Ooh fabulous - just love those shirts and they look so good in that pattern. I agree, it is really hard to find good light shirts.

  12. Yup, I like virginia bound too. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the friends scrap quilt. Oh I want crumb blocks and a word quilt like that!

  13. Can't believe that is all from recycled shirts! I hope I don't start buying up shirts at the recycle shop now! I'll see your quilt in every one I find!

  14. I am planning a class where we go to the thrifts and I show how to find these wonderful shirts to cut apart. They truly are fun to work with and make quilts with soul

  15. Do you sleep at all?

    The shirting quilt is super. I love the string piecing of the lights--it really looks textured and dimensional.

  16. amazing quilts Bonnie- though my preference is the bright one-truly fantastic-I have to say I am catching up with your blog and was sorry for you to have to experience another copyright tussle. I would agree with your thoughts on truth is truth. All your wonderful times at retreats and teaching other quilters surely make up for those few rotten eggs in the basket of quilters!

  17. Anonymous2:11 AM EDT

    You gave us so much to look at today! Glad the bird was safe. Love the bright quilt - very fun. It's hard to believe the gorgeous string star quilt is made from old shirts!!! Just goes to prove that you don't have to stock up on the most expensive designer fabrics to make a great quilt :-)

  18. Bonnie,
    What a great design out of old shirts- I think it is fun to think that you could do what our grandmothers did- be kind to the earth at the same time as making a beautiful quilt- I am sure that I could not find the shirts like you do. You have a great eye for finding the shirts that will work. I really like the contrast between the light and the dark blocks in your Virginia Bound quilt.
    As always the letter quilts are quite fun and very funky looking-

    Regards from a western Canadian quilter,

  19. Virginia Bound sounds like a perfect name for the shirts quilt (did I mention how jealous I am that you can actually find good prices at the thrift store??).

    The scrappy quilt with the words is great...love the purple and red combination and the sentiment of the words.

  20. Love the shirt-quilt. Great recycling project.

  21. Hi Bonnie-
    My Lazy Sister Sue from Aiken sent me to your site to figure out what to do with my husband's old shirts - boy do I ever have some ideas for those - and more!!! Can't wait to get home and pull out the stash and the machine. Lovely stuff - will be back FREQUENTLY! Hope we can meet sometime when I am down her way to visit.



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