Sunday, October 28, 2007

Time to finish the trees...

Remember these trees I started eons ago?? I took the blocks with me when Randy and I were in Charleston. I got the center pieced there, and we found these border fabrics at "People, Places & Quilts" (PPQ to those local here!) in Summerville, SC.

I haven't sat still long enough to trim up the center from the floating triangles, and decide if I really WANT these fabrics for the borders. What do you think?

FYI...the sashing is a true deep red,not that pinky color it turned out to be in the second photo! The setting tris of course are....what else...poison green :c)

Part of me wants a busier border since the center is so scrappy. The other part of me says...oh just use the fabric and be done with it!

Maybe just a saw tooth border and then the final border? I've been looking through my books on antique quilts for ideas for the border, but nothing seems to suit.

P.S....I keep coming back to look at the pics because stepping AWAY from a project and looking at it from farther away (like in a reducing glass) can give you ideas...but someone please please tell me that my latest thought of doing a complete 9 patch checkerboard border with 1.5" strips/squares (3" finished border) is going just a bit overboard?!?!?! :cÞ (But I still think it will make the quilt look more complete? Not like I was trying to just slap something on there and be done?


  1. Hi Bonnie; I like the border fabric you've chosen. I think adding a scrappy border will distract from the scrappy trees, which I think look wonderful!


  2. Well I'm sorry to say I'd have to try the checkerboard idea Bonnie. Have you got another quilt with such a border that you could lay this top on, and just see what it would look like? I keep some left-over triangle strips and nine-patches so I can make pretend borders- you can usually decide straight away whather you like it or not.
    The trees are lovely, they seem to have been humming along behind the scenes quite nicely!

  3. I'm thinking those fabrics are a bit too "elegant" for the quilt. Something patchier may be more appropriate. I don't know about more squares though. How about geese? Might serve to accentuate the trees?

  4. I am agreeing with Mereth...

    may be the mustard/gold, and then scrappy...

    OR....maybe the "elegant" borders, but with squares in the corners??

  5. Bonnie,
    I love the checkerboard border on this quilt- it does really make it sing- that's the funny thing about quilting- when it is the right border it just works- Kudos to Mereth for suggesting it and to you for searching for just the right one!!!

  6. I love these trees, they seem to glow! Are they really 1"? How big is the quilt?

  7. Normally I am for a pieced border ,but in this case I like it with the green border even maybe without the inner border. That will give an antique feel!

  8. Wow, I just love that poison green with the red and cheddar sashings! I really like this! I am going to have to do something with these colors!

  9. I keep coming back to look again at these almost-twinkling trees. They have such a bright, lit-up look. As usual, you've made another smashing project!

  10. I finished a checkerboard border quilt this summer - logcabin - you can see a photo in my Sept. 9, 2007 post. I liked it and then I added a WIDE outer border. Yours is going to look great too, either way, but I AM partial to the checkerboard border idea. Love, love, love your border fabrics too. It is a very "rich" looking quilt while maintaining its scrappiness. And I can just bet you are going to do some lovely quilting on this. Smile!



  11. Know when to STOP! You are right with these fabrics they are great! Just get it done- all that extra stuff would just distract from your fabulous work on the blocks.


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