Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Banana Bread Morning....

This morning marks the first official day of HEAT ON in SC!! I guess we can finally say that definitely fall is here!

I brought home bananas on Sunday from choir practice...oh yes...they missed me enough from my traveling around that they sent me home with more over-ripe bananas! I figured making up a batch of banana bread is a good way to warm a chilly kitchen, so it's cooking right now. Mmmmm...smells good.

I got a very fun email from one of the gals in my workshop in Falls Church. She has already finished her top! WOW! It turned out so great too..love her use of scraps and her borders! She writes:

Hi Bonnie! I just wanted to thank you for the workshop you taught at the Falls Church QU on October 20, and to tell you what a great time I had! I have been following your blog for quite a while,

and it was very exciting to meet you in person! Does it seem weird to you that for those of us who follow your website you are a bit of a "celebrity"??? It was appropriate that the name of our

workshop was "Star Struck"! haha

At any rate, this workshop and your trunk show was just one of those fun quilty things that kind of "rejuvenated" my creative flow, and really made me want to dig into my scrap bins. So I have

sewn like a fiend for the past week, and attached you will see the photo of my quilt! I am also in the process of piecing a backing for it out of 10.5" squares of ugly fat quarters. After seeing the backings

on your quilts, I may never purchase another fatback again! I'm also attaching a photo of you and I from the workshop, as I know you meet tons of quilters and they are all probably dancing in your head....

but I'm the lady who had on the apron.

P.S. I think the most remarkable thing from the workshop may be my new love for Eva Cassidy and her music!!!! I have purchased two of her cd's and just about worn them out in the past week while I

was sewing. I can't wait to pass her music on to my internet quilting friend in Canada when I send her Xmas package this year...

Thank you again for a very fun day!


When we were setting up for the workshop, I saw Martha put this cute little apron on with lots of pockets, and I thought WHAT A GREAT IDEA! Especially while retreating or taking a class...keep all your goodies on you so you don't lose them or have to go searching for them under the pile of scraps! I've got my eye out to remember to take an apron with pockets with me to Dear Jane retreat this weekend. I have a sleeveless smock thing that I machine quilt with, it snaps up the front..and protects my clothes from threads and machine grease, etc...but I hadn't thought of a cute apron for retreats!

I enjoyed my time in Falls Church so much, I plan on attending their retreat next year..I've got an open invitation,and I'm accepting!


  1. That banana bread looks soo good! I'm going home from work tonight and make a batch. then back to quilting...thanks for inspiration, again!

  2. What incredible feedback! Wish I could have been in Falls Church for the event - lived there for about nine months in 1999-2000. The bread looks delicious, too. Have you posted the recipe?

  3. Oh see - don't people and emails like this make it all worth it! Her quilt is AWESOME!

  4. Martha has done a fantastic job on that quilt. Sounds like she was really enthused by your workshop - great job :)

  5. Now there's a great idea. I even have some bananas in the freezer. hmmm. Wonderful quilt. Yes, aprons are definitely making a comeback. What a nice note too.

  6. Martha did a great job on that top and it was so sweet of her to send you a note. mmm, banana bread. send some of that over here!

  7. Okay I have now moved your blog to the top of the bookmarks list! Since it starts with a Q I never seem to make it down the list and then it dawns on me that I have missed seeing your current quilts for a week and have to play catch-up reading!

    How did I miss that you were close to me? I would have driven to Falls Church for sure so see you trunk show. The quilts are, as usual...just stunning. I am in love with the trees..just wonderful. I'll make sure to keep a much closer eye on your travel plans next time! Especially if you end up in NC!

  8. Martha must have sewed and sewed to finish her quilt so fast! You sure do motivate!!! And how nice of her to send you such a great letter! Can't wait to see what you come up with for your own apron.




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