Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Stars Abounding!

The Star Struck Class went so wonderfully! You know, this was the first pattern I ever uploaded to my website, and it's been over 8 years now! I am always constantly amazed by how different the blocks turn out in the wide variety of pallets that the quilters choose to make them!

This was supposed (SUPPOSED!!!!) to be a scrap stash reduction class. However, it is also the week of the Burnsville quilt show, which means there were vendors, and the guild really wanted the vendors to be happy and to want to come back....so half the class had jelly rolls! *LOL*(If you don't know what a jelly roll is, it is a bundle of 2.5" strips put out by moda..just perfect for strip piecing.) I rationalized that jelly roll purchases are okay if you use the strips in a project right away, and they are not allowed to just go INTO the stash. They sure did make beautiful blocks!

There were about 13 of us I think. A couple of the ladies had to bow out due to family interruptions and emergencies. Dorothy's brother came to town to visit, and Roma's grandson got hurt in a scooter accident, so we missed their presence! I was glad to have time with them the evening before at dinner.

It was a fun day of power sewing! These ladies really took to their machines like this was the QUILTY 500, instead of the Indy 500! Lots of laughter, lots of chatter!

I made my way around the room giving every one a shoulder/back massage. Lots of moaning, groaning, purring and "I'll have what SHE's having" jokes going off! (Thank you Meg Ryan from when Harry Met Sally!)

Pictures are worth more than 1000 words, so I'll upload and let you click to enlarge! I'm going to put these on small size so they don't take up too much space!

You'll see the photo of the old building across the street from the town center where the class was held! See the quilt block on the building? Had to get a pic of that! It was also fun driving down the road in the beautiful mountains and coming up on barns with the quilt designs on them. It really is a wonderful project they are doing there! I can't wait to go back there again. They are a wonderful group of ladies. SEW much fun!


  1. Gosh Bonnie, that workshop looks like sew much fun! You have no idea how much I would love to take a class with you!

  2. Ohh I see you are having a lot of fun! Wish I was tehre :-)
    We have Jelly roles in the shop too. What an idea to do this with them :-)))

  3. That Starstruck pattern is still my very favourite of all yours - looks like they all had a ball :o)

  4. The bright green stars MUST be going into the room where you stayed with the green bed and chair rail!
    Jeanne :)

  5. Oh boy - I saw those blocks, all in different colors, and just gasped with happiness - What fun! This is just one more pattern I'd love to make up. Looks like organization is the key to getting it all together. Glad you had a great time.

  6. Looks like everyone had a lot of fun at the class. WONDERFUL to see all the different colourways on the same block and how they can look so totally different. Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Oh what fun! Someday I'll get to sew with you! It is awesome to see how all the different fabrics work, and how different they look!

  8. Your workshop looks like fun. The stars are great.


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