Sunday, October 28, 2007

Darn It, Mereth!!

Mereth had a suggestion.....and so I followed it. I had ONE extra tree block and so I laid it underneath the quilt top...and put it as if the tree top part was the next border of the quilt..and it sings.....

She was right..it doesn't take much for you to know if it is a yea or nay situation! And..thank heavens I have way too many 1.5" strips in this bin just aching to be set free and sewn/cut/sewn into a checkerboard border.

Sometimes you just can't take the easy way out!

I may however, decide to put a "spacer" border before the checkerboard one..maybe another narrow red something? I'll have to measure the top and see what I need to add to it to make the math come out right for the checkerboard.

Back to the sewing machine!


  1. The trees are lovely - the checkboard is a great idea, too!

  2. Sensational Bonnie! Mereth certainly did have the right idea!

  3. Bonnie, Mereth was definitely right and the border is going to be gorgeous. How about using that tan/gold for the narrow border before the checkerboard? Should make the corner squares pop!

  4. yup, sometimes you just know....

  5. I liked how your first border audition was darker than the rest of the quilt - brought it out. would love to see you combine that border somehow with the checkerboard. maybe it wouldn't work, but yes, I'd put something around the center to finish it off before adding the checkers.

  6. Perfect use of that leftover - I think you're absolutely right a thin red border would be eminently suitable! :o)

  7. Spot on, it looks great.

  8. That will look stunning! I would maybe use the cheddar gold for the inner border. Can't wait to see it finished!!

  9. Yup, I'd audition the cheddar for the inner border too, red might be too predictable. I'm thinking cheddar piping?

    Either way, it's STUNNING!

    OH! You can do math ahead of time to make it come out? With all those tiny pieces, and still be accurate? I'm a fudger personally, lol.

  10. I like the cheddar inner border with a red binding...but I'm sure it will be stunning no matter what with a checkerboard border!!! (I so miss PPQ :(


  11. Oh Bonnie! I'm totally jealous of all that you are getting done these days! I just love these trees and the green for the setting triangles are wonderful! But then I love green!

  12. I like this! Actualy, I think I would go with only a narrow border, then put the checkerboard only at the quilt corners, as you have done in the top photo, filling in the sides with a different color. The checkered corners would be like those old picture-holding corners from photo albums, and would echo the trees beautifully.


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