Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Early Bird Catches The.....CAT?!

Or more like it is the other way around! I was sitting here at the computer early this morning and heard a squawking ruckus downstairs!

I jumped up...knowing Oscar had done it again! He had caught a bird, and had brought it inside, LIVE! Only this one was live enough to get away from him and fly around the house!

I first saw it go to the ceiling fan, and then behind the TV cabinet. I ran to get DH who was still in bed.

By this time I was trying to get Oscar AND Sadie the dog to stay away from the area the bird was in! I had no idea how damaged the bird would be, but he seemed to fly okay, because no sooner did I look behind the TV than he/she flew up to the top of my kitchen cabinets!

The camera was right there, so I thought..what the heck! Get some pics..it's blog fodder, right? But before I could get a pic at the top of the cabinets, it flew into the dining room and clung to the cord on the blinds. Poor thing must have been scared out of it's mind!

By this time I was grabbing the closest thing I could find that I could drape over it...a linen table cloth! But..it got away and flew into the next room and landed on a chair. At least it was a flat surface and it made it easier to drop the table cloth on it!

Poor thing was peeping and trying to bite me. I think it is a female cardinal? Mostly brown, but definately orange beak and some red feathers here and there (along with the feathers that were on the floor in the kitchen... :c( )

I took it out to the front step...opened my hand...and it flew away down the street. I don't think it was that damaged. Hopefully no bad kitty teeth punctures.

Now the Roomba vacuum is going downstairs to suck up the feather fluff.

And it's not even 8 am yet! How's that for an exciting morning?


  1. What a way to start a day! Bodacious brought in chickadee recently -- his first bird -- but he isn't allowed outside beyond our deck, so we while we mourned the chick, we were impressed with his skill . . . .

  2. I'm pretty sure you're right about the bird although it cold be an immature cardinal. I've enjoyed your blog. Your quilt using Kaffe's fabric is beautiful.

  3. re recycled shirt fetish...that's okay bonnie, leaves the fabric store stuff for the rest of us...LOL

    anyway, what a good deed, to save that little female cardinal; glad the kitty didn't get it

  4. Hi Bonnie, that's way toooo much excitement for me pre 8 a.m.! The bird sure looks happy and relieved tho, glad you could release it!
    The new quilt is just spectacular, as always...love the use of plaids!
    Hope the job search for DH works out as you hope *VBS* Hugs, Finn

  5. Wow, way to much excitement for me for sure! I"m glad it sounds like she is ok.

  6. So glad you saved the bird! Cats are lovable but I wish they weren't carnivorous!

  7. Yup, female cardinal. No birds in the house here but we almost had a red tailed hawk crash through a window awhile back. Now THAT would have been traumatic for all involved.

  8. Beautiful cardinal. I am so glad she did not perish in your living room!! Traumatic for all. By the way, I am now looking at my thrift stores for shirts...thanks to you girl!! It really is so fun.


  9. Good deed for you. That's the main reason we don't have a cat. Would hate for a bird to be loose in our house full of glass.

    I'm surprised that a cardinal got caught. They are a pretty big bird but thats what it was. Glad she just flew away.

    Love your quilts have made several.

  10. Umm, perhaps a kitty collar with a bell on it would deter such excitement before morning coffee? Just a suggestion mind you.

  11. Goodness, I thought I had it bad with Jake (golden retriever)bringing me live squirells, but this trumps it! So glad you were able to catch the bird and whisk it outside.

  12. Poor bird! Bet it'll have some stories to tell all the grand-birds when it gets older lol.

    And about your previous post... well said. Sometimes I do think the distance between people on the internet allows them to do/say things they'd never say in real life.

    Just know that there ARE a lot of folks that enjoy your free patterns, I've made several - just let me know if you want some pix of them to put on your site. :)

  13. Wow what excitement! I'm impressed that you got so many pictures in the process of catching the bird! Sounds like she was feisty enough to be in good health.

  14. LOL, What an interesting start for the day!!!

  15. I think that Cardinal's a baby. Glad to read that it flew away to freedom.

  16. Congratulations on rescuing the cardinal! The coloring looks like a female's and it's small, so I'm guessing it's young too. *That's* quite a start to your day! I'll bet it got the blood circulating!


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