Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am so tired of the inconsistencies between different web browsers!

I worked all night to de-bug some issues with my website...and everything looks great in firefox, or in netscape..but in IE?! It sucks!?

And I can't figure out what is wrong,and why the page is so screwed up in IE. The page is too wide for the format, and things are not even in the same place as they are in the other browsers. (*&@#$(*&@(*&$#@ MICROSOFT!

Any gurus out there that can give me a hand? I'd sure appreciate it!


  1. Hi I think the problem with the browser is that ie does not resize the page properly unless you have defined the size as automatic(not the right word but same concept)at the start of the script. If you don't define it, it used to define itself for you to whatever it felt like. IE has been known for years to ^#^%$^%$^ suck. If that doesnt' make sense try looking for a patch on the Microsoft website, you might have an older version or not the latest update. (free download). Christy

  2. Sorry can't help you there but I understand your frustration. I myself have been struggling with the differences between Firefox and IE lately. Hope someone out there can help you.

  3. My problem began yesterday after dh reinstalled windows. He says I don't have the latest update ("latest service pack") to IE6 and that he'll take care of it today.

    I thought it was just me!

    When he looks at my blog in IE7 it looks fine, mine-to me-using IE6 makes me scroll 3/4 down the page.

  4. IE is SUCH a pain! One "solution" would be to put a disclaimer at the top (in a spot it would appear in IE) with a link to another free browser that works better....

  5. The problem is the inconsistencies between what CSS properties IE recognizes and what Firefox recognizes. If you email me, I can send you a link to a website that has the properties and which ones work in IE vs Firefox. Sometimes you can code to the browser.

  6. My husbands words exactly..he despised Microsoft and windows.


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