Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

How are you going to spend your trick or treat day? Do you get into the holiday or not? Have your kids grown and with it the love of Halloween gone? I found this cool link on the Origins of Halloween. It was really interesting to me, lots that I didn't know!

I loved Halloween! I loved doing the cookies, the decorations, the whole pumpkin carving night, EVERYTHING. But now my kids are grown. I remember vividly the last Halloween that I really got "into it". Then one year, suddenly, the boys were "too old" to want to carve pumpkins. They were too old for trick or treating, and they didn't want to stay home to pass out candy, they were off into their own lives.

So I bought the plastic "plug in" jack-o-lanterns! I still put those up the 1st of October, use the Halloween place mats, and have a Halloween quilt table topper on the kitchen table. I think there are still Halloween themed kitchen towels that I forgot to bring out this year. But that's about the extent of it.

This year....No one will even be at home! I've got choir practice tonight, Jeff and Jason are both working, DH is in Atlanta for that job interview. The lights will be off at my house, and it feels really weird! I didn't even buy candy. I don't need to eat it, certainly, and since no one is going to be here to pass it out...it's like I've completely opted out of Halloween! I used to have a Halloween t-shirt that I'd wear on the day, But that went with the last dresser-cleaning I did. This year it feels like just "another" day!

So here I am digging for some pics to show you...the remainder of my trip to Falls Church VA! I found some goodies at an antique mall in NC, good for a photo op! Of course you know I am drawn to maverick stringy quilts! This one had an ice cream cone border on ONLY ONE SIDE of it! I bet she thought it was too much work to continue the other three sides,and just scalloped them and said to heck with it! *LOL* I thought the price was high for the bad shape it was in, but it was fun to look at. Besides, pics take up less space in my house!

One thing I love about these "scrap bag" quilts is the limited palette. You see that so much when someone was just working with the limited selection of scrap pieces they had from clothing, etc. Here she looks like she only had blue, tan, red, pink, black, and shirtings. But I love the effect!

This hexagon mosaic was in really nice shape,and very well done!

I took a pic of this woven coverlet because I was intrigued by the apparent "block design" in it! Could it be future fodder for another quilt? MAYBE! I thought it worth a shot,who knows when that might work as a great alternate block or something?


  1. Oh I just love that string quilt with the ice cream cone side and scallops on all sides! That is so wonderful! Too bad it was so much!

  2. Oh the ice cream cone border is terrific. Can you imagine how much courage it took to say, "that's it, enough." And move on. Wow.

  3. Great quilts. That is interesting about the border. It is so busy!

  4. I love Halloween. But I agree, once the kids grow out of it, it just isn't the same. For years we lived in a neighborhood where we would get 100-150 kids trick or treating. I miss it.

  5. Hmmm, I think maybe she added the ice cream cones just because she had them. Just plain didn't bother to make more. I can't imagine she was afraid of hard work, because she did follow through on all those scalloped edges! I probably would have done one side and said aiyeee, and cut the rest all straight! Great quilt though.

    I didn't even realize that yesterday was finally Halloween. didn't get any trick or treaters (nor did I expect any).

  6. I was the obvious American in the village this month...halloween decorations all over the house! Lots of comments on my wild carved pumpkins. I think it was a bit of homesickness coming through.

    The ice-cream cone quilt is great.


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