Monday, October 29, 2007

My Checkered Past, Present, And Future!

At least it seems like these checkered borders are going to take forever! I sewed lots and lots of strip sets Light/Dark/Light, and then Dark/Light/Dark...cut them into 1.5" subsections....and now I have chained them all together into two-sies....ready to be pressed and sewn into four-sies and then eight-sies....etc...

I added a narrow BROWN inner border to the quilt center..it pulled in the browns from the tree trunks and really warmed up the whole thing.

Stay tuned...more unveiling to follow!


  1. It seems to take a long time when you know how many of those you've got to sew. I once sewed dozens of 9-patches and it was plain fun until I counted and planned and figured out that I needed, like 100 more. Then there's the time I made about 200 miniature 9-patches to make 2 doll quilts! I still have a few piles of those...

  2. Great quilt! Before you know it, it will be done!

  3. don't you wish there was a press feature on your sewing machine so when you sewed the strip it'd press it as you fed it out the back end? :-)


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