Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wild Webcams!

This webcam was sent from an email list I am on, and I am having a blast watching the GIRAFFES!

I get a kick spying with webcams. We've had some interesting ones pass through, beach cams, cat cams, city cams, etc. It's always fun to see what is going on in the world :c)

Not alot is going on here in a quilty wise for me! It's been so busy otherwise, unless you count getting customer's quilts quilted. I always have mixed feelings about posting too many customer quilts vs posting my own...but my own is just not happening! I haven't even had time to sit at the sewing machine and finish the basket blocks for Elizabeth's teacup quilt. Hopefully this weekend I can get all of that done and put together.

Jason and Shanon come from TX next tuesday!

I am just leaving for a conference at Jeff's school...wish me luck there. Man, the kid is still so beligerant! This morning school didn't start until 9:20, and he was mad that I wouldn't let him leave the house at 7am...to go do WHAT?!? I said his friends could come sit around and hang out here if he was so in need of 'hanging out'..but that he was not to leave the house before 8:30. He hates me, I swear he does!

Here are a couple pics of a vase/bouquet quilt I just finished quilting for a customer. I love how it turned out! I have a detail shot of one of the blocks too, but it's still on the cam, I don't have time to upload it and edit it now, so I'll post the close up later!



  1. My DD12 has tired to convince me that we NEED a webcam ever since her best friend got one. She thought that it was SO funny that her friend left it on and my DD could watch her mom clean out the closet in the room. Oh, brother!

    The quilting on the quilt is beautiful. You always do such a nice job.

    I hope that things went well at the school. Being a parent is a hard job!

  2. Really nice quilt and that quilting is even better :o)

  3. Anonymous5:26 PM EST

    I have never seen this pattern before - it's really lovely! Your quilting is always stupendous - it makes all the quilts you do so special :-)

  4. I forgot to mention I was so happy to hear the good news about Jeff's conference and the referral for the job! I hope he gets it. Now if I could just get/make Adam get one!


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