Sunday, March 26, 2006

Quilting On Drugs....*LOL*

What started out as a simple allergy bout has grown into a full fledged attack on my sinuses! AUUUUGHHHH! I'm doing everything I can to keep hydrated, and keep my sinuses dried up so they don't go into the dreaded sinus infection stage, but I'm not sure if I'm winning, or if the stuffy sinuses are! Pressure, headache, hard to breathe...

Antihistamines and decongestants make me woozy.....so I needed something to quilt that was not too painstakingly precise. I also need to stay caught up on customer quilts because I already fell a bit behind while Jason and Shanon were here (understandable)and I don't want to get farther behind when I leave for my trip to visit Lucy on April 22nd! Yes...less than a MONTH!! (we are counting down sleeps :c)

I've been asked before what some of my favorite pantographs are, and though I don't do a lot of them, there are times when they really fit a customer's budget and can look great on a quilt. It also works really well when I'm under the influence of decongestants..*LOL* I just plug in the headphones, listening to the lastest crime novel on MP3, and away I go!

This is one of my faves...It's called "Feathers All Over" by Deb Geissler. The feathers flow and twist and turn and it is impossible to tell where one row starts after another row ends, so you don't get that 'blank line' that can sometimes happen in between rows of stitching when doing pantos. The design is not too big and open, and not too intricate, just right. I also tend to like leafy, viney, jungle type things, or flowers that look random, so again it doesn't look like things are marching in around all across and up the quilt. I like it so that you can't easily pick out the repeat.

Really busy scrap quilts are the perfect candidates for something like this...also random looking pieced quilts...even in a set collection of fabrics, like yellow brick road, turning twenty, etc...are GREAT for some of the pantographs that are available out there. And while quilting in a decongestant-induced-fog...I can still quilt a quilt that the owner is going to love! This one is a "minnesota hot dish" and belongs to Diana Stewart.



  1. What delicious pinks! I'm in a pink mode at the moment and this was perfect for that. The greens are also lovely. It looks tempting to touch


  2. Beautiful quilt and quilting! I wish I could do pantos...

    My daughter is at the "sinus infection" stage, is on her second antibiotic for it and was just tested for mono. I hope you don't get to this point! Feel better...

  3. The quilt is beautiful. I understand the sinus thing, I am suffering with it also. Nothing to do but wait it out.

  4. I wonder if it is the change in weather. I had a killer sinus headache last week that lasted 3 days. It really made concentrating at my job a challenge even without decongestants.
    I love the feathers panto. It really looks great on that Minnesota Hotdish.

  5. Very pretty quilting. Feel better Bonnie. I use a chinese medicinal called White Flower Ointment for my family when the sinuses are messed up. Found in most health food store. Just put some in a hot running shower and sit in the bathroom with the door closed. You can also rub a bit under the nose, on the temples etc. Keep away from the eyes though.

  6. Ooh, love the quilt and the quilting. Pink and green are definitely speaking to me lately as a combination.
    If allergies are a constant prob go see a doc. The newer generation antihistimines are much better about not having side effects and since you only have to take them once a day, you can take it before bed and sleep off the wooziness.

  7. Bonnie, the quilting looks gorgeous, not at all as an easy one! I hope your problems with alergy pass quickly - it is getting warmer here and I am afraid my children will suffer from it as well - grrrrrrrr
    as for your visit to Lucy - I am happy for you both, it will surely be a great time for yous, enjoy!

  8. Sorry to hear about your allergies, Bonnie. Hope you can get that cleared up soon. Perhaps you know of a good massage therapist that could help get the *system* cleansed out?

    Great looking MN Hotdish! That pink and green looks fun. Your machine quilting is perfect, as always!

  9. Oh I do like this one! That is one thing I normally don't like about panto's too - is that you can tell it was a panto. This is great that it all intertwines and I'm a sucker for feathers. I LOVE that pink and green. Someone is going to be soooo happy to get that!

    Take care of yourself - I can't wait to hear all about your trip!

  10. I think it must be the season..sinuses acting up all over the place. I needed to start allergy meds in Dec...they usually hold off til spring.

    Great looking quilt..and I definitely love the all over feathers!!

  11. hope you feel better ASAP!

  12. I too am in love these days with pinks and greens. I did a heart quilt with them recently. Great quilt and perfect quilting! Hope you feel better..here in VA the weather is miserable for sinuses and I have been stuffy for days... but nothing like what you are feeling!

  13. I commisserate with you on the sinuses! Last Sunday my sinuses were so painful my teeth actually hurt!! Feel better soon...took antibiotics to clear mine in the end...

  14. great feathers-sorry to hear about the sinuses..never any fun to feel yucky!

  15. I wish I could listen to books and concentrate on something else at the same time but I'm one of those that can't chew gum and walk at the same time! One of the activities ends up suffering greatly. Hope you are feeling better.


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