Thursday, March 02, 2006

Leaders & Enders Done!

I finished putting together the most recent leader/ender project....People say I am fast, but it took about a year for me to make all the panels for this quilt from leader/ender squares. Probably MORE than a year! Still, I like how it turned out and it is fun making something on the side while working on other projects.

There are 7 pieced strippy panels and the quilt came out something like 90X93! Almost square but not quite.I still have the binding/sleeve to hand stitch down, so that will be an evening project for a little while.

It's been beautiful here in South Carolina the past couple of days..yesterday was nearly 80f out! Slept with the windows open last night, and that was sure nice....I always sleep better when I can do that. In the summer here it is too humid and hot so the windows stay shut until autumn. I'm enjoying the fresh air through open windows this morning too.

I'm a bit miffed at my son Jeff.....he got suspended from school again yesterday. Just when we have a couple weeks where things seem to be going along swimmingly, something happens. It never fails! So his butt is grounded, his cell phone is turned off, and if I have to go into the clinic for a massage, he has to come along with me. I told him this is NOT a vacation! And it is making my life quite stressful right now. I had planned on making more basket blocks for Elizabeth's teacup quilt yesterday, but I had to deal with conferences at the school, etc....sometimes life just gets in the way, you know?



  1. This quilt is so BEAUTIFULL !!! I love it . It looks antique , warm and a real bedquilt :c) Good job Bonnie! I remember that you where wokring at it last spring when I was in your house!

  2. Lovely quilt! The rate that you finish things is truly inspiring and I love to stop by to see your latest project.

    My son (16) has been on the 2-weeks fine/one big f*** up cycle for about 3 years now. I'm happy to report that the cycle seems to be broken! ;-) He has turned back into a real human being and is a pleasure to be around. Most of the time ;-) It must be a hormonal thing for boys...I wish you luck and patience.

  3. Love the quilt! So beautiful! Good luck with your son!

  4. Your quilt is a real looker. It reminds me of candy. I don't know why.

    Bonnie, don't all of your cupboards need to be emptied, then thoroughly cleaned. Each dish likely needs a good scrubbing too before it is returned to the cupboard....that ought to keep sonny busy for a few minutes. Just a thought.

  5. Great quilt, Bonnie. Love the way the red sparks and what looks like feather hearts in the empty spaces. Sorry about life getting in the way of fun...

  6. This looks great Bonnnie, but so different from how I imagined it would look. The pink strips give an entirely different look to the pieced strips. I'm always fastinated how colors can seem to change so much by putting different colors around them. The pink sashing is stunning, and I love the heart string you quilted down it.

    Keep repeating to yourself "this too shall pass". I know it often seems like that just isn't going to be true, but somehow they all eventually grow up. Hang in there - you can all get through this.

  7. Just loverly, Bonnie. I know Keryn's got one of these planned, and I might just have to start one too after seeing yours. You make such BIG quilts, do they all get a turn on your bed?

    Boys! they come from a different reality methinks.

  8. Sew pretty, Bonnie! I like these strippy quilts the best. That'll look awesome on a bed.

  9. that came out so pretty Bonnie.
    Maybe Jeff would like some time at one of those boot camps !!

  10. Anonymous9:35 PM EST

    Maybe Jeff could cut some strips off all your yardage - that'll keep him busy, and you could even make a quilt for him out of them if he's good :-)

    The Strippy is stunning! It's gorgeous and the quilting is wonderful. I too love the hearts down the pink strips and the whole thing will look truly magnificent on a bed! Another outstanding quilt. Have I used enough expressive words LOL?

  11. when I grow up, I want to be a prolific quilter like Ms.Bonnie!!

    yet another wonderful creation from Bonnie's leader/enders.

    WHAT will she create next??

  12. I love all the stuff you do! All your quilts look like something that would fit in my home perfectly. I love the pink in this, it really sets it off!

  13. Another beautiful quilt nearly finished...WOW! The piecing of the strips might have taken the year, but boy,oh,boy do you cruise once that's done!!
    Love the look of it, and what neat quilting in the plain strips. Very antique looking...*VBS*

    With Jeff, yup, hang in there...everything has a place where it ends..but it's no fun in the middle. One of those "isn't motherhood great?" moments..Hugs for all of it, Finn

  14. love this leader and ender project! And the green and pink pullit together great! Sorry about the problems with your your son...there is hope it just comes along with lots of grey hairs!

  15. I really love the quilting you put into this strippy quilt-another gorgeous scrappy special Bonnie quilt.
    Raising boys...I suppose it could apply to girls as well, but since I only had boys-all I can say is much of what others have already said-eventually they grow up and shape up...it sure takes a lot of patience and endurance on the parents part. Sorry you are having to go through this less than fun part of parenting!

  16. OH Bonnie I love this leader/ender quilt! I love, love, love it! And I love what you did for quilting! GORGEOUS! I can't wait for you to quilt some more of mine this summer!


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