Saturday, March 11, 2006

Tea Party, Anyone??

I finished sewing all the basket blocks this week, and this morning I set everything together and added the borders! The kit that Elizabeth sent didn't include any fabric (or enough of any one fabric) for the inner border, so I had to shop my stash for that. I had this little rose on rose print that is perfect! I'm really attached to this little quilt top, even though Elizabeth did all the embroidery, I feel like I have nearly just as much invested in the piecing and the quilting!

I hope to get to the quilting soon...tomorrow might be good. I've still got to piece the back and today I am going into the clinic to see if I can get some work done down there. I'll have to sticky-roller all the threads and bits off of me before I go in! *LOL*

Our humidity has returned in what seems like over night. Night before last it stormed....I was so hot all night, I was kicking off covers. I checked the thermostat at 5am, and it was still over 73 degrees in the house, and the furnace had not run since the morning before. Yep. Humidity back in droves! I noticed that morning that my hair didn't crackle with static electricity when I went to comb it...and my clothes didn't have static anymore either! Humidity is good for some things, but overnight...I can't stand to have my hair on my neck, gotta tie it back or pile it up on top of my head...the hot weather is just around the corner!



  1. Oh, how jealous I am of your heat!! Although today is looking like it's going to be beautiful here...we'll be up to almost 70! :oD

    You've done a fabulous job on this quilt. It looks perfect for a tea party in a rose garden.

  2. The tea party quilt looks wonderful Bonnie. You've done your usual fabulous job of picking fabrics and making blocks. I'm sure Elizabeth will love it!!! Have a great weekend..*VBS*

  3. Another great top Bonnie. I'm sure Elizabeth will be thrilled!

  4. Love the top! The colors are just gorgeous.

  5. That's a sweet little top! How are you going to quilt it?

    NO! Let's not have hot and humid weather yet!

    Judy L.

  6. Anonymous6:21 PM EST

    Yep - I agree with you - humidity is the pits!! I do so love this quilt. It's such a joy working on a really "girly" quilt, enjoying the "pretties" and the femininity of it. You both did a wonderful job :-)

  7. a very sweet and soft looking quilt, looking forward to seeing how you quilt it...I am sure Elizabeth will be very happy.

  8. We woke up with snow again here. it is a bit but it is snow and cold....

  9. Ooohhh! Elizabeth is going to love what you have done with her beautiful embroidery blocks. I have seen photos of her house and this quilt is going to be a perfect fit!



  10. What a great duo you and Elizabeth make. This quilt is so pretty, Bonnie. Can't wait to see it quilted by you...such talent!

    When quilting or sewing, I wear an apron. It really helps to keep most of the thread bits away from my clothes.

  11. Oh Bonnie it looks so cute! I can't wait now to see it quilted and what you do with it!

  12. Came out so pretty ! Elizabeth will treasure it I am sure


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