Friday, March 03, 2006

Hunter's Compass

This quilt belongs to Sharon, and it is the first time I have ever seen the hunter's star pattern pieced with compass points included! I think it adds so much to the pattern. The pics were taken without flash to get the quilting to show...so the colors are not so true...

I wasn't sure how to quilt it, but after I got started yesterday, and made it to about 1/2 way...I manged to click my way through the blog ring and also saw that Darcie had just finished quilting a hunter's star quilt too!

One thing I have to ask is why quilters like to insert that little flange flappy border thing? Do they not know it is a nightmare for machine quilters? I could only quilt so far into the corners because I couldn't pin it back out of the way far enough. You have to be careful not to catch it with the needle, or with the whole foot if you are moving the machine across the quilt top...the foot can catch on it, you can stitch yourself into a black hole if you catch it. It's just a pain in the (*&@#*(&! Any other longarmers out there want to comment on the border flanges??? :c/

I am still grounded here at home with son on school suspension that will last until tuesday. We have picked up job applications and hopefully we will be delivering those back out today...the kid needs a job. He has way too much time on his hands and since he can't use it constructively and wisely, he is going to get a JOB. At least this way while he is working I will know where he is and what he is doing, kind of like Teenage Daycare, you know?

I will get through this, I will get through this, I will get through this! AUUGHH!



  1. The quilting looks great and the compass points really add to this quilt.

    I just put a flange on a jeans quilt I'm making for my son and I agree it's a pain in the butt to avoid when I'm quilting. But, this quilt needed a spark of color and with the jeans I didn't want a flimsy fabric border between the jeans fabric so it was worth the hassle to me.

    As far as the job goes - I agree with you there too - it's much easier to keep track of them when they're working and busy is good at that age.

  2. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS!! :o) Listen to me...I'm only on teen one. :oP Praying for ya though!

    Ya know...I never gave it much thought on the flap thing...but I can see where it would be a royal pain for a longarm quilter. Good point!

  3. Bonnie,
    The quilting looks GREAT!!! Love it! As for Teens...UGH...I had a tshirt that I wore and if I had it on they KNEW they better NOT bug me! It said, "Mothers of teenagers know why animals eat their young!" LOVED that tshirt!

    The quilts are GORGEOUS! Love the strippy one!

  4. Anonymous11:30 PM EST

    That star quilt is simply stunning - as is the quilting! Another great job Bonnie :-)

  5. Oh very cool quilt - never saw one like this!

  6. good point about quilters not thinking about what it will be like for the longarm quilter! Sure is a great addition to hunter star. You will survive and so will he! hope he gets a job soon!

  7. Morning Bonnie...great job on coping with both sons and flanges!
    Neither is an easy piece....let yourself drift back to that glorious time in the Smokey Mountains for the holidays...smell that clean air, and take in the beauty..breath deep..ok, now do that at least twice a day....Hugs, Finn *VBS*

  8. ***Do they not know it is a nightmare for machine quilters?***

    LOL You know, don't you Bonnie, most of *them* think our machines run on voice-command?!

    I can't remember, it's been so long since I've had clients that have done those on larger quilts. With the smaller quilts, I have just ditched between the border and on top of the zinger. That seems to have kept them from becoming erect. I do know that one cannot quilt too closely to the zinger, otherwise they *boing.*

    The quilt (and especially the machine quilting...the quilting makes the quilt, you know!) is so striking. Hope your client shows it off at some shows!

    Sorry to hear about the troubles with your son. Finn had some great advice. And remember, "This too shall pass." Keep your faith, Bonnie!

  9. Your quilting looks wonderful on that quilt, Bonnie.

    Sorry to hear your son continues to make you worry. Hope it will turn around soon...

  10. wow! that if such a beautiful quilt!


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