Monday, March 20, 2006

How Often Do You Eat Out?

I'm home alone....finally! After a week...I'm home alone! What a nightmare getting the kids home to TX though...took them to greenville/spartanburg last night...their flight was 5:45am this morning..

I went back to the hotel to shower and eat breakfast before checking out, and they called and said they'd been bumped! They wanted to fly them out of COLUMBIA tomorrow morning at 6:30am!!!!!

I picked them up, went back to the hotel, ate breakfast, had a brainstorm that we should try getting them out of Charlotte. They said they had a flight they could maybe standby at 4:30, and another one at 7-something that was way open and they'd definately get on that one. So..we did some errands, including the thread outlet place, and Mary Jo's Cloth World...shopped at the mall for cell phone accessories I needed, went to Target and bought stuff I'm needing for my trip to the Netherlands....

We went out to lunch....finally got them to the airport with a couple hours still left to wait, but I asked them if they'd be all right if I just left them and came home instead of waiting for them to catch their flight because parking in the garage is expensive and most of the waiting areas are beyond the check points! And really we'd said all there was left to say. It was just a waiting game by this point.

I'm home now....it was raining/hailing in Charlotte..freezing! It's colder than it's been all winter! I've got a scratchy sore throat, stuffy sinuses, my ear is all swollen and red like it was bit by some critter, and I'm exhausted and cranky! But still a happy mama that I got to spend so much extra time with them today :c)

It seemed like we were on the go every day that they were here. It also seems as if we never stopped eatting. Good grief...I don't think I can even stand to LOOK at food for a couple of days at least.

They arrived tuesday and we went out to lunch. That evening we went bowling and then out to pizza. The next morning (wednesday) I made breakfast here, but we went out to lunch and then I took them to the clinic and gave them each a massage. (they'd never had one before, either of them!)and we did eat dinner at home....grilled chicken breasts on the grill.

Thursday we had breakfast here, but we decided it was our only day to go see Charleston...so in the car we jumped and headed down there. We grabbed hotdogs for lunch while on the ferry to Fort Sumter, that was a lot of fun. We grabbed a ride down to the market after the ferry came back on one of those bicycle rickshaws...our poor rider, he pedalled all 3 of us! We toured the slave market place and had dinner (see, eatting out AGAIN!) at T-bonz. The pic is of Shanon and Jason on the dock while waiting for our ferry to come in to take us out to Ft Sumter.

Friday it was breakfast here, but a quick drive through lunch on the way down to Beaufort. DH had his first triathalon of the season down on Parris Island. This trip also included dinner out at Outback.....complimentary breakfast at the little motel, and lunch at Subway before making it home saturday evening.

Saturday evening we also celebrated DH's birthday, which meant all 5 of us going to the japanese steakhouse, Yamato, for dinner! (By this time I'm really hating food!)

Sunday breakfast and lunch were at home....and sunday afternoon we went to Sears to have family portraits done. We haven't done those in YEARS! Sunday evening had us driving up to Greenville/Spartanburg, and the kids and I were hungry by the time we got there, how FORTUNATE that next to our hotel was....the chinese buffet! (I'm really feeling like buddha by this point!)

Add breakfast at the hotel this morning, and lunch out while shopping before dropping them off at the airport this afternoon, and you have a complete run down of how often americans are known to eat out!!!! I don't want to set foot into a restaurant for at least a week :c)

Oh, I forgot to mention that she loved the happy scrappy houses quilt so much.....that when we were ready to go I bundled it up and gave it to her. She'd never had a quilt given like this to her before. She was very interested in all I was doing, all the scraps, all the quilts, the names of the different patterns...I think I see some potential here!



  1. Anonymous6:16 PM EST

    Oh Bonnie! I feel stuffed just READING about your gastronomic adventures! It sounds like you all had a wonderful time and packed heaps of stuff to do in the week. Oooh, gotta nurture her quilting interest LOL. The world can never have enough quilters :-) They look like they're very happy with each other. Sounds like you could do with a massage yourself, and lots of salads over the next few days LOL.

  2. My stomach hurts justing reading about all that eating! We do the same thing when ever we have company or when we are the company! We are headed to D.C. next week for spring break and I see a lot of restaraunts in our future! Glad you had such a good visit with your son and his girl friend. Which quilt did you give her? I have been working on the wonky houses wallhanging today. All the blocks are made and about half are sashed and "wonked"! Trying to figure out how to get each kid's name on their own house.
    I really need one of those fancy embroidery machines!


  3. Okay, I admit it. I can eat out for every meal (well, except breakfast) and be a happy camper. I love eating out and don't like cooking much...
    Glad you had a good time with the kids, sorry you're not feeling well, hurray for Shannon's appreciating the quilt.

  4. Bonnie, Jason an Shanon look so very happy at the picture !! You must be proud of them . ANd she likes your quilts..... ohhh maybe she become a quilter too !!!

  5. Everytime I go back east it is the same way, out to eat every meal. I come home vowing to never step foot in another restaurant.
    Sounds like you had great fun though !

  6. Oh what a fun time it sounds like you had. And a potential new quilter! woo hoo!!!

  7. Wow! My tummy hurts, Bonnie. But you're so lucky to be able to have so many choices!

    So glad that your darling couple is home and safe now. Probably snuggling under that quilt right now! How neat that Shanon took an interest in what you're accomplishing. She sounds like a great mate for your son.

  8. Oh Bonnie what a beautiful couple, I am so glad you had such a good time having them both home.


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