Thursday, March 30, 2006

I fell into that wild vortex called LIFE!

You guys must be considering my blog as a real DUD anymore! Where did all her fun posts and pics of her projects in progress go?? Do you know I haven't sewn anything of my own since.....since....heck, I'd have to check my OWN archives to find out. I have finished the binding on the leader/ender strippy. The sleeve STILL remains to be sewn down..it wouldn't take more than an hour, but it's an hour I just can't make myself do right now.

The sinus thing is finally about to subside I think.....not so clogged anymore, just a bit drippy, which is much preferred over clogged! *sniff sniff*

I've been working on customer quilts hard and heavy....I want everything cleared up for when I go see Lucy 3 weeks from SATURDAY! YES! So if I've had time...it's been on someone else's quilt, not my own. Understandable....and good too, because starting May, my student loans have to start being paid back. Oh Joy! When I haven't been quilting for someone else, I've been working at the massage clinic. I'm happy to report that I've more than made my rent this month! I'm going to be gone the last week of April, so I won't be able to count on that week's income to cover my rent for May, so there is just a whole lot of shuffling going on here trying to get ALL the bases covered.

Jeff's prom is Saturday. We have reached compromises. He has done chores for money...he and his girlfriend SPLIT the cost of the tickets (which I thought was fair since SHE asked HIM to the dance)and they are having dinner here at the house. We are going to grill them a steak dinner, baked potato, salad, rolls, veggies, and dessert....set the table with the good china and candles. This compromise came about because he didn't get a job to have enough money to take her to a fancy place, and I refuse to pay for his dates in that way.

All we had to rent for him was the tux jacket...he has Jason's old tux pants/shirt/bowtie/cumberbund/shoes from when he was in jazz band. It will do. Jeff owes me about 3 GOOD carwashes for the jacket rental. We will take our own pics....I'm not paying for the photographer, that isn't my job either. So it has been a whole lot of compromise around here. He's still not happy about it, but it's better than nothing, and at least he has made an effort for part of it.

The pic is of a customer's quilt I just quilted with the fabulous fans templates by circlelord. I'm just posting it for eye candy so you have something to look at and know that I HAVE been quilting here, even if it hasn't been on my own stuff! And I'm still alive and breathing.. :c)



  1. I love the look of the fans on that quilt. :) Hard to believe that it's all just made from teeny little squares that most sewers pitch in the trash can!

  2. I widh I could see Jeff. He wil be very handsome in his clothes! You are doing so well with dealing with him !

    And YES It is so close that I see you again :c) !!!!!!

  3. I love the quilting on this quilt and it looks so bright and cheerful. Good luck with the Prom and it sounds like a very good compromise. Thanks goodness we can quilt some of our stress away. Glad to hear that you're getting better too.

  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better, and that you are alive and breathing and still quilting..*VBG*

    Way to go on the compromises. Very well thought out and executed. He has no reason to complain.

    Boy your trip to see Lucy is coming fast!! I'm so excited for you...*VBS* Love the eye candy..just perfect brand for me!!

  5. Anonymous4:12 PM EST

    I'm so pleased Jeff found a way to work for his prom - I'm sure you'll do as good a job as the "professionals" and he'll enjoy the night. Wow - photographers and dinners and suit hire - sounds more like a wedding! Glad you're getting over your sinus thing - yuk! I'm also glad your massage job is going well - you certainly live life to the full LOL. The quilt is gorgeous as per usual. Looking forward to hearing of your exploits with Lucy over the next few weeks :-)

  6. not much longer and you will be sitting next to Lucy chatting !
    Glad you are feeling better

  7. Sounds like the Prom is well and truly under control. We Canadians do not do the "Prom" and hearing about the Prom so much I always wondered about it. Isn't it funny that I live so close to the U.S. and know nothing about something I've heard talk about forever. It sounds like such a formal event. The kids here do a big event the year they graduate high school (Grad) but it sounds like the Prom is not just for the Graduating class in the U.S.

    I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you.

  8. Beautiful quilt...I'm convinced the fans look great on everything! You did an excellent job on the prom compromise, I hope Jeff learns something from it!

  9. Good compromise idea for Jeff. He is taking responsibility to get what he wants. Great life lesson. :o)
    I'm glad your massage business is doing so well. It really sounds like it makes you happy.

  10. Sorry you're having to spend so much time working on work quilts and so little having fun on your own. Wheeee, you're gonna have such a great time visiting Lucy.

  11. Son Matt( who is another Jeff) recently got a bit of work for a friend as a plumber's 'mate'. I suggested that now he could buy an x-b0x game that he wanted me to get for him. "No way!" he said, "It took me a day and a half to earn that $100!"
    See, it's different when it's THEIR hard-earned bucks!
    What a pity you'll miss Keryn's visit. You and Lucy will have a great time though, and tell us all about it.

  12. Lovely quilt - I have one of those that just needs to be quilted...

    Thanks for the update on teenage retirement - We (o.k. at least I) wanted to know, but did not want to ask.... :o)
    Sounds like a fair compromise... & heck you get to use your good china, when was the last time you did that? (We did not even register for "good" china for that very reason.)

  13. the prom compromisies soundlike stellar parenting- seems like everyone is happy enough!! good job!

    hope you get all your loose ends and $$ ready before you go see Lucy so you can be REALLY relaxed and have fun!

  14. The High Schools in Thunder Bay, ON Canada... have Semi Formal Dances which I think are similar to Proms. I don't think I've ever paid for anything other than the hairspray and hair pins for my girls.
    Bonnie I love the fans too. I've never seen them done here and I have it on my must get list.
    Glad things are going smoother and I hope you will soon find a little you time again.

  15. Love the fans! Do you follow that template with a stylus or a laser light? It's the perfect Baptist Fan continuous pattern!

  16. I love both the blocks and the quilting!!!


  17. Bonnie, I think that sounds like a very fair compromise with give and take on all sides - not that Jeff is going to see it that way! :)

    I love that customer quilt you posted. What a great idea for scraps of lots of fabrics. That is going to have to go in my to do pile!

    Glad your a bit better, isn't sinus stuff the PITS!

  18. Well done Bonnie. Glad your sinuses are emptying (although you must feel decidedly wet). Onya for sorting out Jeff and the prom. Well done, well done.

    At least you are getting Some quilting done. And paying the rent. And on track to visit Lucy.

    You will sooooo have to post a photo of Jeff and his date after the prom!! :)

  19. I just can't imagine how excited you and Lucy must be!!! How fun!!!

    Your client's quilt is so lovely. Those BFs are gorgeous! What a smart investment you made on the CL.

  20. I just found your site & love it! I also love the pattern of the quilt that you used the fams on. Can you tell us the name of the quilt?
    I will go back now & read more. I thought about a blog but my life is boring!..lol..Will read this alot. Glad you are feeling better!


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