Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Teacher meeting update.....

I am SO amazed. They said Jeff has been like a completely different kid the past two days since he has been back to school! So even if he is being a bugger to me at home, at least he isn't to everyone else. There are a couple grades he needs to push to get up to passing, but hopefully he will PASS this year.

The program he is in also has a job opportunities thing, working with local businesses to find these kids jobs to help give them something constructive to do. We had been taking around applications on our own, but I just talked to his resource teacher (who is just WONDERFUL. She is our biggest positive influence with Jeff) and one of the kids that they placed into a job is doing so TERRIFIC a job, that the owner has called to ask for another kid to fill another position. His teacher is recommending Jeff! Oh, this would be so wonderful! It would be afternoons and weekends, but still leave time for him to do his homework. And since he does have resource, he is able to get a lot of his work done at school. This is good!

I came home so jazzed that I had to pull fabrics to set the latest leader/ender block pieces together! I love these trees...I decided to do them in a 8" block size with 1.5" scrap squares for the leader/ender part because I have a box of them....and long, long ago in a quilt from another galaxy....I had left over 9 patch sections that I can work into this one too. There was also in a baggie, some 4-patch halves that were leftovers..I can use those too, and mix them in with fabrics I like better...some of these are UGGGGGGGGGGGGGLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYY! But look at the block, it looks pretty good regardless, doesn't it?

Also is a pic of the close up for the bouquet quilt below. I uploaded it with everything when I took pics of the leader/ender block. Tonight I hope to get some of Elizabeth's baskets pieced. I'm half way there...I just need to get going on them again!



  1. Hi Bonnie,
    it is great to hear that the things with Jeff are getting the direction which you want, I am happy for you (and for him as well),
    the tree block turns our great, I was not a big fan of tree quilts but I think I am slowly changing my view...
    and that quilting on the basket quilt is just awsome! You are such an artist, gosh, I cannot believe this is possible to make... obviously it is...
    Take care and good luck with Jeff...

  2. Wow Bonnie the quilting you did on this is awesome!!Really beautiful. You should always be on this high! I know how it is to have a kid who is a challenge. I just got home from a meeting with the ehad of high school special ed to try and get my daughter a shot at getting into the alternative high school here. All prayers needed!! will find out Friday and she has such high hopes. Home tutors are no fun for any of us!!phew -didn't know I had so much to say. Love this quilt!

  3. Now if I can just get my hand up THAT high, a high five for the good report and job possibility for Jeff..*VBS* It's about time something went the good way.

    Love the tree in 8.5", and totally approve of getting those odds and ends worked into a block...yah!!!!

  4. Bonnie,
    So happy about the progress report on Jeff. Our son gave us a run at times, too. So much so that 5 yrs. ago, I left the regular classroom and became a resource teacher hoping to make a difference. Growing up is not easy and the dangers are so serious...life changing. Taking some schoolwork pressure off and finding other work sounds good. Jeff is lucky to have supportive, caring parents. Not all kids have that! (A shame)

  5. Anonymous2:15 AM EST

    The tree block looks much better in "real life" than in the EQ! Great job. Good luck with Jeff getting a job - I'm trying to "encourage" my 16-year-old to do the same, but he doesn't think he needs one, that he should spend all his free time doing his miniature model painting or archery!! Mind you, I suppose I spend as much free time as I can on my sewing LOL LOL. These kiddies will be the death of us :-)

  6. i'm so glad your son is on a good track. i hope the job works out.
    as always the quilts are amazing.

  7. Glad to hear that Jeff is doing better. The job will also help, I am sure! Don't worry about posting client quilts, we like to see them too! Anything that gets the creative juices flowing!

  8. WOW - those trees look great in real life! Not that they didn't look great in your EQ5 version - what a great tree design though! I'm liking them! I can't wait to see more!

    And the quilting on the bouquet quilt is to die for - that is another really fun block - I have never seen that before!

  9. Hooray for Jeff's behavior!!!

  10. Hey Bonnie, you've been tagged...see my blog...


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