Saturday, July 02, 2011

Which Tomorrow Is It?!

The past couple days went much like this…it started THURSDAY…

Lisa via email to Karen and Me: We are still on for SEW DAY tomorrow, aren’t we?

To which, another email was immediately sent because she included ME in on the email, and also the WRONG KAREN, who was then flustered because she didn’t know what we were talking about!

The response from the RIGHT Karen: Yes, we are on!

So I pack, and I head out, stopping at the bank first to take care of a couple things, and I call Karen to get her address, realizing that she was not pre-programmed into the new GPS system in my new van.

Karen says….you DO know that sew day is TOMORROW, right?

Well only yesterday, tomorrow meant today! But okay..that’s fine! I’ve got other errands to run. I concur that it was just "typical me" getting things scrambled in my brain. I needed to go to Sam’s club for gas, and dog food, and other stuff. ((Yeah, sometimes it is a complete surprise as to what jumps in my cart that as NOT on my list!))

Half way down the aisle after picking up the dog food, my phone rings.

Karen: Where are you?

Me: Sam’s Club.

Karen: Guess who just arrived at my door with sewing machine in hand?


Karen: Yep! So, I’ve officially declared today a Sew Day if you still want to come!

And I be-bopped it over there, since everything was already in my car! And all day long we laughed about WHICH Tomorrow IS IT?!

sewday 006

Lisa takes the happiest pictures! Her smile and laughter are infectious, and we found ourselves howling over much silliness!

sewday 010

Of course this girl, Miss Shelby is ever-present and who can’t help but smile and instantly find themselves doing “baby speak” while giving her pets and loves? ((Why do we do that?!? I’ve seen grown men reduced to GOO when talking to a cute dog! Hilarious!))

sewday 005

Karen, you are not doing a great job of hiding behind your Troll Sister with the slime green hair! If you can’t tell by the other items in this picture, Slime Green is Karen’s color of choice…..I didn’t know there was that much GREEN in this pic until I posted it here..LOL!!

sewday 011

Karen’s string blocks for a charity project….wow…more Slime Green, Karen? Why does that not surprise me?! :cD These blocks are really fun and are going to make someone really happy!

sewday 002

And because YESTERDAY was brought to you by the COLOR YELLOW -----I spent time digging through this bag of scraps and strings doing much the same as Karen, only in a monochromatic theme….

sewday 001

This is my growing pile of Yellow string blocks! I sewed all day, and the bag is NOT going down. Karen’s bin is not going down either….and we are having so much fun with this stuff!

So much fun in fact, that since TODAY is the original TOMORROW, we are sewing today too! WHY NOT!? My DH has headed to the golf course. Karen’s hubby is just returning on a red-eye flight from a business trip and will be asleep upstairs all day—Lisa will join us after she finishes up at the shop this morning, and we will do a repeat of yesterday.

Simply….because we can!

And since yesterday was Tomorrow and Today is Tomorrow and Tomorrow is Tomorrow….Here’s a little song that has been floating through my head! LOL

Let’s just see how long it takes you to get it OUT of yours! :cD


  1. The yellow pile looks great, I just did a green quilt, I have lots of green. It is fun to see all the goodies and things around the sewing machine. Have fun.

  2. Anonymous8:53 AM EDT

    I refuse to click on the arrow... or even think the words of the song... I am pluging into the ipod right now so it won't get into my head...
    Have a great tomorrow sewing with your friends. Isn't it funny how quilters all speak the same language? It is wonderful to belong to a 'club' where the admission is a love of fabric, and cutting it up and sewing it back together! We are a very diverse group, who are all alike.

  3. Thanks for the song. I love hearing children sing. They have such pure voices. It makes me almost as gooey as petting a small dog. :-)

  4. What a really great bunch of friends. Never having biological sisters (3 brothers, ugh!) I love the sisterhood that has developed with my quilting buddies. It's opened a bunch of new horizons for me. Need to find some gals that could spend days like you all are doing. Anyone?????? LOL. p.s. being the only girl, I always had my own room, so that WAS a bonus!

  5. Oh Bonnie,
    You just have so much fun over small things! I love it and to know that I am not the only confused person out there. I refuse to play that song as it is like Small World ! Love all the yellow and the new quilt info. Lots of fun. Keep up the blogging as I am an avid follower.
    ps thanks for the "NOTE" above as I fell into that loop yesterday too.............G

  6. Not clicking, but yet here I sit singing it anyway! And now you're making me question what day it is. Isn't yesterday, tomorrow's today? Oh heck. Let's just make it a sewing day. Hope your 4th is wonderful!

  7. Oh gosh I'm still laughing!! Can't wait for today's fun...and I'm wearing a slime green shirt (picked out before I read this post...)!!

    See you shortly!

  8. You probably know this tip, but seeing the strings, I thought I'd mention it. Someone told me about using used drier sheets as foundation. They iron flat, they smell good, and best of all, you don't have to spend time ripping paper off of your completed blocks! I've even sewn two drier sheets together for larger blocks. It's not great for precise piecing, but this works great for strings.

  9. Well I am confused, but love the string projects.

  10. I refuse to click on that song link! LOL

  11. You are so lucky! I'd love to have someone (s!) to sew with...however I can do without the song! LOL

  12. How funny! Looks like a lot of progress was made in between all the the fun and loving on the dog. I love the yellow string blocks.

  13. You crack me up girlfriend! This time next year I may be able to have a sew day with you - how fun!!

  14. I had a chuckle over the slime green...I'm sewing crumbs and I have a LOT of green in there. Le Tour de France started yesterday....the stage winner's jersey is....*drumroll* YELLOW....shows you are on a winner there. :)

  15. Loved this entry, wished I could have been with you - it looked like you had a great day. I haven't been sewing, but I am cutting up fabric into strips and squares. Planning my next quilts.

  16. The sun will come out tomorrow, And Bonnie will sew again tomorrow! How fun! I never before thought of lime green as slime green but I will now! lol

  17. Now I am confused. What day is it?
    I love the slime green. My boss almost chocked when I told a customer that slime green will work in any quilt. ;) Really, I said it. It is a customer I know well and we were joking. There might be a few things that slime green won't work with.
    Love your strings.

  18. I clicked and I sang- much to my teenagers delight. Well I think that was the look on their faces!

  19. I needed the song..thanks for posting it.

    I want some of that yellow plaid for my neutral plaid pile!


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