Thursday, July 28, 2011

Show & Tell Thursday! Kim Brandt!

In my travels I occasionally cross paths with someone who is SO prolific, and such a sweet person, we could have been friends forever! I’d known Kim for years via email, but it wasn’t until I took a trip up to Poughkeepsie that I met her in person! We had a wonderful couple of days, and I was really glad to get the time to spend with her.

Today, I’d love to share some of Kim’s quilts with you! She’s a busy gal, one of the other hats she wears identifies her as one of Quiltmaker Magazine’s “Scrap Squad” And you’ll see why when you see her fabulous quilts!

BTW --- how do you like our mascot for the day? ISN’T HE CUTE?!? Last week someone said the kitten with the big eyes that I showed at the head of the Show and Tell Thursday post was….ummm…SCARY.. LOL! So…I think this little baby hedge hog will do the job just fine!

04-08-10 009

I love Kim’s Spider Web medallion, surrounded by strips and strings and crumbs and miscellaneous block parts. Isn’t this just fun! of course, next to cheddar, RED is my fave color…whoooo!

4-20-2010 001

I can tell that Kim likes red too, I see it in LOTS of her quilts! This is Kim’s version of “Swing Your Partner” from Scraps & Shirttails I – and I love how she incorporated “Happy 60th Jack” on it!

4-20-2010 008

A closer up detail shot….love those recycled shirt plaids, and Tonya’s technique of free-pieced letters as found in Word Play Quilts! ((Red ---see the RED!? Love it!))

4-22-2010 006

This is Kim’s version of Jared Takes A Wife. Isn’t it fun to see the extra units used in the borders?

7-4-09 004

Kim’s Crumby-Love! There is so much going on in this…all the left over units, strips, bits, hunks and chunks of this and that. I LOVE this happy little quilt!

8-09-09 011

Here’s one that Kim made for Helen with lots of random strips and strings and crumb blocks as well. All these quilts that were made for other people make me want to be on Kim’s gift list too! HA! :cD I’m sure Helen was thrilled with her quilt!

Elijah's quilt 008

Here’s a string quilt made for Elijah! What little kid ((Even full grown ones!)) wouldn’t be tickled to have their name stitched into the center of the quilt? There is NO DOUBT who this quilt belongs to! What a great variety of scraps and colors…and…RED! uhhuh!! Bring on the red! :cD

Quin's quilt 008

We don’t want to leave anyone out…Especially not Quin! great quilt! I love how different this quilt looks from the one above just by changing the color of the sashings and cornerstones!

Christmas lights and RRCB 2011 014

Christmas Lights got an extra special treatment with it’s own Wordy Border! And aren’t those asterisks fun?

Carolina Crossroads 002

Here is Kim’s Carolina Cross Roads from Scraps & Shirttails I! I love the spark of yellow she has going on here..it just lets the sunshine in! great use of fabrics and color!

quilt 014

Just because the name of the quilt has CHRISTMAS in it, doesn’t mean you have to do it in Christmas colors! When we ran Carolina Christmas as a mystery before it appeared in Scraps & Shirttails II, I told everyone to pick 3 colors and a background. My colors were red/green/gold/neutral --- and look how she shook this up in red/turquoise/white/black! YUMMY!

6-7-09 009

And Kim isn’t done yet! Here she shared with me a picture of her pineapple blocks in progress…isn’t it a scrappy delight! I can hardly wait to see it finished…..

Kim, thank you so much for sharing your beautiful quilts with us….I’m so happy to call you FRIEND!

Due to my travel schedule, I don’t run “Show and Tell Thursday” EVERY week ---but only as time allows. If any of you would like to be part of a Show and Tell Thursday, I welcome your photos of any of the quilts you have made from my books or website! And please, if you have made any of the patterns from my Quiltmaker Magazine Addicted To Scraps column, I’d LOVE to see those as well!


  1. Thanks for sharing! Kim has some very beautiful quilts.

  2. I always find that each quilt is so different, depending on the colors used. The turquoise, red, and blue just sent my heart a flutter. Seeing all the quilts being made at your workshop and by others, I have the desire to be busy for a long while,

  3. I love the quilts and I so love that little hedgehog!!! How adorable! I want one! lol

  4. Great eye candy....Thanks Bonnie

  5. The hedgehog is very adorable.
    Kim is obviously a scrappy lady--I love the quilts! Thanks for sharing them.

  6. Woo! The Carolina Christmas in red, turquoise, black and white is DELISH! I have a stack of red and turquoise FQs set aside waiting for inspiration and now I have it!

  7. I've been a follower of Pokeytown Kim's blog since I first started blogging. I love her approach to colors, she has a good sense of color values. Thanks for sharing her and her work!

  8. I just started taking a fun class making Tonya's letters last night. I can see that they could be addictive. Thanks for taking time for Show and tell Thursday, today! I'm always up for a little inspiration.

  9. Great Show and Tell.....love her string quilts to the boys.....and I definitely need to start making some of Tonya's word play phrases and names.....they just make it!

  10. Thanks for sharing Kim's fantastic scrappy quilts. Each one is more amazing than the last. Happy Thursday.

  11. Thank you everyone for those warm words of praise.

    Thank goodness for special blog friends like Bonnie, when you get to meet them in person what FUN because you feel like you already know them!

    Can I just say that Bonnie has inspired me to be a scrappy quilter and turned my quilting into pure fun......no more kits, no more matchy quilts for me! If you can't get to one of Bonnie's classes you must get her great books for inspiration.....so many great patterns you'll want to make them all! The super duo of Bonnie and Tonya has changed my quilts forever!

    Also want to give credit to my dear friend Debby Brown for making every quilt special with her beautiful longarm quilting.

    Thanks again Bonnie for showing my quilts :0)

    Happy Sewing

  12. LOVE the new mascot, but I kinda want to bring it home! Thanks for sharing Kim's beautiful quilts. I love seeing how people put their own touch on their quilts....and it makes me want to get busy sewing :-)

  13. Love the quilts and that little mascot is soooo adorable! I want one :)

  14. What fun! I MUST make a spiderweb soon. I love how she puts words in her quilts.

  15. These are all so great! I met Kim last spring, but didn't know she was so prolific! Each quilt has the light, charm and spunk that reflects her personality. Way to go, Kim and Bonnie!

  16. wheee, gorgeous quilts from the talented Kim!!!!


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