Saturday, July 16, 2011

Midnight Edition–Free Kindle Book!

Hello! I’m home! And the house is quiet because everyone is sleeping but ME. The ole body clock, dontcha know --- it says it’s only 9:30pm, not 12:30 am..so what’s a girl to do?

Catch up on her browsing, and her emails and everything else….while trying to get sleepy!

I just found this little mystery that I think will be a good edition to my kindle…

County Line by Bill Cameron

Book Description:

When the steadfast Ruby Jane Whittaker drops out of sight, dogged ex-cop Skin Kadash sets out to discover what drove the woman he loves to leave her life behind so suddenly and without explanation. The discovery of a dead man in her apartment followed by an attack from a mysterious stalker leads Skin first to California, then across the country on a desperate journey deep into Ruby Jane’s haunted past—and toward an explosive confrontation which will determine if either has a future.

I just downloaded it, and it was still free for me, but be sure to check the price before you click purchase, just in case it is NOT free anymore!

I plan on sleeping in a bit, unpacking a bit, catching up a bit ---enjoy your weekend everyone!


  1. Maddening to lie awake in bed listening to the clock tick, knowing you should be asleep. May as well get up and do something! Reading makes my eyelids droopy, unless the book grabs my attention and won't let go! Welcome home.

  2. Welcome home Bonnie! And thank you for another note about a free kindle e-book. I don't know how you find them but I'm thankful you share them with us. Just looked and it's still free and now on its way to my kindle.

  3. Oh love that big Woolie linked in the photos below your post! Thought I was the only one making those these days. Finished a queen sized double four patch 100% wool top, I'll be quilting that one next. Thanks so much for the tips on quilting it, I tied the last one. Made from wool clothing purchased at the Goodwill stores locally. Here's my big woolie, calling it Winter Nights. http://www.flickr.com/photos/54882570@N02/5920122442/

  4. Love your web site, especially the added goodies for the Kindle. Have downloaded all of them - and have not been disappointed yet!! Your trip sounded wonderful! Glad you're home safe!

  5. Anonymous7:14 PM EDT

    Glad you made it home safe Bonnie. I've been following your blog for quite some time but his is my first comment. I love what you do.

    This book is free for Nook users as well.


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