Friday, July 15, 2011

Fly Away Home ---

This morning I am on my way back to North Carolina. It’s been a wonderful trip to Oregon--- relaxing and productive at the same time!

But as they say, Home is where the Heart is --- and I can only be away from home so long until home is the only place that I want to be.

I saw this little picture of North Carolina with a heart smack dab in the middle, and I had to save it….that heart is awful close to where Winston Salem is on the map! North Carolina, I'm coming home to you! ((Yes, this is where you can cue in James Taylor singing "In my mind, I'm going to Carolina....."

We spent our last day sewing in the morning --- running errands in the afternoon, ending the day with a drive back out to Sisters to pick up Randy and Claire’s quilts from the show. We attended a “volunteer appreciation soiree” out at Black Butte, a thanks for all those who volunteered their time for the show. Randy had put in some hours opening boxes and getting quilts ready to be hung --- and I got to go as her guest!

We stopped and took some pics on the way ---the mountains were magnificently surrounded by clouds today, so very surreal looking!

sisters2011 255

Can you see them coming up through the car windshield??

sisters2011 256

The clouds appeared to be lit from above. It was really a beautiful evening. However, the clouds make it hard to tell what IS clouds, and what is snow capped mountains.

sisters2011 262

Can you see them now?? It was like the clouds were coming in like a slow motion wave, ready to just cover everything…

sisters2011 263

Until next year, beautiful Oregon! There is something really special about this place.

So what got done today?

sisters2011 267

I trimmed up a whole bunch of these……

sisters2011 266

And only have THIS to show for it! Someone once asked me ((OK, lots of someones….and OFTEN!)) what is the smallest size I keep. THESE are NOT THEM!! I even know there is a selvage craze going on out there, but I haven’t convinced myself that I need to save those either. I mean, some of them are neat ----but I must be a crazy woman to want to start to save something else too! This pile of “shavings” from squaring up was the last of my mess. After this was done, it was clean up time. ((Oh sad face!! ))

As I write this post, everything is packed and ready to go ----we are off to the airport early, and the next time you hear from me I’ll be home!


  1. Hope you have a safe and uneventful trip back to NC. I'm anxious to see what you are creating. Looks very interesting! Thanks for all the pictures!
    Oregon looks beautiful.

  2. Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. You're right: some pieces ARE too small to save. "Shavings" is a good description -- sometimes they're called "orts," which is a real word meaning "morsel."

  3. As soon as I read the first line of this post James Taylor was singing along!
    Safe journey to you!
    By the way, recently one blog I read showed how she uses even those little shavings. Not even tempted!!

  4. Your photos of the Central Oregon sky/mountains are wonderful. I have lived in Oregon (Willamette Valley) for over 52 years and continue to be amazed at its beauty. Sorry I missed being at Sisters this year (first miss in 15 years), but your sharing photos of the quilt show gave me the highlights. Thank you.

  5. Safe travels, my friend. Text me when you get home...but hurry. I'm leaving for San Antonio Sunday morning and I want to hear all about Oregon!

  6. Beautiful scenery. Thanks for sharing the photos. Are those blocks for you next mystery? Hugs

  7. Safe travels, Bonnie... you'll enjoy the cooler temps (mid to upper 80s) here in NC... won't last long but it's very nice!

  8. there is something to be said for a good pair of ruby slippers...

  9. Beautiful pictures and lovely blog! I followed you from another and will visit you again, soon.

    Carolyn :)

  10. I'm one who saves the Selvages, But only because I have a selvage BALL. Kind of like the old "ball of string" it keeps getting bigger. There was a Beautiful Moon over the Blue Mtns last night. You should have seen it. Fly home safely!

  11. Bonnie those are fab photos of the Sisters area! I wish I could have met you and planned to at the park on Saturday, but family emergency kept me from it. The quilts were so inspiring this year and as always get my brain moving to sew more and more. I got to meet Lori at the High School and she is so wonderful! I truly hope to get to meet you next year and glad you had a good time! Pam in chico

  12. Welcome home. I hope you didn't throw those trimmings away, you-know-who will send a poor, bedless, dog after you! ;)

  13. What beautiful leavings you have there!! I really enjoy seeing the mountain pictures...just so gorgeous!

  14. I love the pics and maybe someday I will get to see Sisters.
    THe shavings as you called them I use as stuffing for pillows for the dogs at the shelter. Just one more use for our scraps. HA!HA!

  15. Those trimmings are perfect dog bed stuffing :)

    Can't wait to hear more about your trip! Travel safely home and give me a shout when you've settled back in!

  16. Heehee...I didn't read Mrs. G and Smeek's posts before I wrote mine...they are right you know!

  17. Safe travels...and thanks for sharing your quilt adventure with us!


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