Saturday, July 16, 2011

Amazon Deal of the Day–More Than Just Books!

When it comes to holidays and such, I like to give my kids and my dad Amazon gift cards. That way they can always choose what they want, and there is lots more than just books or music on Amazon.

One thing I order all the time is my Good Earth Original tea---I can’t get it here in NC, but if I order it on Amazon ((Using the Christmas gift card that usually comes from some member of my family, most thankfully!))and I order $25.00 worth…it ships free! This usually means that I am ordering 6 boxes at a time, and that’s fine with me. I hate to run out! I can usually add the tea to my order to get my BOOK order to reach that $25.00 free shipping amount --- or visa versa!

Today while looking on Amazon’s Deal of the Day I saw that the Lipton ice tea mixes are 44% off. That’s quite a bit!

When I travel, I always keep an empty water bottle, and I like to add the ice tea mix, or crystal light packs to my water.

One of my faves is on sale! it’s the Energize blueberry pomegranate in the individual serving packs!


You get 6 boxes of 10 individual servings…for $11.00 That’s $1.83 per box, or 18.3 cents for each serving. Way cheaper than the price of bottled water! And if I get $25.00 worth, it will ship free. Win/win!

The mandarin mango at the top of the page comes in a 12 box package....so you get 120 servings for 18.3 cents each. Yep, that's a lot of tea! But it helps keep me hydrated because I am not much of a "plain water" drinker...I like my life with flavor!

There is a thing where you can sign up for monthly delivery, and save an additional 15%, but I don’t know if I need that much tea on hand.

There are lots of flavors – you can check it out here!

These are just things that I like, and I thought I’d pass the info on to you…no affiliation, yada yada yada, the regular disclaimers apply!


  1. Bonnie, you can choose an interval between 1 and 6 months. We use Amazon subscription service for several toiletry items and never run out!

  2. Anonymous10:11 PM EDT

    Another good choice - if you like lemon in your water: True Lemon (home office in Baltimore, MD). Individual packets of lemon, lime, orange & now grapefruit - Zero Calories. No sugar, all natural. They also have Lemonade & Raspberry lemonade sweetened with stivia - 5 calories. Add to a bottle/glass of water. A great way to have your water and flavor with no sugar or artificial sweeteners.

  3. I love Amazon. I find myself buying from them more and more. My Amazon Prime membership gives me free 2-day shipping, and now I've discovered that it gives me free streaming video -- kinda like NetFlix, but with a less expansive library. Mefuch, I'm going to check out that True Lemon since I am very sensitive to cafeine, even in tea.

  4. My hubby got me my Moroccan Mint Stash tea from Amazon. Amazing price and service. Stores usuallly get only one or two boxes at a time and so we "stashed" up.

    Got my watch during a "daily deal" sale on Amazon too. I have always been impressed with their service.

  5. I prefer Mio, because it's a liquid concentrate. I *HATE* the dissolving drink powders - they don't dissolve! Mio has sweet tea and peach tea. Hopefully soon they'll come out with a green tea!

  6. I've had Mio liquid LEAK in my purse, and it's just not easy to travel with by plane..you have to remove it from your carry on, put it through the scanner, etc....and it's heavier than traveling with 2 of the crystal light foil packs ((That don't need to be removed from luggage, etc )) So for each need, there is a way to meet it!

  7. Just testing my ability to comment. I think I've figured out how! lol!!


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