Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Interview with Kansas City Star Quilts!

I was recently interviewed by Diane McClendon, who is the marketing and sales manager for Kansas City Star Quilts. She asked some really fun questions.
(like if your life was a movie, who would you get to play you!?)

If you want to check it out, you can go HERE!

Today was a run around day. I had to go to Sam's Club and buy padded mailers! Only to come home and find that I need more than double the amount I bought because the orders keep coming in for the book! I am so tickled! I'll have to order more in to send out what has been ordered. This is so cool. I really really wanted this book to do well, and I owe it all to you guys!

I stopped by the shoe repair place to pick up my right shoe. Yup. Just my right shoe. I bought these shoes a while ago, but the right one would never ease into comfortable wearing. So I had it stretched. Funny driving home the other day...the guy at the shoe place said "Bring it on Monday when you have a spare pair with you to drive home with." I said..I'm going straight home from here and I don't mind driving with one shoe, and one sock..he looked at me weird,but hey...it's 20 miles almost to the shoe place and I was going straight home!

Moral of the story..shoe feels better. I also picked up a roast chicken for dinner at Sam's....they were just putting them out.I couldn't resist! Neither could Jeff. When I picked him up at school, he dug right into the package and ate both legs. NO KIDDING! Growing boy. So much for presentation at dinner time. My chicken is legless. *LOL* OH well...what's a mom to do?

I also put the borders on a little donation quilt...I didn't finish it at charity bee last Thursday, so I did it this morning. Too cute...and this tile looking fabric is now OUT of the stash. I don't know why, but it was hard to use....it reminded me of public bathroom tile. *Hehehe* But it's gone now!


robin said...

Great interview!!!! I can't wait to get the book!

Stephanie D. said...

And with gas being practically non-existent in our state, 20 extra miles is nothing to sneeze at! I never knew one could get their shoes stretched.

The things I learn on your blog....

Tricia said...

Had to laugh at the legless chicken...oh for teenage boys! I miss mine, totally something they might do...they are starving all the time...wait do they really ever grow out of that???
I am excited for the book....

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

woohoo, congrats, Bonnie. so exciting to have the book out at last. Don't make yourself crazy getting all those orders out - folks can wait a few more days. Your kid quilt is beautiful, love the happy colors and the bathroom floor fabric works great in here.

JVC_Scout_Mom said...


I'm an avid swapper, and a Boy Scout Mom, so I often have need of large quantities of envelopes, etc.

The best place I've found for supplies is ULINE.COM. I have a bunch of 5 x 7 padded mailers for my various swaps. I've also purchased sealable bags in various sizes for notions, etc. that I put in the swap -- that way they're not loose in the envelope -- less chance of getting missed.

I've ordered your book ... several of them. Can't hardly wait to get them!