Tuesday, May 02, 2023

Hello From Hanoi!

Hi everybody!

I'm posting quickly to let you know that we arrived in Hanoi after some long long flights and what seens like even longer layovers - but we are here!

Sleeping on a plane in a sitting position is not the greatest in the world - but all things considered, if I got 5 hours of good shut eye on that flight - I'm good to go.

AS I said - this is a short post as I finally did have that good night's sleep = horizontally = in a very comfy bed at our hotel, and am up and raring to go so more will come later -

I thought I'd just drop some scenes so you can see where we are and what it is like here.

Gathered at the airport!

Man, oh man, it's HOT!

Our Minnesota contingency is extremely happy for that!

Gorgeous pond leaving the airport on our short walk to our bus.

The colors!!

And the signage!

I can't wait to explore more!

Here is a short video montage entitled "Scenes from a bus window." LOL

Click to PLay:

More to come!

Gathered for our 10 course welcome meal!

I love Vietnamese food and was so excited to experience the actual thing.  It was SO delicious -

My three table mates!

Seriously - the best meal ever!

It was all we could do to keep our eyes open on the bus back from dinner.  

My goal was to stay up until at least 9pm Vietnam time so that I could get a full night's sleep and start today out fresh.

The Temple of Literature awaits today!

If I hurry (it's now 6:30am) I can get a walk in by the lake before breakfast and hopping on to the bus with my group at 8:30.

I'll post more when I can - have an awesome day everyone - whichever day you are in!


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