Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Over The Rail With The Quilters Of The Night!

One look at those dark skies and you know we were fighting fate with getting any over-the-rail photos taken.  But we did it!

Why Quilters of the Night?

Well - they are aptly named!  The hubster had a corn hole tournament one night this past week (Yes, that is a thing, and it's big down here!) and it was close to midnight when he drove by to see ALL lights burning brightly - especially in the Quilting Quarters.

I came to find out the next morning that folks were making their way to bed at 2:30am - 

Whenever, whatever, and however late your quilting muse inspires you to create at your best - go for it!

4 quilts, 2 of each kind, all sewn tandem!

I have been asked before to "Please take down the name of the designer and the pattern info and website info so you can post it so we know."

Folks - that's too much work.  I have so much going on - it's one more thing that takes the pleasure of sharing what happens on retreat and turns it into a grind and a J.O.B. 

This is where YOU can help. If any of my readers have information on these patterns, please post that info in the comments section below. I can't be the keeper and writer-downer of ALL the info on everything.  

Thanks for understanding!

Sewing past midnight made for some mighty gorgeous top finishes!

ALL of these were sewn while on retreat!

Gerald's landscape collage started with inspiration from this image - I just love watching him work!

I'd walk in the next morning and see things like this in progress.

I think he's nailed that sunset!  It's going to be gorgeous!

As a traditional quilter who thinks in terns of geometric designs - squares, rectangles, triangles (rarely curves!) I love watching how others approach their art and seeing what the result is...

Oh, and you should see his pile collection of sky fabrics!

More star studded finishes!

Two more finished tops, and Tropical Twist from the Addicted to Scraps book .

The endless rain over the past several days may have stopped outdoor activities like hiking or fire-pit nights, but it didn't stop the friendship, and the sharing of so much creativity!

I waved the Quilters of the Night home yesterday morning and set in to getting the house ready for today's arrival of the June Quiltvillians.  All is in good hands!  I'm sorry to miss them, but Egypt beckons.

And because it does - While Bonnie's Away, The Quilters Will Play!

My feet won't be back home in Virginia until June 26th - so while I'm gone we are having a PDF pattern sale!  30% Off ALL PDF patterns through June 30th using coupon code DIGITAL30 at purchase!

Please note that code MUST be used at time of purchase to receive the discount. No code - no discount.  And I'm not going to be around to issue refunds.

And because my Craftours groups will be working on some fun stitchery stuff while we travel - I've made the same projects available to EVERYONE!

Favorite Things!

Simple embroidery on Essex linen of a frisky cat peeking out through the flowers is surrounded by a border of pretty patchwork – a match made in Stitcher’s Heaven!

Quilt Size: 18’’ X 18’’

Celtic Stitchery!

Cairdeas (car-jiss) is Irish Gaelic for friendship, goodwill or alliance. 

Originally designed for my travel group to Ireland – Now you, too can stitch up a favorite Celtic knot surrounded by sprightly patchwork in all of the green shades of the Emerald Isle!

Full color photos, graphics and optional construction methods for scrappy success!

Quilt Size: 26’’ X 26’’

Optional but helpful for both patterns: Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini for pieced border. Sulky Stick 'n Stitch to print the embroidery design. (May also simply tape to a window and trace if desired.)

Traditional rotary cutting methods and foundation paper-piecing options are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

Both of these patterns are now available in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop. 

Your 30% discount will be applied after you use the code DIGITAL30. Again, code must be used for discount to happen.

And yes, the code applies to ALL PDF PATTERNS through the month of June!  

This is the time to pick up those patterns you've been wanting - get them while they are on sale!

A couple of late bloomers!

While the big Rhodie at the front of the inn has lost it's blooms thanks to all of the rain and is done for the year - 

I noticed while taking photos with the Quilters of the Night that the little straggler rhodies on the side yard are just now showing their stuff!

Wet with rain - but still beautiful!

These two bushes are a different variety and different color than the big bush up front - and I'm happy to see they are doing better this year than last.  

It's amazing what a bit of TLC can do!

Perhaps they, too, enjoy the quilts over the rail opportunities and are also strutting their best stuff?

I arrived in Greensboro around dinner time last night - as soon as I hit send on this I'll be taking the shuttle to the airport and today's adventure to get me to New York begins.

Tomorrow - on to Cairo!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

What if we stop putting people into categories, and look into their hearts?
Always love a good and scrappy 4-patch/9-patch quilt!

I'll be updating the blog when I can -

Oh, this is a big thing being gone this long!


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