Monday, May 08, 2023

Summiting Mount Fansipan!

You know the song "Up On The Roof?"

Well, my friends - Mount Fansipan is known as the "Roof of Indochina."

And the best way to see it?  Take the train that goes part way up, then switch to gondola and watch the world unfold beneath you as you travel up, up, up and away!

This was such an amazing little optional side adventure, and I'm so glad we did it - because the view is definitely better from the top!

Making our way through the immaculate train station to board a very old fashioned looking train, wooden seats and all.

All aboard!

As the trail pulls out of the station, the view instantly opens up to the valley below.

Coming up to a tunnel!

I tried to capture as much as I could in photos - our side window on the trail was open, so the views are clear -

The gondolas are completely enclosed and seat around 20 people each. The windows in the gondolas were a bit hazy, and the sun also made for some reflection action happening in my photos - all a part of how things just were.  It is what it is.

Monastery at the top -

What this photo doesn't tell you is that we went from hot hot hot below to FREEZING with gale force winds up here.  I tried to climb these steep steps, got about half way, and with the wind and the cold it felt too treacherous for me (yes, even me!) and I came back down.

But even from here - these views!

This map explains a bit more about what is up in the above complex.  I really wanted to see the temple - so perhaps on my NEXT visit?

A little bit more about this place - in English!

Believe me - I was FREEZING in this photo.

That is Sapa below.

Marnie & I riding back down to where things are warmer -

If you have the time - where the train ride ends and the gondola ride begins - there are beautiful gardens and places to wander. (And it isn't so cold!) There are shops inside the train station where many purchases were made by my group - including suitcases to bring it all home in.  LOL!

Selfie through a bit of window haze -

And yes, there is a little slide show!

Click To Play:

We are currently beginning our last day in Hanoi.  Our farewell dinner is tonight.

There is more to post, but with airport departures early in the morning I don't know when I'll be able to sit and post to the blog again - it may not be until I reach home.

Let the jet lag begin! LOL!

All in all it has been a most amazing experience and I'm so glad I came.  

My group has been phenomenal - and I would travel with each and every one of them again in a heartbeat, no questions asked!


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