Saturday, May 27, 2023

Running Out Of Time -

Evenings are purrfect for binding time.

That is when I'm not too tired to do it.

What's going on with this running out of time title to this post?

My leaving for Egypt and then on to Ireland back-to-back is closely approaching.

Because I live 2 1/2 hours from the airport - AND my driver's license is for "daylight driving only" We made the big decision to actually have me leave a day early - to drive to Greensboro on Tuesday evening and stay at a hotel close to the airport.

It only makes sense.  I can park my car at the hotel for free for 2 weeks, and then it's only $5.00 a day after that until I return home on the 26th of June. Yes, there is a shuttle.  It just works.
But an extra night away from home means that I have to have everything ready by Tuesday morning - and that's the day the Quilters of the Night check out - and all day Tuesday will be filled with laundry and flipping the inn so it is ready for the June Quiltvillians to check in on Wednesday.

Needless to say - I'm in a tizzy - just a bit.

So I've only made it partway down one side of the binding.

And is it really all that important that it be DONE before I leave? Nope.

My mom always said "When there is too much on your plate, start with the most important things first and let everything else fall off the edge onto the next day's plate."  Which is how I'm pretty much winging things over here.

The knee is getting better every day - but that improvement seems to be hitting a standstill.  I can get around with the compression sleeve, but even slogging through Walmart yesterday - one bottle of caraway seeds from the grocery section, and then over toward the gardening section at the other end of the store to pick up an "around the neck" fan thing that is rechargeable by USB for my trip to Egypt - and I was exhausted.

This was after we had the house painter guy stop by so we could show him what needs to be done.  I'll be gone, Dave will be in charge - but I needed to be there for the original consult.

He is going to sand the old section of the front porch floor, repaint the porch floor, railings, and the upper-outer part of the house and all of the trim.  It's a big job.

And it is all going to happen while I'm gone.

After that it was haircut day - and that felt so restorative - fresh and swingy and completely wash-and-wear.  That's one thing off of the "before I leave for a month" list.

While I was a way, the quilters did play!

This Judy Beauty is coming together - all of the spikes to go around it are on the right side -

The blackbirds have been joined by one red one -

Isn't he gorgeous?

And I caught Jack working on his landscape piece - yes, he sews on a beautiful black Singer 301!

The group was down a few members when I got back from the haircut - they were on a quilt shop hop, and still hadn't made it back by the time I needed to go home for dinner, so I'll find out more about their adventurous day when I see them this morning.

As to that two-arms-long to-do list?

It will all come together in due time.

Martha asked me "What are you piecing now?"  And I said "What do you mean? I just quilted this one yesterday and just now started sewing the binding."  "But no project in the machine?" "No, It's a holiday weekend and I am leaving Tuesday." "Well that never stopped you from starting anything new before!"

And then I start to wonder if something is wrong with me that I don't immediately have a new project to replace the one I just finished.

I think my brain is going to take a break over the next month.  I'm just going to soak up possibilities.  And find something that really interests me - so that when I arrive back home I can dig in with gusto having been inspired by two wonderful countries and the people I got to explore them with.

And baby this knee as much as I can in the in-between times -

Thank you, everyone for such a great response to yesterday's PDF pattern release!  The Gift-Away already has over 4,000 entries!

Enter the gift-away HERE. Drawing happens 5/30/23!

I'll be drawing for two winners who will each receive the PDF pattern containing both Right Way and Wrong Way Round from me - and even more:

One winner will receive a Facets of Black Color Roll, and the other will receive a Facets of Red Color Roll from Cotton to Quilts!

(And you know to check their website for their neutral rolls and other bundles to enhance your scrap stash, right?)

I love that you are as excited about the Right Way Round pattern duo as I am.

The pattern contains BOTH variations, and you can make either of them in either size -

Pattern details:

What do you get when you accidently make more than 1/2 of the main block wrong? A second quilt! Both versions are presented in sparkling patriotic colors of red/white/blue accented with black. Full color photos, graphics and extensive instruction included!

Quilt Sizes: Large: 80’’ X 88’’ Small: 53’’ X 53’’

Optional but helpful: Bonnie K. Hunter's Essential Triangle Tool and either the Simple folded Corners ruler, or the Simple Folded Corners Mini.

Traditional rotary cutting methods and foundation paper-piecing options are given for those who don't have access to these rulers.

So yes - if you prefer to paper-piece square-in-a-square units, we've got you covered there too with a printable page for paper-piecing.

I'm ready for Memorial Day Weekend!

Introductory pricing:  The price marked is already 30% off and the sale is good through Tuesday 5/30/23.  I leave for Cairo on Wednesday the 31st, so I'll need to button that up before I go.  So hurry now and save before you miss it - no coupon needed.

You'll find the pattern for Right Way Round in both the Quiltville Store and the Quiltville Etsy Pattern Shop.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Without passion for what we do, there is no reason to continue. Let your passion guide you and push you further!
Pfeffernusse quilt from my book String Fling

Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, everyone!


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