Thursday, May 18, 2023

Food, Glorious (Vietnamese) Food!

Eating always eating!

Every time we turned around it was time for another meal -

And the food was out of this world - at least for those of us who like to live life on the adventurous side and aren't afraid to try things that we weren't used to having at home.

Are you adventurous?  I hope so!  You'll never know what you are missing otherwise!

While the food was amazing everywhere - from on the street to the finest restaurant, I really enjoyed our visit to KOTO - little did we know what a special place it was when we entered through this door.

Yes, they served us EVERYTHING on this menu!

Everything was presented in such a lovely way.

Fresh, not overly seasoned - just right -

It was a feast for the eyes as well as the belly!

Just look at those carrot flowers!

I know I'm not putting these in order -

But everything was so good.

There was an abundance of fresh vegetables - none of the sauces were heavy or laden with fat/cream, and so delicious. This was the beef wrapped in betel leaf.  Oh man - yum!

Roasted pork

Marinated fish baked in banana leaf -

So good!  I needed a bigger stomach!

Our server opening the fish from the leaves for us -

And notice I'm not the only one photographing the food!

Fried tofu -


It wasn't until I made my way through the restaurant to the restroom that I saw this sign and realized what this place was - it was a training facility for youth!

Not only were we enjoying some great food, but we were helping these kids learn skills that would see them into careers.  It was a feel good moment for me.

I love this!

We need more of this in the USA - not every kid is going to go to college to become a doctor or a lawyer. This is such a worthwhile program and they are doing it right in Hanoi.

There was also a donation box - and yes, I donated. I hope this program keeps serving kids as well as serving good food to tourists like us.

There were other photos of food as well - but now I can't remember where from - 

Photos I was texting to friends -

Who laughingly accuse me of sending them food p0rn.  LOL!

Even the breakfasts at the hotel -

When in Rome, as they say -

I stuck to the Asian side of the buffet.

Some fresh salads and spring rolls.

Or maybe some fried noodles and vegetables?

Street food! Looks so good!

And another vendor -

They are cooking kebobs on the grill right here -

One of our nights in Hanoi we were let loose on our own - and I joined up with "The Minnesota Girls" and headed to a restaurant that the hotel had recommended.

This was my stir-fried pepper beef - and it came with these buns. Turns out they were sweet like donut holes! LOL! On the platter above them are more fresh spring rolls - we couldn't get enough of those!

Nope - couldn't get enough!

Just look at that presentation!

This was the night we returned from Sapa in the mountains back to Hanoi - I was dealing with the twisted knee from earlier in the day and all I wanted was something simple in the hotel restaurant and then to bed.

I would order this again right now if I could!

One of the Minnesota girls decided enough was enough and went for a burger instead! LOL!

It did look awfully good too - and those fries?  I guess you can't go wrong with that either.

This was our farewell dinner the night before we left -

By this time I had stopped taking photos of food.  LOL!  It was all so good - fun place in Hanoi.

That's our Vietnamese guide Quyen in the blue and white striped shirt photo bombing the group.  

He was a complete kick and we loved him dearly.  I hope I get a chance to go again - not only to see what I missed due to the twisted knee, but to spend more time with Quyen listening to his stories.  He explained everything to us so well and has a terrific sense of humor.

Yeah, he bombed this photo too! LOL!

And to take me back to reality -

The restaurant restroom had a treadle table as a sink base! It's a universal recognition of machine lovers world-wide!

Back to Virginia in real time:

On my way to the QPO I stopped smack dab in the middle of the road, rolled down my window and took a photo of my neighbor's gorgeous and HUGE Rhododendron in full bloom.

We had rain the night before - you can see the petals starting to fall.

We've been here 6 years and I wait for this bush to bloom every spring - it's marvelous.  And massive.

The purple Dame's Rocket is blooming all over these hills of green - I took this photo of the old woolen mill from the edge of the parking area behind the QPO - it won't be long until the emerging leaves close in this view.

All 120 stitchery kits going with me to Egypt/Ireland in 2 weeks are DONE and ready to be packed in my bags.

Finding myself with a bit of time before the May Quiltvillians started pulling in, I sat to chain-piece the triangles that I'd cut before going to Vietnam.  

It felt good just to guide the pieces through.  Do you find chain-piecing centering to your mind and soul? I do!

Pressed and de-dog-eared.

Today I may start in on the half-bazillion red/neutral four-patches I'm going to need before I can start to build more blocks.

How are things looking for your Thursday? Any plans for anything fun?

Of course - tomorrow is our Right Way Round (And Wrong Way Too!) Gift-Away and PDF pattern release day.  Whoop!  I'm almost ready for that - just need to design a few graphics and get everything uploaded so it is ready to push "go live!" tomorrow morning.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

How boring life would be if we were all the same.-
If every day were the same, if every experience were the same.
Embrace the differences!

Have a terrific Thursday, everyone!

PS: I finally slept until 7am this morning - body clock win!


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