Friday, July 09, 2021

And Then There Were Eight - Featherweights!

We rang some bells and blew some whistles yesterday - 

This is the first time that there have been EIGHT vintage Singer Featherweights stitching away in the Quilting Quarters at Quiltville Inn!

This has never happened before - and it just made me giddy with vintage machine love!

And then the dating contest ensued - WHO had the oldest machine?  Which was newest?

Our oldest was from 1937, and the newest two from 1950!  The 1950 models were only 3 months apart in commission age.  SEW FUN!

Of course I know you are dying to see just what the scrappy beauty on the table is - 

Connie's Winter Blues in all scrappy!

Close up!

She is calling her version Winter Garden because of all of the colors.

Love it!

Judy's Stitchers are BUSY!

As posted earlier (And again and again because I am always asked)  The goose neck lamps are from IKEA 3 years ago and this model/style has been discontinued.  I'm sure there are similar things out there. 

I found THIS ONE that looks promising!

Things are starting to go up on the design walls -

It makes my heart so happy!

And so does THIS beautiful blue baby!

It's going to be a great weekend of more quilty productivity!

While the inn was busy - so was I.  I was able to tackle much needed desk duties, getting Quiltville Store orders out to the USPS, and then working on some behind-the-scenes deadline projects. Thursday and Friday are still "work work" days for me, but I'll be more free after today to spend more time with the gals next door.

Yesterday was a drizzly kind of day.  Sometimes off, sometimes on, just a perfect day to stay in and sew, but this morning a group of us are going to go walk Round House Road - I am always so excited to show this area to "first timers."

Zoey will be coming with us, and then I'll bring her back home to the cabin after - 

Speaking of Zoey- this was last night's treat ball adventure.  Click to Play:

Treat ball = Happy Pupper!

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage ocean waves quilt found in North Carolina.

This is your journey! 

What will you do today that your future self would cheer you on for?

Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



  1. Love the Winter Garden quilt and the scissor blocks. Zoey makes me smile.

  2. I not sure but is this the same lamp?

    I got the stand one and love it!

    1. Not the same, different name. Mine were Jansjo. But these are similar and may be good if folks are close enough to IKEA to pick one up.

    2. Melinda, is the neck as flexible as the Jansjo?

  3. OMG Zoey is so cute! And using smart tactics to get her treats! I've never seen a treat ball, what fun! My future self will applaud me bc this weekend we're cleaning out junk from around our property cuz the junk haulers are coming on Monday! Yay! Some quilting will happen too. Thanks, Bonnie!

  4. Love that scrappy version of Winter Blues!

  5. That scrappy Winter Blues quilt is stunning. Thank you so much for sharing all the beauties—both quilts and featherweights. What a fun time!

  6. I had 2 of these lamps but the grands decided they needed better lighting at their desk. Whatever the grands want the grands usually get. No IKEA's close so I never got anymore. I love the treat ball - guess I will get one for great great grand dog Aspen.

  7. These are my Mississippi gals! Love how you care for them!!!!

  8. I am on a journey that isn't popular with friends and family. I am almost over hearing how silly I am. Well time forcearplugs.

  9. Finished my 1st. California king size quilt. That thing id almost as big as my living room.

  10. How fun to see all these featherweights in one place!
    The blue refinished one is sooo pretty!
    That is on my bucket list to have one of my machines painted a happy colour!

  11. Hi, seeing all those Featherweights inspired me to dig out the one I've had marinating for probably six years. Learned to sew on a Featherweight, although not this particular one. Found her date to be 1939, and she still sews like a dream. Found The Featherweight Shop on-line and ordered an LED replacement light bulb and a tube of motor grease. Think it's time to bond once again with this beauty.

  12. Hi, Bonnie, did you get Zoey's treat ball from Amazon? If so, could you put a link in the Amazon store, please? She looks like she's having so much fun!

  13. To make my future self cheer me on; that would be FINISH something once in awhile just to prove I can do it. I have a problem with the "Look! Squirrel!" syndrome. Always happens midway through a project I'm presently working on. Thanks for the provocative question, really made me stop and consider.

  14. Newbie here and wondering what is the particular attraction for having the featherweight?

    1. The smaller size of Featherweights, plus their lighter weight, makes them ideal for using while taking classes or going on retreats. They are all metal so there aren't any plastic parts to become brittle or break. Their stitch pattern is usually perfect as well, so it's truly a workhorse. Maybe you'll get to 'play' with one someday and come to understand how those of us who learned to sew on a Featherweight have become such fervent fans.

  15. I see some Jackson Quilter friends. Can’t wait to hear all about their adventure.💕

  16. I have not noticed any fabric except for in the quilts in your pictures. Where do they keep their stash or are the blocks all made and are ready for assembly?

  17. I was intrigued when I read 8 Featherweights. I personally own 3, one from 1937, 1939 and 1950. Don't use them as much as I should and should probably sell them, but people don't want to pay what they're worth, so I'll just hang on to them. Regarding the lamp, I did a search on the Ikea site, and they do have one named Jansjo, however, it's a USB connect. They have them in stock in Minnesota, so it might be worth checking else where!!

    Have a wonderful day, and take care!!


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