Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Zooming Through Yesterday!

My chauffeur was ready - right on time!

More snow had fallen overnight - (will this winter ever stop with it, already?!) and as the drive needed a good plowing before it turned to solid ice, my suggestion to just ride shot gun in the RZR as we plowed our way down made the morning a bit of an adventure!

If you are going to live this far out and this high up, you've got to embrace it whole heartedly.

And hold on to your hat!  And your gloves.  And the quilt that was coming along for the ride to play backdrop to yesterday's Zoom meet with the Iowa Quilt Museum!

Click to Play:


Dropping me off at the little turn out down from our drive.

The roads are clear - and that is a blessing!  But it is NOT getting any warmer.  It was 16 when I let Zoey out this morning.

I donned my insulated muck boots, my down jacket, a hat on my head, opened the door to escort her down the steps to do her morning business - she caught sight of a deer up the deer trail and took off.  There is nothing I can do to stop her - she thinks it is all such great fun!

She does not bark - she just loves to run.  And of course they can outrun her no problem.  She is likely more of an annoyance to them than a threat.  She'd just try to herd them if they would just stand still long enough for her to gather them up! LOL!

The frozen scene of Wilson Creek off the pack porch at Quiltville Inn.

The main event of the day!

For those who made it, thank you so much for attending!  If you missed it, the Iowa Quilt Museum will put yesterday's Zoom meet up on their YouTube channel.  I checked this morning - it's not there yet. But I will share it here when it is available.

And there is NEXT Tuesday to plan for!

We had a great time talking about string quilts, and I got to learn a bit more about the other quilts and quilters in the exhibit.

If you are close enough to Winterset Iowa to make a day trip of it, contact the museum for more info and DO IT!

Oh, how I wish I could see these quilts in person!

Blocking off the baby!

For the last few days (Since the weekend) I've had a quilt laid out on the cabin studio "design floor."

I've had to get inventive with ways to keep Zoey from block surfing.  Some of these pieces are extremely tiny, and I just need a few more hours to get this top webbed together and off the floor so I can remove the barricade.

It's not like she couldn't just walk under the sewing machines and get through - but she hasn't tried.  it's like she KNOWS that she is not to cross the line of totes and carts and machine benches.

Good girl, Zoey!  It won't be much longer now.

This is what's going down!

Or coming together.

The Jackknife blocks have been my weekend project over the past couple of months.  I have finally made enough of them and am setting them together with narrow sashings and cornerstones.

In this case - the narrow sashings are there to avoid having to match bulky points to bulky points and trying to sew through all of that nicely.

Skinny sashings just give all of the seam allowances a place to land in a nice flat way.

It will be a while yet before this quilt is ready to reveal - there are still borders to come, and after yesterday's Zoom meet about string quilts, and the other stringy ideas I have floating through my head, I have some ideas that will have me working through all of the string bins in rainbow fashion.

The weekend project will continue until I see that through!

Today a mid-afternoon appointment will interrupt my day a bit, but as I am home alone for a few hours tonight I should be able to get the webbing completed and start the cross seaming.  I can unbuild the Zoey barrier!

How are things in your neck of the woods?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage 1940s periwinkle star quilt from my collection. I love that it was machine quilted long ago.

Teach. Encourage. Instruct. Mentor. Praise. Influence. Guide. Inspire!
We all have so much to give each other!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!



  1. I visited the Iowa Quilt Museum last summer for their "Out of Control" exhibit. It is a wonderful place. If anyone is ever in the area, be sure to stop in. Wonderful exhibits and a beautiful community.

  2. I'm glad it all worked out to do the Zoom with Iowa Quilt Museum. It is a cool place with the balcony overlook!! When we get another good weather day I'm going!! Wish we could meet up there. Doing some essential mending and curtain making this week. Glad I brought my Machine with me!!!

  3. I was able to view the zoom meeting for the museum. What fun! So glad, Bonnie, that you were able to get on and talk. I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for the reminder.

  4. I watched and it was very entertaining. When we were refinishing our living room floor we made a tall, pillow, furniture block for the dogs. But my big boy found the way through chair legs! He was always an escape artist!

  5. I was so happy to join the Zoom meeting yesterday. I'm the one who initially asked you about the quilt behind you. It was gorgeous! It was such fun "being there" with you, live and almost in person.

  6. I absolutely love that vintage quilt you have featured with the quote! It looks like a kaleidoscope design.

  7. I enjoyed seeing the string quilts as well. Love the Zoey barrier. I keep my sewing room door closed when i'm not in there. Last week my 8 month old kittens came in behind me and started prowling around and while I was pulling out fabric the managed to get onto a windowsill over a bookcase. A large Christmas cactus lives on the top of the bookcase. The loveable but clumsy teenaged boy kitten knocked the plant to the floor. Fortunately most of the plant stayed in the pot, but I have 2 pieces rooting in water.

  8. Today is the last day before we dump into the Arctic cold sub-zero's. This next week we will be lucky to get to 0 Low's from -5 to -14 at night. I think I will be hibernating and sewing. The cupboards are stocked and so is the fridge. Good to go.

  9. I too learned more about string quilting. So far we still get the old phone books, I didn't realise they're going away. I'd better save more of them.:)

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed the museum yesterday via video. It was good to see you "in person" Bonnie. And I enjoyed learning about the other quilts featured and getting her take on strings as well. Thanks for sharing!

  11. With you staying home the past year, you have definitely experienced more of what the mountain has to offer!! What a blessing to get to be home and still be busy. I know that the financial end has been a challenge, for so many, but quilters are definitely learning a bit more about how the quilters of yore made do with what they had. That "make do" has to be the initial inspiration for string quilts!!

  12. That’s funny about Zoey and the barricades and not going under the sewing machine table. I had a Rottweiler that we could “block” from going up the stairs with a small box on a step. He could have easily jumped over or pushed out of the way lol.

  13. So sorry I missed the zoom meeting. But I watched the other ones they had on thier site and enjoyed them. Did you catch the one by the children's book auther, Tangeler. It was fascinating. I will watch you when it is up. Enjoyed riding with you down the mountain. What fun! I am a cold weather girl AND retired so I can enoy snow days!

  14. You always post such beautiful pictures of your mountain. If you can't make the most of where you are and have fun with it, then you shouldn't be there. I couldn't do the meet, work duties and all that. Maybe I will catch it on YouTube. Can't wait to see the finished Jacknife blocks!! Have a great evening and hopefully some thawing comes soon!!

  15. Bonnie, I really watching and listening to your zoom program! You did a super job and the quilts were beautiful!!

  16. I enjoyed the Zoom meeting too. It was very interesting, from start to finish. I'm lucky enough to be within 3 hours of the Museum and have been there a several times. We'll go back again when Corvid is gone and weather is nicer. Thank you for the time and energy you put into your blog. I look forward to reading about your life and following you on Instagram.

  17. Your photography is a real work of art, Bonnie. You could publish a book of your nature pictures. Add quilts and they would be a great calendar to hang on the wall. Very talented you are. And thanks for the fun ride down the snowy hill.

  18. I did enjoy the roller coaster ride! LOL! Awww Zoey!

  19. LOVE the Jackknife blocks! Especially your idea of a narrow sash to reduce the bulk of all those seams meeting!!!! Why have I never thought of that???? I learn something new from you everyday. Thank you!

  20. We have about the same amount of snow that you do but we need more with the cold snap that's coming through. It's supposed to get into the negative double digits (may be in excess of 30 below normal temp and there is a wind-chill advisory as well) for several nights in a row. I fear without enough of a snow blanket to insulate, there may be frozen pipes, septic lines, and drain fields. Yikes! Please no! Unfortunately there isn't much snow in the forecast. :-(


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