Thursday, February 18, 2021

Well THIS is interesting!

Freezing rain set in about midnight last night - I heard it overhead.

It's usually a pleasant sound, rain hitting the metal roof of the cabin -

And all through the night the power stayed on.

I even crawled back into bed after getting up around 5am, sinking myself back into the warm spot left by my body under 3 quilts.

At 7am the generator kicked on.  We'd lost power.

Loss of power in these parts is usually not a HUGE deal - we have a full cabin generator and a 500 gallon propane tank.

Only - we've had propane on order for 2 weeks and due to the road conditions and high demand with extreme weather conditions, they didn't make it up the hill (Remember my steep drive?) to top us off.

The propane folks said they'd try to get around to us yesterday - but they didn't.

And now the propane tank at the cabin is nearly running on fumes.

If we run out of propane here at the cabin, we'll be heading to Quiltville Inn where there is plenty of propane, and heat - and hopefully power.

If the power goes out there, we'll still be able to cook and have heat.

We are playing the waiting game.

And since I want something happy to post - here is Lola on top of the Spider Man panel I was turning in to a backing for Casden's denim quilt yesterday.

I had some time yesterday afternoon to just start pulling random fun stuff from the novelties bin -

The objective was NOT to center the Spider Man - it's impossible to keep anything centered on the back of a long armed quilt, so I don't even try - shoot for purposely off center!

Here is what I ended up with!  Click to Play:

Cute cute cute!

I got a good start on it!

Denim quilts easily - I just have to watch for intersections between the blocks where the hopping foot may not want to hop high enough over the bulk.  I need to mash those spots down and give the machine a bit of help as it goes through anything it may randomly hit.

This is a Keryn Emmerson design -

I can't remember the name - but I scaled it large so the quilt is not overly quilted. I want it snuggly - so the objective is not to mash the batting flat.  I am using Hobbs 80/20.

Denim variegated!  Perfection!

Yes, I've been hitting the more "obscure" threads lately rather than my usuals.  Why have them sitting in a drawer? This one was great for this project.

Have you had your mammo lately?

My little outing yesterday! I have to admit that I was nearly a year overdue due to Covid.
I had my previous records moved up to Ashe memorial hospital in Jefferson, North Carolina so that I can take care of medical things closer by.
Awesome moment of the day - the technician asked if I would like a heated robe for my procedure. That's as close to a spa day as you can get under these circumstances! A heated robe is a luxury!

She also asked me if I had received my Covid shot yet. (No, not yet) They suggest you have your mammogram BEFORE you get your shots, or wait for one month after your second shot before getting your mammo. Evidently the vaccine can cause your lymph nodes to look enlarged which sends up all kinds of warnings with the radiologist.

So plan accordingly! It's likely they'll ask you the same question when you set up your appointment, and when you go in for your mammo.
And now we wait for results with fingers crossed. ⁣
Have you kept up on your mammograms?

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Quiltville Quote of the Day -

The hardest lesson in life to learn, but crucial! 

I'll keep you updated with what is going on with our ice storm/power situation as I am able.

Those also in the path of this storm - stay safe! We can get through this!



  1. ahh the downside of country living....we are having a maryland blizzard, that's 4-7" nothing at all like a maine blizzard...LOL!

  2. We are in NW Alabama. The state is closed. No post office delivery, ice and about 8 inches on top of that last night. Still have power this morning so not complaining! Sewing room day straight ahead. Stay warm and well! Marilyn Marks

  3. I am overdue for my mammo due to dealing with other medical issues, resulting in two simultaneous major surgeries this past October. I keep thinking I need to get in for my wellness exam and get the mammo scheduled, too. Thank you for the heads up on waiting due to the vaccine! I've had my first shot, so I can put the mammo off until mid April!

  4. Fingers crossed that the propane truck makes it up your driveway today. You all have had a heck of a winter.

  5. More ice? Wow! You are really getting hit this year. We are getting lots of snow and below 0F temps, but that is more normal than not. I knew we would pay for those last three mild winters. Ugh. Spring! Come now!

  6. We're seeing SO many issues associated with and caused by this storm. There are still folks without heat (since Mon!!), frozen pipes and burst pipes, water lines under roadways are bursting causing buckling in the roads and NO GAS in a LOT of the gas stations! UGH, it's a MESS here.

  7. Casden's quilt will be just as much fun no matter which side he looks at. Wonderful idea! I am pretty consistent about getting my mammogram as I have a strong family history of breast cancer. I had mine in November. That warm robe does sound like a wonderful idea.

  8. We have that same kind of driveway! We ran out because the guy didn't wanna come up our driveway after a light snow. Finally got oil the following week. Meanwhile my husband went and filled up a 55 gallon barrel to get our heat going again.

  9. That storm and cold hither in southern Missouri. Thank God we came through pretty much ok. I'm going to hate my utility bills except was able to stay warm even though my water pipes have frozen solid. The denim quilt is so good-looking your grandson will enjoy it.

  10. As I look at your quote of the day I remember the weight you carried as people dumped their frustrations on you during your wonderful Grassy creek quilt along. This is great advice and we all need to look at doing this and to not being part of the weight others carry. Casden's quilt is definitely a winner.

  11. The denim quilt and its back are super fun! It's going to be beloved, for sure.

    Yep, still some unpleasant winter here, too. We'll get through it!

  12. Hope all good news with your mammogram. They are so important. In 2018 I went in for the routine mammogram expecting everything normal as usual but was blindsided with the news that I had breast cancer. Totally unexpected. Fortunately it was very small and easily treated with surgery, chemo and radiation. I now take a little yellow pill each day to manipulate my hormone levels to help keep things under control. My next follow-up is in May. You never know what life will bring, so everyone, don't skip the mammograms! They can save you lots of heartache and keep you quilting!

  13. PS I love the Spiderman quilt, it is adorable!

  14. Thinking of you! Stay warm!

  15. Her in Arkansas we have a Snowgeddon. My back porch is at 11.5 inches and finally the snow has stopped. We are blessed so far with power and water, but of course that can change. Tomorrow the temps are going up above freezing - the first time in a week. I have been snuggling down with doing binding. It helps. Stay safe and I hope you retain your power.

  16. I am stuck on a heated robe ..nice .
    I am a bit envious. Lol
    The quilt is adorable.

  17. I know I committed earlier but reading the blog replies made me want to say to every one who reads this i have had mammograms done since my late 20's nearly 50 years.i lost a sister to beast cancer because "cancer doesn't run in our family. So sad about it still. She was such b a loving lively sister.

  18. Casden is going to love his birthday quilt!

  19. Oh Bonnie, thanks for the information you always share on your blog. I didn't know about waiting a month for my mammogram until reading your post so I have changed my appointment. I can't wait to read your blog everyday! Thanks for all you do for the quilting community.

  20. I feel your anguish with the waiting game - slightly different scenario but basically the same result... Our area just outside of Portland Oregon was hit by a major ice storm over Valentines, We have been without power and internet ever since. We are projected to get it back for another 10 days. We have a great generator but suffer the same problem with Propane, except they won't come until all the dangling power lines and tree branches are removed - too dangerous. We are playing the game of turning off the generator to preserve Propane. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and saying lots of prayers! We have decamped to the coast for 2 days leaving the generator off - hoping that will be a short enough time so everything in the freezer stays frozen. It's a dance!!

  21. Casden's denim quilt is cool! I know he'll be thrilled. I do have a question. I've been saving old jeans to make a denim quilt but the fabric seems kind of thick. I did get a denim needle for my machine but what do you do with the seams? Do you press them open to prevent bulk? Thanks for your advise.

  22. Thanks for the mammogram/vaccine info. Who needs that unnecessary worry!? I was going to skip my mammogram last year after 20 years of nothing found. Friends cajoled, reasoned and guilted me into doing it. Nothing found, but always nice to know. Wishing you luck on the "Propane Chicken".

  23. I was too young for mammograms when I found a breast lump, GP referred me to the local unit, mammogram was clear but that was due to age and tissue too dense! Showed up on ultrasound, two lumps, the histology after surgery was five lumps all malignant so the usual chemo and radiotherapy. A year later it all happened again in the other breast, more surgery etc! Vital that routine mammograms are done, it showed up my Mums malignancy as she was older. Hope the results are all good but hey whatever we all get through it, most of us laughing all the way with likeminded women. Now at sixty two I’m still here and very happily quilting away for family members I didn’t think I’d ever see....

  24. Thank you so much for today's "Quote of the day" It really HIT ME HARD! And I needed it!!

  25. BIG fan of denim quilts, here. LOVE how Casden's quilt looks with that demin thread, Bonnie!

  26. I saved a post of blocks someone was making called Wild and Goosey and wonder if that’s from a book or it was a project that you were running? Any help w/be appreciated. Thank you.

  27. I love the demin quilt with the Spiderman, etc. backing!! Your blog is always so helpful in many ways. Today, you told us about not getting our Mammogram until a month after the 2nd does of the Covid Vaccine due to lymph nodes possible enlarging. My 2nd Covid dose is due March 3rd and just this past week my PCP gave me a request for to have my Mammogram. Like you, I'm a year late in getting this done. Thank you for this tidbit on the Covid vaccine and getting a Mammogram!!

  28. Love Casden's quilt, so fun. He will love the back novelty fabrics, but the front with the colorful stripes in the denim remind me of highways. I can see him spreading it out on the floor and playing with his cars on top.

  29. Bonnie, long time garment sewer here. You may already know this trick to flatten intersections of denim seams but others may not. Get a firm surface such as a brick or flat rock (I use my grandmother’s cobblers anvil), place the denim seam to be flattened over the firm surface, cover the top of the seam with another thinner piece of material such as a quilting scrap and then pound the heck out of that sucker with a hammer. It makes a huge difference, even making the area in the fabric softer and more malleable. Now I know that would be a lot of work for all seam intersections in a denim quilt but it could be a solution for the most problematic ones. Word of caution: try it first on a scrap to find out how many strikes are needed to get the effect you want. Too many can actually create a hole in the fabric.

  30. I'm surprised you can quilt denim without any problems with your machine. My long-arm machine can't handle it. Needs repair/adjustments every time so I gave up and now refuse to do denim on my long-arm. The denim quilts I do are QAYG rag-time style. Bonnie you've got quite the machine there!

  31. I always enjoy seeing your quilts. And thank you for the info. I am due for my mammogram and thought I might go next week. But will wait now because I am between my 2 shots. The 2nd is March 4th, so guess I will be doing my mammogram in April. Nancy A: SewingGranda@gmail.com

  32. I love the way Lola centered herself over Spiderman as if to say "I'm a superhero too!" Supercat!!


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