Saturday, February 27, 2021

Into a Rainy Weekend -

I finished the hand quilting of the second neutral background corner last night.

Two big corner sections and one small side fill in left to go.

The borders are also being quilted while the hoop is in the right vicinity to do so.

I have had questions on how I'm quilting the background areas - and if you look closely you'll see that rows (columns) alternate with one column being quilted along two sides, the next column over is quilted with X's through each hexie, then another row of outlining, then another row of X's until the space is filled.  

It has added great texture. The center hexies of the border have a 3 line burst quilted in them - again, more texture.

The row of green that outlines the center medallion also is quilted with the X's.

I've just been winging it as I go -

And it's not always easy to move the hoop with this going on!

I spent much of yesterday at my desk - with a very good reason!

I found myself with a bit of time on my hands on a very rainy Friday afternoon, and due to popular request, I've been busy with some pattern writing.

You asked for it!

It should be ready soon.

If you are gathering denim for your future denim quilt, beware of fiber content.  I avoid anything with spandex in it - which means most women's jeans get a hard pass.

Go for the men's jeans - and not only do you avoid the stretch, but you'll be able to get more use out of the width of the legs.

More in the pattern to come!

While taking a break from staring at the computer screen, I thought I'd press out some scraps (Yes, more blue and neutral!) and this happened.

Click to Play:

I thought I heard the faucet dripping in the bathroom.  It wasn't the faucet.  It was a leak coming right out of the light fixture overhead.  OH NO!

I grabbed trash cans as quickly as I could to contain the drips.  If it isn't one thing it's another!

The hubster came when his work day was done.  We uninstalled the light, and in the rain he went up on the slanted roof to see what he could see.

We fixed this roof just 2 years ago? Maybe a bit less?

Weather has been EXREME this winter with snow, ice, freezing rain, regular rain - we've decided it's time to reroof the whole thing, but you can't fix a roof in the rain, and if it isn't raining - how do you know where the leak is? 

It's the old conundrum - but let it be said this is the LAST time I want at leak at the QPO, and it will be at the top of the "next big project" list.  We will hire it done. With a warranty!

Lola stuck to higher ground!

On top of the bookcase in my office.

Someone tell me why these wear this way?

When I bought these mats 1 year ago for the opening of Quiltville Inn I thought they were so cute!

Black rubber (okay that's sturdy!) with a flocked/felted texture with pretty colors, has to be good, right?

The one at the back door of the QPO has no design left - just black rubber.

This one at the back kitchen door at Quiltville Inn is worn down to the rubber also.  And it is under a covered porch so it isn't weather doing this.  It's feet.

I won't be buying this kind anymore.  I need something a bit sturdier.

These are the two I bought on my appointment day Thursday.

They have the black rubber - which is fine - but they are also covered with woven sisal which I think will wear better.

I need one more for the front door, but I bought the last two available.

I love how the fan pattern looks like a quilting design.

We've reached the weekend. I have no plans other than some deep house cleaning (tackling under beds and behind night stands with the vacuum for dust bunnies has already happened) and I will reward myself with some more sewing time later.

More rain today - so it's a good day to get the spring cleaning underway here so when the weather is nicer I'll feel more free to go walking/hiking outside.

Anything fun happening for your weekend ahead?

Corrie B's Forever Mine knocked my socks off!

Just look what this girl did!  Forever Mine is NOT just for Valentine's Day!  It is fabulous in whichever colors you choose - including the whole box of crayons!

I love that her vision took my 4 block layout up to 9 blocks of rainbow fun.

Where will your own vision take you?

Forever Mine along with  ALL digital patterns in the Quiltville Store are 25% off through February 28th using coupon code DIGITAL25 at checkout!

Please remember to type DIGITAL25 in the coupon box and hit APPLY before you complete your purchase.  There are no refunds if you forget!

Tomorrow is the LAST DAY of the sale, and there is no blog post tomorrow to remind you.

While new pattern releases usually happen with an introductory sale price - this is the last ALL DIGITAL PATTERNS sale we will have likely until Black Friday weekend.

If there is something you've been wanting to make - grab it while the pattern sale is still going!

Today and tomorrow are also the last days to enter our February 2021 Quilty Box Gift-Away. Get your entry in on THAT POST.  Drawing happens Monday morning!  Will I be drawing YOU?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Sunbonnet Sue quilt found in North Carolina.

Those who wait until it's all figured out and it's safe to move forward never get anywhere.
Dare to step into the unknown - just a bit!

Have a terrific weekend - catch you back here on Monday!



  1. Corries Forever Mine is Spectacular. Appreciate att you do have a great weekend!

  2. Corrie your Forever Mine Quilt if beautiful! Good luck with you leaky roof Bonnie as those are not fun to deal with. I hope you have a wonderful weekend otherwise! It is going to be beautiful here this weekend and I am going to go outside and enjoy it some. We are going to drive to TX on Tuesday for a family wedding so I hope that the good weather will continue down there. So I think that I will be doing some hand sewing for the next week or sew.

  3. Thank you for sharing Corrie's quilt, it is indeed beautiful and brings the promise of spring. I started on my spring cleaning a week ago during the Ice Storm, and in the middle of it, the power went out; so back to it, and hope there is not a repeat. I'm sure we don't have to tell you to make time for sewing, enjoy your weekend.
    MaryAnn in Oregon

  4. Those rubber mats are - interesting. My parents bought a number, and they wore. So I tried painting them. That actually worked for a while. Other used: next to litter boxes to control the "spread" and outdoors under water faucets or next to benches - anywhere you are tired of weeds growing or mud flowing. They last great for that.

    1. This is the best idea I've heard yet! I did put one outside the side door to the garage. I will try the litter box idea as well!

  5. Echo Cindy's comment on Corrie B's Forever Mine quilt. It is beautiful!!! The Sunbonnet Sue and quote of the day speak to my efforts to finish my mother's project. (She left blocks behind that I get to make into a quilt.) AFTER the family gets to have Christmas with our 6 and 3 year old grandsons. The geese are moving, HOPE springs eternal!!

  6. Just curious... which is your most popular digital pattern? Might help me pick which one to try first!

  7. Corrie! Stunning finish! Thanks for sharing with us.

    The texture on the hexie quilt is just beautiful. I like how the soft quilting texture combines with the soft variety of the neutral fabrics. So pretty! What a labor of love.

  8. Today a break in the rain, more to come tonight. I completed Nana’s Garden hexi quilt. Next on the rack, that’s the Longarm table, is a Grinch Christmas quilt for grandson number 2. Thank you all for motivating me to get busy on all my UFOs....the pile is shrinking. Enjoy your weekend.

  9. One good thing about the roof leaking in the QPO is that you have plenty of trash cans to catch the dripping! I'm sure getting it repaired got moved up to the top of the list for you! Corrie's quilt is gorgeous!! Love how quilters can take a pattern and make it their own with their fabulous vision and creativity!

  10. Roof leaks are the pits!!! And as far as the door mats, we have one that is made from what feels like astroturf. It has been at our door for 25 years and still looks like new. It’s a tuff one! How everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  11. for us, it's having a work crew put the back fence back up with 4X8 posts instead of the 4X4s that blew down in the last CA wind storm. sandy soil doesn't help. New electrical box in the next few weeks as soon as we get permit from PG&E. they are on the outside of the houses here and the salty air just destroys them. Home owning joy! Janet

  12. We put on a new roof last November; it was expensive but worth the peace of mind. I hope it's our last one.

  13. I have mug rugs from LL Bean purchased about 20 years ago. No signs of wear yet! Worth every penny.

  14. So happy to see the Rough and Tumble pattern coming out sooner rather than later. I need to clean out the blue jean stash!!! Thank you for all you do!

  15. My mom bought me a door mat from LLBean twenty years ago, It's still going strong. It's under cover.

  16. Wow @ Corrie's quilt! And oh no for the leak! Hope it gets fixed soon and you find a good person to do it for you! May the weekend rain be fine drizzle and not drenching!

  17. Corrie B's quilt is awesome! We just had a steel roof put on our house. No more roof repairs and never a new roof again.

  18. I am going to get a metal roof the next time I need one. They are getting very popular around my area. I'm tired of shingles blowing away. 😕

  19. I always love the kitty pics, and Lola, and the quilts, but, but Corrie B’s quilt is AWESOME! Thank you for sharing! And Corrie B, you got it going on!

  20. So sorry for the leak. I'm hoping I can get a few more years out of my roof.
    This is what I do when hand quilting in a hoop along the edge of the quilt to keep it from being floppy. I tear a long strip of muslin about 8" wide, fold it in 1/3s
    sew the long edge together to keep it from unfolding. Then I lay the quilt nice and flat and smooth the edges of the backing, batting and quilt top. I tug a little at the backing and batting then smooth it then smooth the top down. Then I take some quilting pins and pin the edges together and it is ready to put the hoop on the edge with the muslin. It makes a nice sturdy edge when quilting the edge of the quilt. With a nice long piece of muslin I can just move the hoop as I go along the edge. When I get to the end of the muslin I unpin it and move it along the edge smoothing the backing, batting and quilt top again. I have been doing this for years and like quilting the edges of my quilts this way. I hope this makes sense to all who would like to try it when you get to the edge of your quilt.

  21. Dearest Bonnie: Thank you for publishing your uplifting words. I cut them out and post them on the bathroom mirror for my granddaughter, age 19, who lives with us now. She was severely depressed last year to the point of suicide. We brought her home from the hospital right before xmas and she is making great progress. I encourage her to write down 3 positive things that happened each day, and to write 3 positive affirmations about herself. Keep up the good work you do to build us all up with your positivity. Love your blog and patterns too.


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