Friday, February 26, 2021

Speaking of Labels and More....

I am posting something quilty at the top of this post.

Something that makes me think of sunshine and spring.

And no, the blue project and the snails trail project are still not done - in fact, no sewing happened at all yesterday.  It was just one of those days.

But I AM planning on the next UFO to dig into as soon as the blue project (and the snails trail project) have at least reached top stage.

I am gearing up for a weekend ahead of pedal to the metal, baby because I'd like to see that happen. In one of the above mentioned projects.

And then THIS ONE will be moved to the front of the line - because, it has spent too many years in the "ehhhh!" pile.

I love string piecing more than anything.

You know that.

And the huge Rubbermaid bin by the side of my cabin cutting table is burgeoning.  Like seriously.

Anything 3/4'' on up to around 2'' gets dropped in there as I am cutting things out.

It's like an archeological dig because things are in that bin in layers - dig down a few inches and you'll find the strings left from projects I was working on 6 months ago.

I plan on this "Rocky Road to Kansas" variation being as big as the yellow triangles I've cut allow me to go.  I have a few more of these vintage-y yellows in my FQ's and yardage, but not many.

Chrome yellow is one of those things that comes and goes and never stays in vogue.  And that's okay.

And I have no problem mixing in batiks and modern fabrics with the vintage style ones.  It's a fun montage.  I rather like it!

I LOVED reading all of the comments on Yesterday's Post about where the danger zone of stalling out on any project hits you, and what you do to work your way through it.  Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! 

Something else to talk about!

In response to the photo I posted of the back of Casden's denim quilt HERE - a discussion arose around labels, what to use to write them, when to write them (before or after attaching the label) and different things folks like to do regarding labels.

In this case I didn't write my label yet, as I'm not sure what I'm going to say yet.  it's not that big of a deal to me, it will probably say something like "Happy 5th birthday, Casden" my signature and the year. Basic.

You can always write on your label BEFORE you sew it to your quilt. I know handwriting can be imperfect and sometimes shaky - but I would rather have a quilt with a real signature than a computer-printed one. If you DO print your labels on a printer, or embroider them with your machine, please leave room to at least SIGN your label - in your own hand. It's the most valuable thing you can do for your quilt.

As far as what to sign it with:
These pens do not drag on the fabric when you write - they have a bold black line.

You can find them HERE in the Quiltville Amazon Affiliate Store. Along with the other goodies in the Quilting All the Time category. They run $6.88 for a 2-pack and of course, we love our PRIME shipping.

What you put on your labels is up to you.  How you write/embroider/computer print your labels is up to you - but PLEASE include your own handwritten signature for future generations.

Feel free to add your thoughts on labeling quilts to the comments section below!

Peggy is sharing her recent Grassy Creek finish:

"Thank you for giving us mystery quilts.  I really like this one.  

Here is a photo of my label where I wrote about what the colors mean to me. We like to find, pick, and eat wild mushrooms and clams in the fall so had to include them.  

This quilt is so  pretty on our old cedar fence with the 2 1/2 feet of snow we got in 2 days last week."

This label has so much meaning!

In her own hand!

I love that she has included what each of the colors brings to mind for her.

I hope this encourages someone to include more info. I know I am thinking of including more memories and feelings - especially feelings - in my labels.

Thank you for the inspiration Peggy!

If you haven't started in on your own Grassy Creek quilt yet, it's not too late! Grassy Creek is now available as a PDF pattern booklet, including all of the tips, tricks, hints, helps and optional construction methods for each unit as presented while our mystery was running.

It's also a great time for me to remind everyone that along with Grassy Creek,  ALL digital patterns in the Quiltville Store are 25% off through February 28th using coupon code DIGITAL25 at checkout!

Please remember to type DIGITAL25 in the coupon box and hit APPLY before you complete your purchase.  There are no refunds if you forget!

Oh - and don't forget to enter our February Quilty Box Gift-Away ON THAT POST!  Drawing happens on Monday!

As to my exciting appointment day that left no room for sewing yesterday?  The highlight of the day?  Buying new doormats for Quiltville Inn and the QPO studio.

I am short one. There must be a run on doormats.  Social distancing has us hyper focusing on the weirdest of things!

Oh, and there is little to NONE when it comes to St Patrick's day stuff - but Easter stuff has exploded.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

You've got to bend and roll with the circumstances, baby!
Have a wonderful Friday, everyone!



  1. I do try to write on my Label before I sew it in the corner. The folded corner square is my favorite way since I was on a Scrapbusters yahoo group. I use my scrapbooking Pigma pens on a clipboard with a sheet of Sandpaper clipped on. I put the fabric under the clip so it stays straight. Happy Friday, temps are above freezing in Nebraska. I saw some Tulips poking up. Spring is coming.

    1. I do the same thing, it really does work.

    2. Me, too! The sandpaper does help.

  2. a few years ago I made a quilt for our grand who was five. She lives in Kentucky, we are in Colorado. I wrote on the label that every t8me she hugs her quilt to imagine all the love and hugs I am giving her back. Last year her teacher told the kids to bring something from home that told a story and she took the quilt. She also said her teacher cried when she read the label. Worth every stitch. Sharon in Colorado

    1. I cried too, when I read your post. That sweet teacher was probably remembering something from her past when she was a child. Just reading your post made me remember my grandmother and the quilt she made me when I was a little girl. I played under the quilt which was on a quilting frame which hung from from the ceiling while she and her friend were quilting my quilt! Thanks so much for posting your story.

  3. Pens ordered and will be here Monday. Thank you for sharing. It makes it so easy to spend my husbands money. LOL It finally looks like Spring is coming, but beware we have had snow in March - 13 inches. My BFF got married on Friday night and that was what they had the next morning. Please share the signs of spring in your area.

  4. Thanks for the info on the pens. I just ordered a pack. Have not liked how Pigma or Sharpie (fine) pens have worked for quite some time.
    Also...really liked Peggy's label. I am inspired to make my labels larger!

  5. Southcentral Alaska is still deep in winter. We've not had big snowstorms, just lots of smaller 2-4 inch ones. It’s not been above freezing (and often well below) so there is no melting and the snow piles up. But we have over 10 hours of daylight now, and a friend found some pussy willows, so spring is slowly making its way to us. I have hyacinth bulbs being forced on my kitchen windowsill-they make me smile.

  6. My time to stall a project is when it is ready to sandwich. I get through it by concentrating on making the backing, which is sometimes pieced with leftover shapes. I love planning and stitching so that motivates me to get it done. Today is my 'sandwich' day so I'd better get moving and stop procrastinating!

  7. Often when I make a baby quilt, my label is quilted in the border. The name of the quilt goes along the top, made by with the data along the bottom border, and a wish or a Bible verse on the two side borders. My quilted writing is not the best, but you can make out what's there if you are looking.

  8. I always put handwritten or hand printed labels on my quilts. I have always used pigma pens and someone showed me years ago to iron the label fabric onto freezer paper so it stays nice and firm for writing. Then of course you peel it off.I often tell a little story about the quilt or the fabric or the recipient. It ends up that people glance at the finished quilt then turn it over to read the label. It really helps to personalize the quilt.

    1. Great tip about the freezer paper. Thank you.

  9. Thanks, again, Bonnie! I plan to order the pens, and you've convinced me to try handwriting my next label! I love. Peggy's suggestion, too!

  10. I have put labels on most of the quilts I make. Used to just put fact, my complete name, including maiden name, date, city and state. But now inspired to include more of the story behind the quilt...the whys, occasion, and things that inspired my to create the quilt in the first place. Signs of spring are all around the neighborhood, crocus are blooming and the daffodils are poking their heads out of the cool ground. Will order the pens. Love the quilts but waiting for the books so I have them in one place. Love sharing my morning coffee with you through your blog. Have a great day.

  11. Gracias por todos tus consejos y por darme una razón para seguirte día a día. Aunque ahora no tenga muchas ganas de coser, ya llegará el momento.

  12. I really like the Bible verse on the side borders ....

  13. My labels are computer printed on material if I find one that's light enough to show. Quilt name, designer name, my name, year and to the person's name. May try to add more details next time from the suggestions. Will order those pens since not crazy about the pigma ones.

  14. I love everything about this post - the string piecing, the Grassy Creek quilt and label, the quote of the day and I ordered the pens. I like to hand print my labels but I am prone to making mistakes so... I type them up on the computer using a larger font (Comis Sans MS, 16), print it out, tape it to the glass slider, tape a light neutral over it and just follow the printed letters. (I don't have a light box.) It looks neat and no mistakes! From now on I'll write my name, such a good idea. Thanks Bonnie and everyone for your ideas and inspiration.

  15. I am always interested to see what people include on their label. Mine are pretty basic but I do include a hand written signature as I think it is a little more special. I have seen some very beautiful computer printed and embroidered labels. How nice that we don't all think the same

  16. I like writing my labels by hand mostly, because my embroidery machine is in storage right now. I still hand sign my name tho. I also like to include, city, and state, date, and the reason for the quilt. Too many antique quilts had nothing. They may have had a name or initials and a year, but no date nor place. I think that’s important info!

  17. I like to sign and date the quilt with a washable marking pen and then hand embroider over -- so it will say "To Camden from Grandma Jean" and the date. I could never get the label looking good otherwise, and this way fits with the handmade nature of the quilt.

  18. Hey on Labels, For those of you like me who make mistakes when writing, here's a tip I learned yesterday in a class I took with Mel Beach. She prints out what she wants to put on the label on a piece of paper in a print font that resembles her own handwritten printing, in the exact size (26 - 28 mm) and placement (centered) that she wants to use on the label. Then before applying the label she takes her label fabric and tapes it to the paper. Then she either uses a light box or a convenient window and can easily see and trace the writing onto her fabric. No mistakes and everything is centered perfectly on the label. I love that idea! She also folds the fabric into a triangle and applies it in a corner, but the method of tracing the writing is genius and works with any way you want to apply the label. Karen L. in Florida

  19. I've been waiting for this yellow string quilt to show up again..I love it!I hope there is a pattern in the future!

  20. Instead of a label on the back i hide my secret message within the top of the quilt. Makes it fun for them to find. Ill have to get some pens though so i can sign. Thank you bonnie always for the great suggestions and your generous mystery quilts and fun loving spirit.

  21. I generally prefer to hand write my labels: quilt name, pattern source, my name and date (month/year) finished. It never fails that if I make a computer printed label, I wind up not finishing the quilt until well after the (anticipated) printed date, Lol! Then it's awkward to have to go in and change or add the new date by hand. I'm interested in trying out those pens -- I often piece a label area into the back of quilt so am writing the label info onto the quilted quilt. I have used Sharpies and Pigmas in the past but am willing to use whatever works!


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