Monday, February 22, 2021

Weekend? What Weekend?

Does this look like we were packing for a picnic?

We weren't - we were bugging out and heading over to Quiltville Inn to wait for Monday's propane truck arrival -

I mentioned a couple of days ago that the propane tank to the cabin was dangerously close to running on fumes.⁣
Saturday afternoon when I came back from working at the QPO I was told by the hubster that the time for bugging out and staying at Quiltville Inn until the tank could be filled on Monday had come - We were under 12٪ and with temps in the teens overnight, and barely getting above freezing during the day we were likely to run out that night.⁣
We packed food for 3 days just in case. We packed clothes, and pet supplies. I headed over ahead of the Hubster and Zoey to turn the upstairs thermostat and the gas fireplace in the Hen Den up to a comfortable level and started unpacking the food, making beds, getting things ready for us to stay. (I was really kind of enjoying it to be honest!)⁣

String Spider Web from the Free Patterns tab!

⁣I had no sooner finished when I received a call to come home - that the propane truck had rumbled up the steep drive to the cabin not long after I had left and filled us back to full.⁣
But I had just unpacked! I was ready to cook and EVERYTHING!⁣
I did pack it all back up. Put it all back in the van. And headed home. Like a Yo-yo!⁣
(How many of you remember that song from the Osmonds in the 70s?!)⁣

But that bed I made at the inn may just get napped in this coming week, just because!

The little girl inside of me really wanted to sleep in that white iron bed - while Zoey and The Hubster took the full sized bed in bedroom 5. There is no way all three of us would fit in a full size. LOL!

Having a full propane tank is a wonderful thing!

And it makes me feel so much more for the folks in Texas still shoveling out (and boiling water) from last week's winter disaster.

I know we skirted this out-of-gas disaster by mere margins.  The fact they had a truck come here Saturday (Because he was in the area) instead of our appointed MONDAY time slot was nothing short of a miracle for us.

And to have Quiltville Inn a mere 7 miles up the road with plenty of heat and propane is another blessing.

Another blessing - while at the inn, I opened the door to the laundry room and found water on the floor.

Not in the pan that is under the washer - but oozing out from UNDER the pan on the floor.

This became YESTERDAY's job - it turns out that it was coming from the connection in the wall behind the washer/dryer - and when I unscrewed the couplet attaching the hose to the spigot - I found that the couplet had rusted, and there was NO GASKET in that end of the hose!

This meant a run to Lowes yesterday morning for plumbing supplies - gaskets, and thread tape and some other needed things.

It was an easy fix - but let's face it.  If I hadn't been there on the "Great bug out of 2021 that didn't happen." I wouldn't have found the leak.  It could have been a couple of weeks or more until I found that puddle in the laundry room.

Small miracles surround us everywhere.  It all depends on how you choose to look at the situation.

In the in between time - I sewed.

I sewed and I sewed and I sewed!

I pressed and de-dog-eared and sewed some more.

By my own calculations there will be more photos of triangle productivity as I am only about 1/2 way done constructing the number of triangles I need for the "whittle down the blue strips" project.

Once the triangles are made, the rest should come along quite quickly.  And I am having fun watching that drawer of blue strips close just a bit easier each time I cut up a batch.

For those who are asking - I don't use my Accuquilt studio for everything.  Sometimes it is easier to grab the rotary cutter and ruler to trim up a scrap left from something else, rather than wait for a whole big batch to be trimmed down by Accuquilt.

I am NOT using the Accuquilt to cut my half-square triangles. I would need wider strips to do that, leaving some margin around the shape on the die, and these are already cut to width.

It's Essential Triangle Tool all the way for me.  But of course, you can use any method you choose to make your triangle units.  The sizes will be given in the pattern when it is time.

These two kept us quite entertained!

Here Ivy is giving Zoey a pawdicure.  LOL!

Last night's binding escapades.

It's getting there!

And that zig zag stripe is just the bomb as binding!

I'm going to definitely have a tough time hanging on to this quilt until Casden's birthday.  I just know he is going to love it!

And I do believe that catches us up for our weekend of run-around.  How are things where you are?  Have we turned the corner on this winter yet?

Less than one week left!

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Coupon code must be used at purchase for discount to take effect - be sure you click REDEEM YOUR COUPON, place the code in the coupon box and hit apply before checking out.  No refunds if you forget, okay?

The store has been BUSY over the weekend, so I'll be jumping over to the QPO studio in just a bit to get my Monday going.

I am looking forward to some things I have going on.  How about you?

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage applique quilt found in North Carolina.

The pursuit of perfection is crazy making!
Let's keep life real!



  1. Bonnie, do you sell the pattern for the quilt on the small bed at the Inn? I love it and would love to make it.

    1. String Spider Web is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog. Enjoy!

    2. The pattern is in Bonnie's free pattern selection, located under the blog header.

  2. I don't know about what it is like where you live, but here (WI) when you start to see the first robins it's a sure sign of Spring. Well, they seem to be early this year because I saw a tree full on Feb 19. Can't wait for some Spring like weather. Supposed to hit the 40s this week. Can't wait to see what you do with the blue and white HST.

  3. That white bed looks inviting. Glad the leaky hose gasket was an eazy fix. All those blues!! Need to get my stitches in today. Hot cocoa in my Frolic Quiltville mug!!

  4. No turn onsite teryet.....some of are best snows come in the spring! (NC mountains).

  5. I know the feeling about low propane. Ours is currently about 5% with delivery on Tuesday. House is at 60 degrees inside. Lucky for us, the outside temps are near 40 at night now and daytime mid 60. I’m in Texas and am thanking God we did not run out when it was 5 degrees outside

  6. That was a crazy adventure of a weekend! So glad you stayed warm and found the leak!
    Pawdicure made me laugh out loud for real!

  7. How great that you checked the laundry room! Hope all the hoses are now good. Looking forward to seeing the new blue and white quilt pattern!

  8. Say what you will about high taxes, earthquakes and all around huge cost of living... San Diego reached 82* yesterday and Carlsbad 78*.... All y'all are made of stronger stuff, i couldn't manage in ice, snow, huge layered clothing! Blessings and early Spring prayed for all... Cats

  9. Other than it being light longer, I'm not holding my breath on spring weather here to stay yet. I know robins are the traditional sign, but they are often way too optimistic especially the town birds. I go by red wing blackbirds. I'm glad you found the leak and got the LP tank filled.

  10. Is that a Chamber Pot next to the white iron bed? Guess if electric out and you cant flush toilets, good to have aroung....ha ha!

    1. That's too funny! I was imagining the same thing - things must really be rough in the mountains this year if you're hauling out the chamber pots.

    2. Me too! Obviously, a lot of us were having those thoughts!

  11. I think the stars above lined up perfectly for you to get propane and catch the leak before it became a big disaster.

  12. Things always happen for a reason and I'm sure you're glad you found that leak. We used to have to wait for the propane truck growing up. We've finally warmed up in SD. We were 45 this morning and should be 55 by this afternoon.

  13. Just another example of, "It's an ill wind that blows no good. "

  14. Central Texas. Well we made it but still a lot of fixes needed. Mother 95 and walker turned over on Thursday so she is off to her physicians assistant today.
    My house has no water as pipe to house is broken. My DH is living there I am living in my Mom's house. Mother's house water is fine but still a burn ban. Just boiled a big pan of water for rinsing dishes and things like that. Plummer is called ? how long but might be tomorrow. Third house has pole shed and part of that roof failed after the snow and ice load. Insurance man phoned and a repair man to give estimate on that. Never ending. Trash pick up tomorrow. We managed to get a carton of water yesterday to drink.
    We have food. All electric failed and for the first time in 40 years of living here.

    1. Sounds like you are Texas Tough, just the facts and no whining. Glad your Mom is ok.

  15. Love pics of the critters.

  16. I love the string spider quilt on the white iron bed and hope you make some time to cuddle up with it this week Bonnie. I also love Casden's denim quilt. I'm thinking I should make a denim quilt for my daughter, a quilt that can withstand some rough-housing from her playful dogs. I finished sewing my Grassy Creek blocks and sashing together. It looks beautiful on my bed. This weekend I worked on the string-pieced border and started thinking about how I will quilt it. Life is good.

  17. We were without power last week. Spent two nights at 12 degrees, then caved and spent 3 nights at a hotel. Pipes at barn burst, but other than that, no damage. Makes me appreciate even more how fortunate we are. I feel so bad for the Texans and their weather miseries.

  18. the binding on Casden's quilt is just right! I love it!

  19. Yep, weird weather for South Texas. Robins were already here before SNOWVID. Robins were even prancing around in the snow. Azaleas were fixin' to bloom before snow came. My hibiscus was still blooming when the snow came. Crazy... All my shrubs are pretty much pfft. I will have to see if any survive by scraping bark and hoping for some green so I will know how far to cut back. One thing is for sure, I hope this killed off the sod webworms that have been killing my grass...

    And I most definitely hope that those that need help & relief because of this disaster are able to receive it. It should have never happened... And sad to say, I'm afraid this snow event will happen again and we best be prepared. Systematic rolling blackouts for 2-3 hours would have been awesome instead of having to be so completely without power to cause so much danger to the people... Last week was definitely an atrocity...

  20. I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason and am very grateful for the angel that sits on my shoulder.

  21. Bonnie,
    Your blog brightens my day. It is one of the first things I read when I get up usually around 4 or 5 am. I am healing from a broken shoulder and when I finally haul myself out of bed I just need to sit for a few minutes until all the juices get flowing again. WE have had temps above freezing here in NW OH for the past couple of days. After a long stretch and 10" of snow on the ground and below freezing temps, the sun has been out and its starting to give hope of springtime not too far away. Normally Spring is my least favorite season, with summer a close second. I enjoy cooler weather. But this is the first winter we did not head to a warmer climate, and I'm tired of being cooped up. And with recovery from the shoulder injury. it has been especially confining. I have been able to sew a bit. Going to attempt some pillow shams to go with my Box KIte quilt that I am gifting my granddaughter when she moves into her first apartment this fall. Today is2nd covid injection and PT for the shoulder. A busy week of PT and doctor's apts awaits.

  22. Ok bonnie, if I had the Inn I would have to go over and sleep there some!
    I would not be able to resist!!!! Glad it all worked out ok.

  23. We had the same thing happen with our washer. After a leak that ran amuck, got a water alarm that sits on the floor right under the hose. Works like a charm.
    PS I would have stayed at the inn for a weekend of quiet and alone time.

  24. I don't think we have had a day WITHOUT snow, since the beginning of January. It just keeps piling up, and up, and up!! No January thaw, either. Will we get a thaw in February? I hope a bit of one! Otherwise, there will be flooding when the snow in the mountains melts. At least, we have electricity and heat.
    I remember The Sleet Storm od '98 when our power company was caught flat-footed. Power poles and wires came down, along with a lot of trees. I went 15 days without power, but had a kerosene heater that I used when I was home from work! I did have a gas range, so I could cook. I carried water, 4 one-gallon jugs at a time, from my job. I lived about 8 miles from town. I did have some help, from friends and neighbors. One neighbor, with wood heat took my parakeets. A friend told me how to drain my toilet tank and fill it with antifreeze, to keep it from freezing up.
    To all those in Texas, I feel your pain.

  25. I really like your quote of the day! I heard this on the radio the other day “Excellence does not require perfection!” The origin was unknown, but that is an awesome one too! We can all be so hard on ourselves sometimes! Thanks for sharing your life and talents with us! 💕

  26. So glad for you that you caught that leak before it became a waterfall! Our snow in east central Oregon is GONE! We could get out, and I got a flimsy from storage that I need to redo a border on, turned out wonky. AND I brought back home as well a lap quilt that got gifted to MOM in love years ago. After she died I got it back. It will come in handy here at my computer, it is a cold corner in our house and will help keep me warm. The previous lap quilt here is now threadbare and needs a total new cover! (not wasting the batting!)

  27. I have an applique quilt kit given to me by a friend about 15 years ago. The date on the kit is 1978. There is white precut white fabric for borders and squares. pre cut pink 8 petal flowers and green pre cut leaves. The leaves are cut in one piece similar to the vintage quilt in the picture you shared. The leaves on your vintage quilt has 3 leaves and the leaves in my kit have 4 leaves. There are templates made of cardboard. I haven't read the instructions in all the time that I have had this quilt kit. I'm just guessing there are templates just in case I would want to cut more flowers and leaves. I have 3 quilts ahead to finish and knitting and crocheting. I don't know if I will ever get enough time to put the kit together.
    This time of year here in Montclair, California it's time for me to get together all my vegetable and flower seeds and start planting.
    I sure do like the little jeans quilt with the bright stripes and the pretty race car backing. I thought I would forward this blog to my girlfriend so she can see your so sweet cute. My friend has a 4 months old grandson and I'm sure she would like to make one just like it for him. I have already made 2 quilts for my twin great grandsons who are 2 yrs. or I would make 2 of your jeans quilts for them. I have 12 great grand children and so I wont be making anymore twin size quilts. My oldest great is 24 yrs. old and the twins are the youngest of the greats.


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