Monday, February 08, 2021

Snow Day Sew Day Sunday!

Are you tired of seeing this?

Believe me - I haven't gone anywhere else worthy of taking photos of - this was my weekend!

We followed the forecast, which stated 4 to 6 inches would fall between Saturday night and Sunday morning.

They weren't lying!

Still - there is something magical about the quietness of snow fall, and waking up to it at dawn.

Clean, crisp, cold, beautiful - 

Zoey, checking it all out!

Someone forgot to tarp the RZR! LOL!

(Wasn't me!)

I stayed in and worked on a project while someone brushed out the RZR and plowed the drive.

Things had really started to melt by late afternoon so we took a little drive over to Quiltville Inn to finish the utility room stocking job, and get the blinds hung.

This is SUCH a huge improvement over what it was!

And before you laugh at the mountain of toilet paper -

Just know that I will NEVER be without enough paper ever again!

Did you know that on average, 12 quilters + 3 night stay = 16 rolls of toilet paper?  TRUE!

All of the quilts are shelved!

I took this photo just so you'd be able to see what was here.

Because it now looks like this.

All of the shelving units will be draped to keep out dust, etc.  But I wanted you to see what was ON the shelves before I covered them up.

My Forever Mine quilt is on the entry table!

Norma T finished her Forever Mine runner!

"Finished my table runner in time for Valentine’s Day!"

Super cute, Norma!  I love seeing this in your fabrics!

Rosanne C finished hers, too!

"I changed the aquas to browns. All of my blues are pulled for the Winter Blues quilt"

Oh, this is yummy!  It brings to mind chocolate covered cherries!!! Mmmmm!

As Valentine's Day is nearly upon us, I would love to share YOUR Forever Mine projects this week!  You can email photos to me by clicking the envelope icon beneath my signature at the bottom of this post!

Time is running out!

As February rolls on, so does our PDF pattern sale for my Forever Mine quilts! The price is marked at 25% off the regular price through Valentine's Day. No coupon required!

Both the wall hanging/topper and the table runner are included.  You'll find the pattern, and many others in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store

While Saturday night was like this - Click to Play:

Zoey loves her rubber chicken!

My Monday is feeling like this!

But there is a brand new week just waiting to be stepped into, snow or no snow. (Oh, there is still snow!)

Along with the snow is abundant sunshine, and I'll be found at my desk putting some finishing touches on something releasing soon.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend, that you were able to make some progress on some things you've been working on, that you were safe and warm and cozy.

I'm also remembering my Grannie today - it's her birthday.  The older I get, the more I miss her. There are conversations I wish I could have with her as I navigate my way into the later years of my life.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

This is so true - in so many ways!
In some areas I've been purging or repurposing.
Some areas I am just grateful for the abundance I have but have stopped adding to it.
It's a constant shift of want/need/use/rethink/rehome!
Do you have that going on too? ⁣
Vintage quilt shared by Irene at Cotton to Quilts 

I am in love with the pink setting squares and the rose like design quilted in them!

However you spend your Monday, have a great one!



  1. Yes, yes, yes, I too am purging/sorting/trying to use up/and go without new. And I am right there with you on missing my grandmother. I was raising children when I lived close to her (that's not an excuse just a fact) and now I treasure my memories of her even more. She had stories I don't know but she was a no nonsense person and would tell me not to dwell on this. :) I would love to have coffee/tea with her. I did have one opportunity to sit at a quilting frame with her and I know my stitches were much larger than hers but she was so encouraging. Have a great week, Bonnie! I have times when I feel like Zoey looks in your photo.

  2. oh yeah sick of snow here in MD too but more coming TWICE this week so they say...and missing relatives increases exponentially, esp when more are gone than are left....makes one feel like you're disappearing...

    1. I feel just like that. In the last few years, all the women in my family seem to be passing and it's hard. I miss them terribly.

  3. I spent most of yesterday - not a football fan - organizing and rearranging my sewing room. I’m of an age where purchasing fabric makes no sense unless it’s to finish something made from what I already have, or a special occasion like my great nieces wedding! Such a freeing and mind-healthy feeing as I stepped into the room this morning.

  4. We have 12" of snow at least and temperatures well below zero. Wind chill yesterday morning was -32. Great days for sewing and baking.

  5. I think your quote for the day becomes more meaningful the older we get. Love the picture of the entry/stairway at the Inn. Have a blessed day.

  6. Yes, I’m rethinking and purging after moving into a new house. As I unpack I ask myself, “Do I still need this?” It’s amazing how much I don’t!

  7. The post office is looking great! Love that stack of quilts. We've hardy had any snow but it is in the forecast. Your snow looks so pretty!
    Are groups getting back to retreating now that the holidays are over?

  8. Ooooh, how satisfying was it to fill that shelving unit up with all of that yummy quiltiness? Sure makes for an inspiring photo. Your finished storage room is going to be so handy and make running the inn so much more efficient.

    Zoey, you funny girl!

  9. oh my gosh your INN looks amazing -- loved seeing the entryway and of course your work is perfectly cozy and inviting us in!!! Thanks for that picture. Snow and bitter cold in Iowa so should be purging as too cold to go out but you know-- always something else calling my name!! LOL

  10. Oh yes, a year of extra stuff added in Nebraska means we've got to pull a small uhaul home. Not just Sewing/quilty stuff. Books! And wood projects. We are blessed to have access to fun tools. Love the racks full of Quilts. TP is a comodity we have plenty of, but it can stay here. Priorities lol

  11. Reminds me of the comment a resident said of the smaller town we moved to four years ago, "If we don't have it, you don't need it!"

  12. My Grandmother too was a no nonsense person. I wish that I had asked many questions, like why did you move West from Ontario to a dirt floor in a sod house. She was one of those people that if something needed doing she did it. When she was my age (76) she was painting the outside of their two storey house. Just love your pictures of Quiltville Inn and hope that this year things will calm down and allow retreats etc to happen. Keep writing your blog no matter what anyone says it's the first thing I open in the morning. Lots of love from Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada where it is -49C with the windchill and no respite until maybe next week!

  13. Living on a farm, I have learned I am more comfortable with lots of essentials (TP, etc) stashed away...definitely has come in handy the past year!! Yet I still seem to get a package of TP every time I shop! Love the way the inn looks in the snow...picture postcard right there!!!

  14. Great job on the store room! Looks so fresh. The shelving unit full of quilts is wonderful & I'm happy you covered them. I was concerned about the light from the windows fading them even with the blinds. I'm with you on the TP. I was stocked last year when it wasn't available and replaced what we used. Sure don't want to go through the panic of no TP. This morning our temp was -7 according to AccuWeather. I didn't even open the insulated drapes to look out at the thermometer. Our high today is to reach 3. Those temps are supposed to last all week. Makes me glad I'm an old retired lady and don't have to be concerned about cold or snow early in the morning. Love the Zoey photos, she's always worth a smile.

  15. I LOVE toilet paper math. LOL.

  16. I'm loving your snow pictures and of course, Zoey anything! To make you all feel better: I am trying to put away Christmas decorations and I seem to have more than I started with in December?! I am currently sewing down my Scrap Users and string bags, it is so satisfying. I know my stash is getting smaller, but it is kinda like losing weight, a little at a time and my shelves are getting a little easier to deal with, but nothing really noticeable. Come to think of it, I would be happy if that happened to my clothes, too!

  17. we have a stack of paper towels and tp , hubby is not going to do without

  18. we are trying to downsize!! Had a huge yard sale last fall. Hope to get rid of more this year! Also thinking of building a smaller house - so we can't add stuff!!!

  19. Bonnie, the snow pics are beautiful thank you for sharing. Our temps have been consistent in mid-sixties so seeing snow is a real treat. The lovely photos of the entryway at the Inn are so inviting. Wishing our group was bundled up on the porch drinking hot chocolate watching Zoey explore! Joy!!

  20. Hello!! I for one never get tired of seeing the snow, as we are snow-deprived here in South Texas. I love your balcony! You are absolutely correct though, in the fact that snow can be so beautiful when it has first fallen and there are no footprints in it. I love Zoey. She reminded me of the way our dogs used to sleep like that. My cat does that sometimes to. I never laugh at too much toilet paper, though my DH was at first. Then he realized they were putting a limit on it and said I am so sorry for getting mad at you!! HAHA!! Anyway, as for your quote, I have everything I need, but I could probably do a little purging or paring down in the sewing room. ( Don't let him hear that!) Have a great rest of the week!!

  21. I sort of envy you your snow. We had ice falling as we got out of church. It made a slow interesting drive. What normally takes 15 min took 45. Happy everyone got home safely. Your Zoey is a hoot I get smile everytime I see her.

  22. Love those wire shelves. Soo useful! I have five. lol. The Inn is really beautiful! I don't think I have seen the entry way before.

  23. Tomorrow is suppose to be 76f. here. Supposedly getting stew/soup weather this weekend.

  24. Hi Bonnie, love your snow photos as we in Aus sit in our singlet tops and shorts.
    Could you please tell me if you know what the breed mix of your dog. We love seeing your funny photos...

  25. Had to laugh at Zoey in the snow - her giraffe legs looked more like a corgi's! Crazy pupster and the chicken.
    Love the colour of the new stock room walls and the lovely table topper in the entrance is perfect. Thank you.

  26. The snow looks so beautiful, but not in the razr lol. Been a while since I have commented but love your blog and ZoeyJo is so cute doing her pretzel.
    Stay safe love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx

  27. Utility room looks lovely!

  28. Bonnie, Quiltville Inn looks beautiful!
    I like that you're publishing patterns one at a time electronically instead of doing a whole book - makes patterns easier to find.
    Sure wish we would get some of your snow!

  29. I want to thank you for your daily (almost) uplifting thoughts. I couldn't do a scrap quilt for any amount of trying, but I follow your blog because you inject your very upbeat personality in all your posts. I feel like you're a friend, just when I need one. Speaking of getting real about "stuff", we moved last month from our 2,242 sq. ft. house to a 1,200 sq. ft. house. I'm donating and selling and we have a storage rented that's just stuffed. It will take months to make it all fit properly. But it feels SO much better and the little house will cost less to heat/cool/maintain and that means more QUILTING time. Love to you and keep up the good work.

  30. Hi Bonnie! My "little" grandma's birthday was also February 8th. She was only 4'10" or so, a farm girl by origin but became a lawyer's wife. So she made a lot of fancy suits to fit the part. And she was a great cook and baker. Lots of precious memories of Grandma!

  31. I so enjoy your quotes each day they are so inspirational and true to my life. It has become part of my morning routine to read your blog.

  32. Hi Bonnie, I so wish that I could visit Quiltville, but my health prevents me from coming. I think you should require a roll of toilet paper a part of the deposit (ha, ha). My hubby and I are slowly weeding out our abundance of "stuff" from over 50 years of marriage. I still miss my Granny who died in 1978. She would mend our clothes with patches and the tiniest stitches. She never quilted or for that matter, had a sewing machine to make clothing.


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