Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Jan/Feb 2020 Quiltmaker Gift-Away!

Can you believe it’s this time already!?

I hate to rush through what time we have left of 2019, but I returned home to some goodies that are too good not to pass on to you!

I have been writing for Quiltmaker Magazine  sharing articles, patterns, tips & tricks for more than a dozen years now.  As we get ready to turn the calendar to another year, there are MORE Addicted to Scraps column blocks just waiting for you to dig in and play with your scraps.

Right away, I was captivated by the fun cover quilt as we turn to our next upcoming Valentine’s Day -

Check this out:

Hearts and more hearts!  In springy colors!

(I know it’s still December, but can we THINK SPRING!?)

Happy Hearts by Stephanie Cunningham.


Magazines are still your best pattern value hands-down, and there and many in here that made my eyes dance.  I love ANY quilt with a star design, and there are many in this issue.

Stars Align would be perfect for that handsome guy in your life!

Made by Karen Bialik.

I think it would be great as a Patriotic Red, White & Blue number too!

Chasing the Rainbow by Pam Boswell.

OH, now my scrap lovin’ heart is dancing a jig!

Garden Lattice by Charisma Horton.


If this doesn’t get you out of your winter blahh’s I don’t know what will!

Perhaps – dig into your Scrap User’s System and start playing with our Addicted to Scraps column of the month: Geese on the Fly!

If you love your Essential Triangle tool as much as I do -

The conversion of traditional rotary cutting methods into Essential Triangle Tool cutting will come easy to you!

Things to love about the 2020 issues?  They have increased my column to include several paragraphs of my own voice in words.  It really feels like I am sharing MORE than just a pattern with my readers.  I hope you enjoy what you find in each issue.

I have pulled together a Gift-Away bundle for one lucky reader!

Along with the Jan/Feb '20 issue, I'm throwing in my 2 1/2'' x 6 1/2'' Quiltville ruler by Creative Grids, A Bernina sewing kit,  a Sew Totally Awesome Notepad, and a set of 10 Quilty Pencils!

And I have listened to what folks have said over the past year about feeling left out when it comes to Gift-Aways if they live internationally. 

Sometimes when I am offering a Gift-Away for another company I have no choice in making it “USA Addresses only” As sometimes there are customs rules and laws involved with shipping internationally that we have to abide by.  Sometimes it is the weight of the item and the insurance to ship it that ends up costing more than the items themselves.  There are many reasons – but starting with this Gift-Away I am offering up a compromise.

I will open this Gift-Away to EVERYONE, and if the random number generator draws your international entry you have a couple of options.  Either I can send it to your friend/relative’s address within the USA and they can get it to you, or you will agree to pay the postage/customs for the items you have won.

By entering this Gift-Away you acknowledge that you are in agreement to pay the postage that will be billed to you before the items ship out.  Deal?

We will draw for our winner in Monday morning's post, December 16th!

Good luck everyone!

Oh, Dresden!

It sure looks like he didn’t want me to go anywhere as I was trying to wash the contents of my suitcase, and re-pack for heading up to Virginia.

The good news is, son Jeff has a new job with Spring, is working 40+ hours a week (His first real man job complete with benefits! HOORAY!) and Dresden and Lola are cared for on a nightly basis.  They are in good hands and are keeping Jeff company.

Lola, you are a sweet girl!

I do love how they love ME when I come through the door.  It’s a whole “Where have you been? We’ve missed you!” kind of greeting as they meow me right over to the treat jar.  And they win.  Treats for everyone!

Emmy Lou is doing great at the cabin, and will remain solo kitty.  I won’t bring Dresden and Lola to the cabin until after SHE has crossed the rainbow bridge because she deserves some peace and quiet in her last years.  She will be 20 next October.

My morning greeting!

I am so happy to finally be up here and setting things straight with all the loose ends that need to be tied down after my trip to Germany/Austria.  There is mail order to get out.  There is sewing to be done (Soon – please let it be soon!) and little by little over the next few weeks we will be painting door trim, base boards and window frames at Quiltville Inn.  But please – let there be sewing time!

If you missed yesterday’s post – there are some special things happening in the Quiltville Store:

My Quilter's Date Keeper is on sale for $9.99 through the month of December!

Our December half-price PDF Pattern-of-the-month: Hunter’s String Star!

And the new PDF Pattern release – Warm Hands, Warm Heart is ready for you!

And for those who are confused about downloading to an Ipad, not knowing how to find your download after you've done the deed, I've found this:

How to find where your PDF went on an Ipad.

You see – the problem isn’t the downloading to an Ipad, it’s knowing where to find your file after it has done so, and most people don’t know where to find it because you can’t determine where it goes like saving a file to a real computer.  I hope this helps someone.  Or many someones. 

I will be adding this info to the Digital Pattern section of the Store in hopes it solves the problem of the many emails starting “Where did my download go?”

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

I'm replacing my fear of the unknown with "What if?!"

2020 will be a year of change and growth and I'm excited to see what will unfold.

It's not just going to be good, it's going to be better!

Have a wonderful Wednesday, everyone!


  1. Welcome home! May your sewing time happen sooner than soon! I get downright cranky when i'm quilty-deprived! Hopefully, you will find time to share the results of your Beta tester quiltville inn group! I imagine they got along well, and still hoping for details!!! Drying out in Carlsbad, CA - Cats

  2. Glad you are home, even if your sleep clock is messed up. Home is where we find our normal, even if it doesn't seem normal to others. I loved seeing all the pictures from your trip. Thanks for sharing them.
    Can't wait to see all 2020 brings.
    Anna in IL

  3. 2020 is going to be So Different! I'll be on our Church Mission in Nebraska. Quilting days will be fewer! I need this QM giftaway! My subscription expired.

  4. Traveling is fun, but it’s good to be home and rest in your bed, aah! The photos from your trip were beautiful. Hopefully, it’ll be my good fortune to travel with you some day!

    Gwen Jones, down South in Jacksonville, FL

  5. Traveling is fun, but it’s good to be home and rest in your bed, aah! The photos from your trip were beautiful. Hopefully, it’ll be my good fortune to travel with you some day!

    Gwen Jones, down South in Jacksonville, FL

  6. I hope you can take a few days just for yourself! You have been a very busy bee this year!

  7. Welcome back! I'm curious what you might have learned from the Test Weekend at Quilt Villa? What worked, what didn't, what do you need to change?

    (It appears you thought everything through so well - just wondering if there were any a-ha's!)

  8. Glad you're home safe and sound! I've been working through my "Mount Scrap-more" at last and making progress on cutting and organizing scraps -- something I began years ago and let slide -- so I thank you SO much for your Scrap User's System! All the best for the holidays, too!

  9. Nice option for us international people. I have access to a US mailbox through family. Thanks Bonnie.

  10. thanks Bonnie for opening your giveaway to people outside the US. That's very nice of you! So happy to hear you made it home safe and sound. I can't imagine how exhausted you must be and still having to do "things" rather than sit and sew! Hope you do get time to do so! Welcome home! and thanks for taking your readers with you! Was lovely to read about it and see your amazing photos!

  11. God bless your little Emmy Lou! She is most fortunate to have you and your considerate care for her. Of course, that is only one of the things that you do so very well. Enjoy your time at home.

  12. Love the star within a star within a star quilt at the close of today's post. What's the provenance (sp?) on that quilt? It's a beauty.

  13. I have just discovered you and i so enjoy everything you make, do and teach!! I am consequently learning from you!! It's fantastic!! I've ordered 2 of your books and the essential triangle and cannot wait for there arrival!!!
    Thank you so much!!


  14. Just recently discovered you!! You are a great teacher of all things quilt!
    Awaiting 2 books and the essential triangle to arrive...any day now! yeah!!
    Look forward to Web cam, please continue making those videos!!
    Thank you!!

  15. Would love to win�� Have a Merry Christmas! Looking forward to seeing you at Asilomar again in March.

  16. Thanks for the chance to win!! I miss ordering things right from you - And I hope you find some time to relax now that you are back!! Merry Christmas Bonnie and family. Tons of love to you and yours

  17. Great gift drawing! Welcome back this week! Hope I am drawn 🤞

  18. So glad all is well with you and the family. Congrats to son Jeff, how wonderful! Everyone needs some good news and contentment from time to time. Enjoy your home time.

  19. Lover your quilts and am excited about the mystery quilt I am doing with you now.

  20. I would love to win your giveaway as I love your quilts and I loved the time I took a class from you. You are a great person and an excellent teacher.

  21. I'm new to your Blog. Love your photos as inspiration and wishlist additions. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  22. My mother-in-law would like to know the name of the quilt on your banner (the one that Sadie is relaxing on.

  23. I loved seeing pictures from your trip to Austria and Germany. My Grandfather on my Mother's side was from Austria. I don't know anything about him and wish I did. I have some kind of a keepsake that was his it is very nice and has a lock of hair in it. I would love to be the lucky person to win the Gift-Away. Loved the pictures of the Inn with the ladies who stayed there and got some good visiting done along with some sewing.

  24. Glad you made it safely home. Looking forward to some quilts finished in 2020,

  25. Quiltmaker is the one quilting magazine I try to keep my subscription to because of YOU!!! Yes I do enjoy the other patterns but I always look to see what you are sharing each time. I've ;eared a lot from doing your mystery quilts and enjoy seeing your photos from your trips.

  26. Thank you thank you thank you I’ve been looking for the H is for happy pdf for ages the rest I bought I didn’t download after I lost it I just printed them out so I’d have them. Thank you for all the lovely pictures of Quiltville inn how lovely to find the old newspapers a real touch of the past.
    Lola and Dresden are such beautiful cats and look very content Jeff is doing a good job of their care, and congratulations to him on his new job.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Anne xxx


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