Thursday, December 26, 2019

When You Forget the Night Before -

When you forget the night before, you post it the day after!

I had saved a special something for Christmas Eve.  Only I FORGOT!

How could I forget?  Well, it becomes more of a regular occurrence around here as there is just too much going on to keep it all straight in my brain.

On our way to Salzburg, we made a very special visit to the tiny little town of Obendorf to visit the Stille-Nacht-Kapelle or Silent Night Chapel where on December 24, 1818, the Christmas carol was performed for the first time.

This sweet little round chapel is a monument to the Christmas carol Silent Night and its librettist, Joseph Mohr and its composer, Franz Xavier Gruber. It stands on the site of the former St. Nicholas's Church.

We were told on the bus NOT to sing Silent Night in the chapel – that the carol is reserved ONLY for singing on Christmas Eve.  (Which is why I wanted to save it for December 24th, but – well, you know….bye bye brain!)

Joseph Mohr and Franz Xavier Gruber

Taking turns to go inside – it is very tiny!

Christmas in Germany and Austria –

Attention to every decorating detail!

The arrangements were so gorgeous!

The scent of burning candles and incense brings a feeling of reverence.

Above the altar.

This little place was so precious!

The little town surrounding the chapel -

Little Christkindlemarkt in full swing.

We spent a couple of wonderful hours here.

It was cold – perfect for mugs of hot gluhwein while wandering.

Such a precious little town!

Just across the river.

We were walking around, hot mugs in hand when we spied this church across the way.  I started recording a little video as church bells started to ring – first one, and then another across the way, and then another joined in. So much clanging and bonging, it was marvelous.  Click to Play:

With time to spare, we found ourselves walking down the road, to the bridge that took us over to that church on the other side.  There were no crowds there.  It was silent, and still and marvelous.

We climbed plenty of steps to get this view!

And that water looks SO cold.

And at the top of the steps:

Another shrine.

We never would have found this place if we had stayed in the tiny town center of Obendorf. 

From the bottom of the steps.

Much like the lock bridge in Salzburg -

We made it!  And oh, the colors!

(Even the green dumpster adds to the rainbow! LOL!)

was it worth the hike?  YES!

Grave markers in the cloisters.

Late afternoon sunlight casting shadows.

So glad we made this pilgrimage!

Returning from our hike to the Stille Nacht Chapel!

There was time for one more gluhwein before heading back to the bus.  And I was ever so grateful for the long-johns under my jeans, and the sherpa mittens I had purchased keeping my hands toasty!

Yesterday was a quiet affair.  A late breakfast – and a long after-breakfast soak in the hot tub.  That was simply just bliss!  It’s not often we have Christmas with temps in the 60s.  I grabbed that morning sunshine and basked in it, vowing to take the day as slow as possible.

I spoke with both of my sons in the morning – video chatting with Jason in Oregon, wishing he were here, but understanding that kids go where jobs are.  It’s more important that he is out there living his best life, than requiring him to be home for Christmas.

Jeff met up with us late afternoon in Wilkesboro for our annual family tradition of catching a movie.  Star Wars it was.  This tradition started when the boys were little with all of the Home Alone movies which as the years passed morphed into all of the Harry Potters, and then the Lord of the Rings series, and then Star Wars – What will be our plan for next year?  Who knows!  But we enjoyed a couple of hours just losing ourselves in the movie.

Jeff works in Winston-Salem, and worked until closing on Christmas Eve, had yesterday off, but is back at it this morning so there wasn’t time for him to come do an overnight – and I get that too.  But hugging one of my sons on Christmas was a gift!

There was some machine time!

It’s all I asked Santa for this year!

There are several projects that need to be moved forward, but I vowed not to think about deadlines and just enjoy the process of putting pieces through the machine.

Evening hours – feet up, thimble on!

White Christmas was watched Christmas Eve.  Holiday Inn came last night as I added stitches to this long term project, which felt very Christmassy with these colors – I’m getting close to the center, and when I’m done with the fans, I’ll have to come up with something for the border.  It’s likely got at least one more Christmas season left in it before I can call it done.

And that brings me to now!  Boxing day for those who celebrate it, Second Christmas for those who call it that – I’m just calling it SLOW THURSDAY.

My only real job today is getting tomorrow’s Frolic Mystery Part 5 ready to roll out tomorrow morning.

And I’m vowing to enjoy that process as I get it and the PDF copy ready.

Don’t forget that we have our December Quilty Box and IronEZ Gift-Away going on!  Did you enter to win ON THAT POST?!  I will be drawing for FIVE GOLDEN WINNERS!  Drawing to happen Saturday morning, so head on over and get your entry in.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Quilt shared by Kevin the Quilter.

Of all of the gifts one can receive, these are the most important!

Happy Boxing Day!


  1. The church bells were very neat to hear Bonnie. Thanks for sharing that with us. It looked like such a beautiful place, but yes, too cold.. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  2. There is the only permitted replica of this chapel in Frankenmuth MI (outside the largest Christmas store in the world, and down the street from a nice quilt shop)

    1. Thanks for that info - the Silent Night chapel? Have seen it but wasn't aware of it's meaning!

  3. Enjoy your quiet time! Marilyn Marks

  4. December 26th also known as St. Stephan's Day in German speaking countries. Another day that is known after the name-day-saint is fast approaching: St. Sylvester, short Sylvester, December 31st.

  5. Hope you enjoy your quiet time sewing and relaxing. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

  6. Ahhh it was Thursday yesterday! I keep forgetting what day is which! Daughter went home yesterday, today is change the sheets ready for my son tomorrow! I may sleep all day Sunday!
    I loved hearing the bells all together - quite harmonious too. I'd love to see those places, but flying days are done. Maybe ferry/drive one day. But for now I just soak up your photos - lovely. Thank you.

  7. Oh how I miss Christkindlemarkt in Bethlehem PA. It may not be like being in Germany, but the town just shines at this time of year.


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