Wednesday, December 18, 2019

In a Christmas Bind!

When the right green speaks to you, listen!

I have, over the past several years, learned to make decisions based solely on what I have on hand.  My “abundant” fabric stash lives 100 miles away in North Carolina (But this coming year is the year we deal with changing that!) and I am left to fend with bits and pieces that I have on hand.

It’s usually PLENTY to work with when I am making things in a rainbow of scrappiness where all I need are a multitude of colors and a plethora of neutrals, my favorite and most needed staple.

But once you start creating with a color theme in mind – things can get a bit dicey!

There was not enough red to finish the edge -

And I didn’t want a scrappy binding, as it would disappear against the scrappy border. I felt the quilt had too much red already, and I wanted something to brighten that edge up just a bit -

A bright green is the answer!

And I love the pop it gives to the edge of the backing as well.

A red binding would be expected – but boring.

Green for the win!

I made it about half way last night -

2 corners down, 2 to go!

I had a one yard piece of this red in my cabin stash – some selective cutting and re-piecing and it was just big enough.  The trimmed margins after quilting will be cut to Scrap User’s System strip widths and funneled right in, ready to use again in another project needing a variety of reds.

I’ve been asked many times about the width of my binding.  I use a 2’’ strip, for a 1/4’’  double-fold binding finish.  If I have patchwork that goes to the edge of the quilt like this, a wider binding would have made those squares look like rectangles.  1/4’’ finish is my favorite for a binding that accents, but doesn’t overwhelm the edge of the quilt.

Remember this sign from my recent Indiana visit?

Mary brought it to Shipshewana -

A gift for Quiltville Inn!

It wouldn’t fit my luggage, and I couldn’t safely carry it on the plane without danger of breaking the glass, so she agreed to ship it to me.  And it came expertly wrapped in – BATTING!  I felt like the little kid who set the gift aside and was happy to play with the box and the wrapping instead.  LOL!  (Not really, but I did size that batting scrap up to see if it was big enough to use – it is! LOL!)

Thanks, Mary!  I love this stitchery so much.  The most fun is watching people screw up their faces while attempting to sound it out – LOL.

It will have a much honored place at the inn.  Right up there with the NO WHINING sign!

These 2 our settling in!

That Dresden Boy is still a bit on the defensive.  His growling and hissing mostly happens when he is scared and unsure.  It will get better.  I’ve upset his world by dragging him to a new place 100 miles away.

Lola is a chattery love, carrying on conversations in chirps and meows and I am really going to like having them for company at the Quiltville Post Office as I have been spending LOADS of time there tending to all of the mail order side of things.

Today I’ve got some fun in store.  I’m meeting up with Jean at the Free Market in Independence to pick up a porch rocker she is saving for me.  And I’ll be dropping off the discarded pedestal sink for someone else to adopt.  That is IF it is something they will accept.

In the past I’ve donated lamps, quilting books and other  decorative items.  I’ve snatched up a couple of baskets and other things for the inn as well.

And it’s FREE.  Bring something, take something – and they love craft supplies, so fabric I don’t want, etc can be donated and adopted by someone who can put it to good use.  FOR FREE.  It’s a fun time!

From there, I’m meeting my friend Donna for lunch and a good long chat – and we will see where the day goes before I get back to the Quiltville Post Office – I’ve got Part 4 of Frolic on my radar and it is time to get it fine tuned and finished for posting on Friday.  how are you coming along with your clues so far?

I’m going to take a break from constantly spamming you with images of things that are on sale through the month of December, But in due text form remember:

Our Hunter’s String Star PDF pattern is 1/2 price through the month of December at only $4.00!

My newly released Bavaria/Austria project, Warm Hands, Warm Heart is available for download, in the digital pattern section of the Quiltville Store where you will also find the Sulky Stick ‘n Stitch and the Hemming Chenille needles, size 24.

I am shipping out Quiltville Quilter’s Date Keepers left and right!  They are on sale for just $9.99 through December – feature more than 70 of my quilts, full of my favorite quotes, hints, helps and tricks and perfect for gift giving.  Regularly priced at $16.95, this is quite the discount.

I also have all of the rulers on hand that we are using in our Frolic Mystery, as well as many different styles of Karen Kay Buckley Scissors if you are wanting to treat yourself to something special.

The sun is up – it’s frigid cold at 25 degrees out there.  I’m warming up the van, and heading  to the QPO.

Quiltville Quote of the Day -

Vintage hodgepodge quilt found in North Carolina.

Sometimes I find myself making the same mistake more than once.

This thick head can be slow to learn a lesson, but it eventually gets through!

Enjoy your Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Yes, for the Christmas green. I wish I was binding. Just a small project is so smart of you. Then I could excuse watching Christmas movies on Hallmark all day. Other things that have to be done before New Year's...

  2. I keep learning lessons but forgetting to apply them! I keep trying though.
    I've had cats all of my life, both inside and outside (grew up on a farm with barns so skilled hunters were valuable) and they had all kinds of personalities but loved them al. Moves were always difficult for the cats that were with me once I moved from home, but they eventually forgave me and settled in. Glad you will have some company at the QPO.

  3. Love the green binding and cats!

  4. The kitties look so serene in your picture! I am sure they will love the post office, windows to see out, and soft things to sleep on! Enjoy your day out!

  5. I enjoy seeing which direction people hand bind. I think I bind backwards than most right-handers. Have a great day with your friends!

  6. What a cool place that you can bring something and take something! Wish we had that around here...I’d be there everyday. I’ve been doing my winter clean out of my kitchen over the past few weeks. Try to do a room every couple of months. Closets and winter clothes are on the horizon for the next purge. Have fun!!!

  7. Hubby and I both like your choice of green for the binding and the table runner itself!! He is allergic to kitties but thinks they are cute, as do I and am happy that they are settling in and that you have company at the QPO. The 3 of you are blessed!

  8. I love the binding color ~ that green is perfect!

  9. I have heard it said that dogs are attached more to people than places and that cats don't like to be moved because they are more attached to places than people. However, my cats seem to be pretty attached to me, following me around the house and talking or complaining incessantly. Lola & Dresden will eventually settle in and you will have some nice company at the QPO.

  10. In regards to Dresden and Lola settling in their new place, my vet told me that dogs feel safe with their owners and cats feel safe in their surroundings. In time they will love their new living quarters and, once again, feel safe.

  11. Your preferred binding size has been mine for years now! I so agree with using just that small pop of color I stead of making it a larger statement. Love the green!

  12. Wow! I love that pop of green on the edge of the runner an inspired idea I’d have probably put red but the green is so much better.
    So pleased Lola and Dresden are starting to settle down the big fella will soon get into the swing of things, and so nice they are there to keep you company whilst your busy a lovely distraction.
    Love and quilty hugs
    Annne xxx

  13. I love the cats. Your quilt looks great with the green binding.


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